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15 April 2021

Anne Prestina’s Story

I worked in an office for more than twenty years. The traditional way of working means sitting down for hours, not getting up until the work is done. Hours are long, which meant going home late. It also meant not having enough time to exercise and move around. I’m a single parent, so the free time I have I gave to my daughter. I woke early and sleep late. There were times when I thought of myself literally as a workhorse. It made me extremely sad. But, like many, I can’t sit around. I reminded myself that I’m not working only for myself anymore, I’m working for my daughter’s future. In times like that, it made me remember all the sacrifices of my own mother. Like many children my age at that time, I didn’t realize that my mother was literally sacrificing her life—time, chances, opportunities—for me. I’m doing this same thing now for my daughter.

Sadly, this is the lot of so many people around the world. It’s as if we were all born to work and be slaves to people with more money and power. There’s got to be more than this, I often thought.

Gazing from the Outside

For a long time, I’ve been following Youtubers and bloggers. Those who chronicle their lives in words and videos. They sell a lifestyle so different from mine. I envied them. The amount of freedom they have winked at me in a way that made me feel lonely about my own life. I sunk into depression. The cycle I found myself in seemed, for me at that time, endless. I felt trapped and unable to break free.


I graduated top of the class. I was one of those my professors thought would one day rule the world. They communicated this to me directly and indirectly, and it made me believe them. Finding a job was a breeze. I was offered job positions even before I graduated. I had the option to work in New York and Los Angeles. My parents were very proud, of course, but things changed when I met someone who eventually got me pregnant. 

I had to take a break and be a mother. He left and disappeared long before I gave birth. It didn’t matter to me. I knew I had it in me to raise my daughter on my own.

I got back on my feet and started working again. Working while taking care of my daughter on my own was very difficult. The challenges facing single mothers around the world can be overwhelming. It baffles me how women is paid less to this day. Women should be paid more. Women are not just doctors, programmers, employees—they are also mothers.

I was happy for many years. I worked at an office in Los Angeles. It was a traditional office with desks and offices lined up. People there come to work, sit down, work on projects, eat, continue working, leave. No life. It was not a life. Not the life I wanted. Not the life I want for my daughter.

Longing for Something New

I convinced myself that there was more to life. The Youtubers and bloggers I follow convinced me. Most times they made me sad with envy, but they also inspired me. They inspired me to look for something more. To demand more from my life. To change the future seemingly set for my daughter.

First step was practicing a healthy lifestyle. Very early on, I realized how difficult this could be. Work is difficult. And to work while eating so little made me tired and unable to focus. I suffered for a few days. My productivity suffered as well. For the first time, my boss wasn’t pleased with me. I thought about quitting eating healthy, but then it changed a week later. I realized that what I was experiencing is my body’s normal response to the change. Soon, my energy returned, and I felt happier inside. With a healthy diet, I was able to think more clearly. Respond to challenges more effectively. For the first time in many years, there was hope. Most of all, I liked the new me.


I quickly realized that eating healthy is not enough. I have to move! So, I started working out at night for 30 minutes. One of my friends at work introduced me to someone who owned a pilates studio a few blocks away from our house. I couldn’t fit it in my schedule, so I workout on my own at home then do pilates every other day. It suited me. I was happy, but I always catch myself wanting more. Working hard is extremely addictive.

But it has drawbacks as well. It was very frustrating to always catch myself rushing just so I can have the time to workout. I sometimes need to delay work just so I can go home or go to the pilates studio. Then one day, I thought of a solution.

Flexipot’s Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

On my way home one night during a particularly busy day, I realized that most of my time is spent in the office, working. Then I thought perhaps I could persuade my boss to open an office gym so anyone there could pop in and do a quick routine. But then, I realized that it wouldn’t be effective since most of us need to be on our desk. We wouldn’t have the time nor the chance.

Then one day, I came across an article on Flexispot’s Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. At less than $250, I thought to give it a try. I ordered online and asked my boss if I could bring it in the office. He agreed.

I got stares, of course. Half of the people in the office thought I was crazy. The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair enabled me to workout while actually working. Now I don’t have to rush home to get the daily exercise I need.

Most of the people in the office saw how it made me happy and healthy, so they bought their own Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. Our traditional office doesn’t look traditional at all these days. Everyone is happier and healthier.

I’m a blogger now. I blog about how to workout while working. I’m planning to start my own Youtube channel soon.


Those I idolized online gave me the inspiration. I’m now living the same life. I’m free of the deadly corporate cycle. I’m happier. I now have more time for my daughter at night. Most of all, I’m healthier. Thank you, Flexispot!