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04 August 2021

Converting Your Work Area into an Ergonomic Place

Transforming your workplace into a hub that is perfectly free from sedentary pain and injuries is challenging in reality. It's because making it injury-free sometimes costs you an arm and a leg especially if you don't choose the products that have flexible payment terms. Sometimes, it's hard to find the perfect piece of equipment for you because not all equipment could offer the ergonomic protection that you truly deserve. 

When it comes to ergonomics, there is a brand that most users trust most. This is the brand that is known for the best standing desk, sit-stand desk, stand-up desk, ergonomic chairs, and desk organizers. This is Flexispot. 

At Flexispot, you can find the different kinds of ergonomic pieces that could help you:

  • avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Flexispot creates the most innovative products that could help you have the best active lifestyle. They have the best fitness equipment that you could also use as office chairs too such as the Under Desk Bike V9U and Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chairs. These pieces of equipment can enhance your stamina, uplift your energy, and accelerate your movements. All these are just simple cycling on the pedals. They are very innovative and they could promote active blood circulation. 

  • develop a stronger immune system

So, when your blood circulation improves, you would feel that you start to have a stronger immune system. The stronger immune system is because of the improved blood circulation and uplifting energy that you might have gotten from the fitness chairs. Aside from the fitness chairs, Flexsipot also offers an exercise machine that could help you have a safe whole-body vibration. This is the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1-another piece of equipment from Flexispot's wide selection of ergonomic chairs. With this, you may ensure that you can develop a stronger immune system because you can exercise, pump iron, and have a faster metabolism with this vibration plate. 

  • improve a healthy exercise routine at home and in the office 

When you choose pieces of ergonomic equipment from Flexispot, you can ensure that you could strengthen your stamina and you can have a healthier exercise routine. This can encourage you to do the sit-stand movement which is important for your work.

So, now that we know about making your workplace ergonomically protected and how Flexispot can help you achieve the ultimate ergonomic protection, let's talk about the importance of the sit-stand movements or alternating your movements when in the workplace.

Alternating Positions for an Ergonomically-Protected Workplace

Most Ergonomists would agree that the ergonomic problems at your workstation are the culprits to numerous serious bone illnesses that take place because of ignoring the early symptoms of these ailments. 

From prolonged sitting to improper ergonomic equipment, you might be one of those people who are exposed to the potential office hazards. What's good about this is you can help yourself from having injuries and ergonomic problems. 

One of these is to take alternate positions when you are at work. So, let's say you have the 9-5 job. Periodically, you can chunk 30 minutes for different tasks. Let's say for 30 minutes you can write down some reminders while sitting. Then, the next thirty minutes would be spent at the computer sitting or you may lessen the minutes you spend working on the chair. 

At this point, you may take another task while standing then alternate it with another task until you finish all the important things you have to do in the office without spending the 9 hours on the chair; doing so (doing the prolonged sitting) can lead to severe back pain. If you notice it, there is certain hotness or numbness on your back after an hour of sitting on the chair. Thus, for you to avoid it, you must change positions when working. 

If you're going to alternate your movements and positions especially when you are writing something in your journal or researching, it's best to do it with a product that can provide flexibility and versatility. If you're looking for that kind of product, then Flexispot can offer you that piece of equipment. In your case, a desk converter is very helpful. At Flexispot, you can find desk converter products that have the best features. They are portable and you could easily put them anywhere in the office without much strain on your shoulders. 

One of these desk converters is the EdgeRiser Standing Desk Converters M8MB. If you are looking for a flexible height setting, then this product is good for you. You simply push the handle upward and secure the keyboard tray on the inner sides of the desktop using the thumbscrew (the whirlpool-like designed screw). After securing the keyboard tray. you can enjoy using a spacious desk converter. Put your devices on it and you can have an easier work mode while standing. 

Another example of the desk converter products from Flexispot is the ClassicRider Standing Desk Converters. They come in 4 different models. Each of these models has a large surface that is adequate for more than your laptop. 3 of these desk converters (the M1, M2, and M4) have the 35lb weight capacity while one has the 44lb weight capacity. With these weight capacities, you may ensure that your device would be protected well when you choose any of these desk converters. 

These desk converters also have 12 height adjustment levels. Thus, you may adjust the product to a tall height which could be very beneficial for you especially if you need to change your positions when working. With this feature, you may ensure that you don't need to stoop or slouch when working. What's also good about this is you can stretch a bit while you write the important notes in your notebook. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a work-from-home individual or an office-based worker, you must observe the proper posture when working. Regardless of the place where you are working, you must ergonomically protect yourself by choosing the products that could optimize your protection just like the desk converters from Flexispot.