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The Best Standing Desks For Every Type of Father

15 June 2021

Father’s Day is fast approaching.

You may still be on the hunt for the perfect gift that can make your father smile wide. But with the rush going on around you, it can be tempting to resign yourself to grabbing what is readily available.

However, letting the pressure and rush get to you will lead to a lackluster gift that can be less than stellar. What is worse is that you may even purchase a gift that lacks any thought and purpose. With that in mind, FlexiSpot is here to save you from committing a Father’s Day atrocity with standing desks that not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look to any office or home -- it also can preserve the health of your father’s joints and muscles.

Without further ado, here are the best standing desks that are worthy of being the most thoughtful gifts for any father out there!

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad - 63" W

For fathers who loved gaming, the Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad - 63" W is the perfect desk for his hobby.

It's no wonder that this desk is one of our best-selling models, with a fully-covered mouse pad constructed of sturdy 3mm thick silicone material on a microfiber fabric surface with firm stitch borders. It's water-resistant and specially designed to provide a great match. With its non-skid feature, you may move your mouse around freely and smoothly without fear of it slipping. Unlike many other gaming tables on the market, ours may be modified and used in a number of different ways. With our height options, you can easily change the desk height to one of three distinct heights: 28", 30", or 32".

Because there is a convenient hook and cable management system, your father would have no trouble arranging their headphones and cables. For starters, students can use this handy headphone hook to keep their headphones close at hand and ready to use. There's no need to scramble and look for anything else. They'll be there for them whenever they require assistance. With this handy headphone hook, you can keep the headphones close at hand and ready to use. There will be no more frantic searches for their stuff. They'll be there for anyone whenever they require assistance.

“I Wholeheartedly RECOMMEND IT. It was simple to make a purchase. The packaging was outstanding since the tabletop was securely packed, with all sides and borders covered. It was simple to set up. Because I have it customized for my standing and sitting positions, the autosave option is fantastic. When going up and down, it's silent. In order to be fully ergonomic, I also ordered a cable spine for cable management (very recommended) to match the white legs and a monitor mount too. These little additions are definitely a great help while I am gaming. A 27-inch curved monitor is shown. I'm 6'3" tall, so this desk helps me stay in line ergonomically. If you're on the fence about buying, you won't be disappointed. In the first week, I could already tell the difference between standing and sitting while working.” - Bryan D.

“This desk displays quick movement. This is when the two motors come in handy. I'm a fan and plan to purchase more for my family, particularly my father, who has admired this desk since the first time he saw mine when I was gaming.

This is an ideal Father's Day gift because my father enjoys gaming as well, but he needs to limit his playing time owing to back difficulties.” - Troy F.

Theodore Standing Desk-48" W

If your father loves a rustic look, the THEODORE STANDING DESK-48" W provides an aesthetic that would surely elevate the classy appeal of his office.

The THEODORE STANDING DESK-48" W blends the rustic look with elegance through the use of bronze-finished hardware that looks great with the dark wooden finish of this desk. This is also a practice gift for fathers who create masterpieces and finish their tasks in small spaces. 

When my father types on his computer, the desk is stable and does not wobble. Excellent quality. For my father's remote working days, I purchased this rustic standing desk. I was looking for something that would match his and my mother's sets as closely as possible, and this fit the bill nicely. The good news is that the desk is quite simple to put together, taking only around 20 minutes. This quaint stand-up desk made my father very happy. It was well worth the money! - Carl A.

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

For the fathers who love a sleek and minimalist look, the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) is designed with these hard workers in mind.

By listening to you, our amazing home office equipment engineers designed a standing desk! This standing desk not only combines modern functions with a low price but is also proven for its level of quality and the degree of its efficacy. Then your father can sit down and work or even stand and work for as little as $247 and not have to worry about back problems.

“This desk is fantastic. It arrived swiftly and in excellent condition. The instructions were simple to understand, and it was much easier to assemble than I had predicted. It's of excellent quality, is sturdy, and has a gorgeous design. I prefer being able to finish my tasks while standing, and it has helped me to reduce hip and back problems dramatically. I purchased the complete single office package, which included a standup desk, lockable cupboard, and desk cycle. The desk rises and lowers quietly, is as stable as a standard standing table, and is attractive. There are reviewers that claimed it wobbled; however, I believe they just did not secure the major bolts underneath properly.

My modern white walls and light gray carpet complement the set perfectly. It looks wonderful, doesn't take up a lot of room, and the cycle goes quite quietly. It's very simple to ride 9+ miles silently and gently while working, just nice and slow. It gets your blood pumping while also gently engaging and toning your muscles. For a cycle, the seat is really comfortable.” - Ben T.

“Fantastic product with a lot of customization choices. I went with a bigger size, and it's been a smooth transition. This is a fantastic workstation! It has plenty of room for everything that I need in my line of work. It's quite stable, with no wobble at any height. The lifting feature is incredibly quiet. It also appears to be fantastic! It took some time to put together, but it was well worth the effort! I wanted to start working from home and needed an ergonomic table. This table isn't the cheapest, but it's also not the most expensive, and the photographs appear to be good. As a result, I went ahead and got it for myself.

This would be the best decision I could have made in my history of working. This is a high-quality item that is well-made and performs as intended. The assembly could be a little easier, but there's nothing wrong with it. It took me 10 minutes to finish assembling everything together. I decided to give my husband another one and he is very thankful. Excellent value for money!” - Chloe C.

You do not have to look any further for the great gift for your father with FlexiSpot. With discounts of up to 30% off, there is no more reason to panic for not having the best Father’s Day gift for your beloved role model.