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The Best Tables for Desk Converters

16 June 2021

The Need for having a Sturdy Desk:

At times, when we need to multitask and do different things, and we need more space and time to accomplish these things successfully. In the office, we face different tasks at the same time such as:

  • Calling a client 
  • Completing a report 
  • Meeting a deadline 
  • Making presentations

All these in just 9 hours. Imagine the stress and fatigue a person might experience in doing these things. It could affect his health mentally and physically. Commonly, one would experience the following illnesses after a long time: 

  • Spine-related injuries 
  • Underlying conditions such as rheumatism
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Leg cramps 

These are the conditions that a person acquires after a long time of continuous stress and fatigue. These conditions are usually accompanied by improper ergonomics that worsen the situation. Usually, a worker who does different tasks continuously for a long time encounters body pain. These are the ones who have a stooped posture because they are the ones focusing on the monitor leaving pressure around the back of their necks. With these, the best solution is the most reliable ergo solutions and they all could be availed at Flexispot - the provider of the most reliable ergo chairs, standing desks, and desk converters. 

The Best Ergo Solutions from Flexispot Desk Converters:

  • The desk converters from Flexispot could turn your work into something active. This is because the desk converters could give you a versatile work surface compared to ordinary desks. 
  • The Flexispot desk converters could also be bent, moved, and carried in just a lift of your two hands. Without much strain and effort, one could be able to carry this product with ease and be able to move around easily because this desk converter is portable. 
  • The Flexispot desk converters could save one from straining his lumbar, unlike the ordinary desks that are too stationary and are pretty difficult to move. Ordinary desks need more than one person to move them and it sometimes creates noise. With the desk converters, one just needs to lift them and could look for a conducive workplace if he wishes to work while standing. 
  • The Flexispot desk converters such as the AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7 have a spacious surface that could carry some devices such as tablets and laptops. This with the function of great stability. It is because when one lifts and carries this desk converter, it would be ensured that the devices on top would not fall off the desk converter. 
  • Desk converters from Flexispot are made with an efficient gas spring system. Hence, the lifting of these products is easy and smooth. 
  • The desk converters from Flexispot have a robust steel frame too that ensures the stability and sturdiness of the product that does not compromise the quality and safety of the desk converter. 
  • These desk converters could easily be operated on. This is because the bracing system of these products could ensure the raising and lowering of the product without the worry of the legs of the desk converters getting stuck in the middle of someone's finger would be injured once it is raised or lifted. Flexispot ensures the utmost safety of the users through these features. 
  • Desk converters from Flexispot could also provide more spaces for office materials through the other levels of this product. With just a little lifting as well, one could fully operate on it smoothly and would not get stressed when lifting this product. 
  • The desk converters from Flexispot could carry a weight of up to 44lbs. This means that even with heavy objects on it, one could ensure the safety of the product. 
  • Even tall individuals could enjoy using these products because they can raise and lower the desk converters with ease and safety. 

The Best Table Product for Desk Converters: 

Now that we are done talking about the desk converters and their main features, we will discuss the next part of the article today that talks about the best desk to be used with the desk converters. 

At times, some people would prefer a simpler design and fewer keypads for their desk converters because of some things they consider. Some think it's more economical to choose the simpler design because it would not cost an arm and a leg yet the sturdiness and stability are ensured with the quality of the desk as it is still from Flexispot. Another, for just less than $100.00, one could enjoy putting the desk converter on it without the worry of the desk getting broken because of the extra weight. These desks are some of the newest innovations from Flexispot and this innovation is what we call the: Fixed Height Table FD1 -47 that comes in three colors: 

  • Black
  • Mahogany 
  • Maple

These tables may not look as fancy as the incredible standing desks from Flexispot but these products are easy to assemble and as sturdy as the robust standing desks like the Kana Bamboo standing desks. They are also waterproof and could ensure that even when liquid is spilled on the surface, it would not affect the quality of the table. This could also bear weight as heavy as 220lbs, hence it's the perfect pair for the Flexispot desk converters. These qualities are possible because of the thick metal frame that these tables are made with. It could give the sturdy look to the product. The desktop material used for this is the chipboard which is considered to be environment-friendly material hence it would be safe for the user of this product because he could be ensured that it is built with safety. So, looking at these features of this table it would be very ideal to use it with any desk converters because one could ensure the durability of this product and one could be able to use the desk converter for a longer time. 

Final Thoughts:

When choosing the right ergo products, Flexispot provides the best ones in the market. However, making sure to find the best pair for each could be a little challenging hence, it is important to check the specs and recommendations such as this article to know the pieces of equipment that could go well together.