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The Boss Guide To Setting Up And Organising Your Home Office

10 March 2020

There is a paradigm shift in the narrative of work. Gone are those days when office work is restricted to a corporate environment, or specifically a place where you have lots of computers and colleagues. Nowadays, people are shifting to the home office organization side of work.  This has been a good option for individuals that are interested in freelancing.

When you decide to work from home, it gives you the chance to set your work plan and prioritize your activities to how best they can be productive for you.

Now the truth is, it is not possible for you to just put your laptop on the center table or just on the dining table, and have it you're all set for good work, or say you have your work desk properly organized. You have to ensure that you have your desktop organizers properly fixed and also ensure that you pick the right place in your home to set up your workplace to avoid clutter.

This guide will focus on how you can organize your home desk office and the right ergonomics workstation machines to help you have a perfect work from home experience.

1. What do you intend to do with space?

The very first question you have to provide an answer to is what you intend using the space you're going to be transforming into an office is. This is the basis of it all. Providing an answer to this question will help you with knowing the best quality materials to get and how to set up your home office design. Depending on the niche of your job, it will help know if your home office will be just your presence alone, or you are going to be receiving clients' visits or maybe engaging in video conferencing. Determine the purpose of the space will go along way in setting things right within the space.

2. Look for the perfect space

We all know what they say about working in an environment that is conducive. The ambiance you pick is part of what will determine how productive you're going to be. For some of us, we prefer picking the basement of our house, the basement is, however, good for having a home studio or maybe somewhere around the backyard where there are lesser noise and unnecessary distractions. For works that involve clerical activities, it's best that you use a place that will give you a feel of natural light so you could have a serene and cool view.

3. Get your hardware and software requirements right

Now there's a thing about work requirements, and it doesn't matter whether you're working in a corporate environment or you're working from home, getting the right hardware and software is as good as ever. Missing out on this can render your work useless or maybe more exhaustive than you ever thought. So it's right that you get your hardware and software right and that depends on the nature of your job. Once that is done, then you can go into a gadget store and make the right purchase for your purpose.

4. Furniture and ergonomics

 Ease and safety is an important factor to be considered when organizing your home office. You have to be proactive and highly responsive to the needs of your job at every moment. You have to know when you are required to get a particular thing to ensure that you are safe and comfortable with your work. Getting the right furniture and ergonomics is ensuring that you have put in place specific work hazard preventive measures and also consider work postures. A very good suggestion is getting a sit-stand desk that will help you with alternating between sitting and stand in order to save you from the health issues that are related to being in a particular position longer than reasonable. Also, you can get a well-cushioned ergonomic chair that will help you stay comfy. Your safety is an important part of your comfort and work. Ensuring your safety from unseen microorganisms that are likely to cause you infections that can be detrimental to your health is also important, and it is just right that while organizing your home office, it's important to have sanitizers that will disinfect you from bacteria. Hence, Flexispot MonitorStand workstation machine S6G/S6T is a perfect fit to help you with sanitizing your gadgets. More details on this machine will be given explained later in this guide.

5. Desktop Organization

One of the things that explain how professional and organized a person is, is having the Desk top well organized. If your work involves lots of files, it is important to have a storage space that will be for storing files accordingly. It could be a tray with steps, where each step will have a label of what kind of file should be found in it. Doing this right will ensure that you have no clutters and also aid the quick locations of your documents. If your work doesn't have to do with many files, then your monitor is expected to be placed firmly, and the keyboard should be kept at a perfect position where you don't have to stress yourself to use it, likewise the mouse. Also, get an ideal desk lamp to help you with lighting.

Flexispot MonitorStand Workstation machine S6G/S6T storage function

The efficiency and durability of this machine are exceptionally great, it has been carefully designed and structured to fit perfectly well in any office or work setup location. This machine comes with:

  • An integrated UV sterilization that disinfects your objects, surfaces and also yourself from infection-causing organisms.
  • USB charging port for you to charge your devices
  • A variety of Integrated Hanging accessories that allows you to store your home office indispensables like; pen, stationeries etc. 
  • A large partitioned drawer

This workstation machine has been carefully structured to provide you with sufficient storage space and also helps you to avoid clutter in your home office. With this workstation machine, you can have your monitor on the flat surface, your keyboard, and mouse under the partitioned drawer, and also have your desk accessories in the hanger by the side, and you don't have to sweat too much installing this machine, it is very easy to set up and in few minutes you're good to go.

Imagine all your home office indispensables in one position, and also getting your gadgets sanitized.

This machine has solved all the issues you might be having with desktop organizers in setting your home office.

Flexsipot MonitorStand Workstation S6G/S6T Machine is multifunctional.