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The Classic Riser Standing Desk Converter: Why This Product Is Great

23 April 2021

“Too much sitting otherwise known as sedentary behavior is adversely related to health results such as Type 2 diabetes and premature death” This is taken from an abstract of a medical research journal published on a website (  This factual information which based on actual research gives us an idea that long hours of sitting may cause some diseases. Sedentary behavior or too much sitting may happen at the workplace, at home by watching TV, or in a vehicle when we are commuting to go to work.  That is of course when you live kilometers away from your workplace.  

In many cases, a long time is inevitable. When your job requires you to do paperwork, for example you are working in an insurance company and your task is to process applications for insurance coverage or insurance claims, we have no choice but to sit excessively until we finish our tasks.  Sedentary behavior is also manifested outside the workplace such at home when you binge on TV watching or gaming.  Most of the time, when you are engrossed in a certain movie or online games, we become oblivious of the things around us even the hours we spend in front of the TV set or computer monitor as we play games.

Commuting to work may also find us sitting on a bus or car for long hours especially when there is a traffic job.  Unlucky you.  You’re late to work and agonizing on your seat. Digressing from the topic, I think it is best to live near your place of work.  Why?  The proximity of your residence and place of work affects your attendance, productivity, and health.  Of course, aside from the fact that your boss may withhold your promotion for tardiness and less productivity.

Another online information gives us other health hazards of sedentary behavior.  Based on research results, reducing sitting could “slow cognitive decline.” Simply put, if we do not sit for long hours, it is possible mental processing such as thinking and knowing will not be diminished. So we have to take some steps to resolve this health menace that we may suffer in the future if we don’t exercise even at work.  If exercising is not possible, we can do some changes or add something to our workstation so that we could somehow do some physical activity while we are performing our tasks.

On the lighter note, there is a possible option to relieve you from too much sitting.  Is it all right for you to work in standing posture?  I think this is a big challenge.  In contrast, standing while working will provide you with more benefits.  You don’t have to part ways with your old desk if that is what you’re thinking.  That old desk was a gift given to you by your grandma.  Traditionally stylish and sturdy.  It has withstood the test of time. It has a sentimental value, so you don’t give it away.  

Having your old desk is fine.  All you need is add an accessory for your old desk so that you could change your posture from sitting to standing.  You don’t have to buy a new desk. What I am driving at is you could purchase from FlexiSpot a good accessory to match your traditional desk so that you sit and work and shift to standing after a few hours.  Two hours is great to change your posture.

I recommend FlexiSpot’s  Classic Riser Standing Desk Converter M3B and M3W-47” which will give you ease in shifting from sitting to standing posture while working. And all you have to do is to put that on your desk to begin working. If height is an issue, this classic standing desk converter, if placed on a 28” high desk, can accommodate a 6 '1” tall user.  Another feature of this classic desk converter is that the full-sized tray is removable and has enough space to place your mouse and mouse pad.  There is sufficient space for movements around the desk converter.  It is also adjustable vertically to save more space.  This Classic Riser Standing Desk Converter M3B and M3W-47” helps you to avoid developing poor posture.  It supports your goal of being physically fit so you meet the demands of your daily workload. Wait, there’s more. This classic standing desk converter can be placed anywhere in your workstation. You can even sit on the floor and work as much as you want.  When you already feel some discomforts, you can place it in a strategic position that will be more comfortable for you to do your work.  It is also easy to assemble with just one step process and you’re ready to dive into your work.  These features of a desk converter will give you more than your money’s worth. This accessory from Flexispot is an ideal work buddy at home or at your office.  

Another model from the family of converters, the Motorized AlcoveRiser  Standing Desk EM7L Converter – 40" is motorized for easier adjustments and just a push of a button you can shift from sitting to standing without having to lift anything. The motor also operates without noise so you could focus more on your priorities for the day.   With the combined weight of 55 lbs. Weight capacity, (44 lbs.  for desktop, 11 lbs. for keyboard tray), you can be sure it is heavy duty that you can put more objects on the desktop to accentuate it such as picture frames, office supplies and other tools needed to inspire you more to be productive. Another wonderful feature of this desk converter is that it has an integrated cable management.  With this important feature, cable tangles are avoided because they are organized for you so you can work stress-free. The Motorized AlcoveRiser  Standing Desk EM7L Converter – 40" is a perfect accessory for you.

There are also some accessories to match your standing desk converter.  You can match it with a Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1 which reduces discomfort while you are on standing posture while working.  Please visit FlexiSpot website for more details.