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A Clutter-Free Nook for Top-Caliber Writers

20 July 2021

Don't Let Desk Clutters Rain on Your Parade

So, your ideas are as brilliant as the gemstones. You know you got the best storyline out there. Every scene in your novel is compelling and nerve-wracking, then suddenly you notice the pile of paper, empty cups, books on a mess on the table surface, and writing tools on the side. What could be the possible thing to happen? If your answer is like, "Okay, there's nothing to fidget on. Back to work." Then, it's nice to know. However, if your answer would be, "What scene was I thinking earlier?" This is a clear indication that you just lost concentration. You would waste a lot of your precious time stressing yourself and it would be tantamount to prolonged sitting again which could cause ergonomic problems. 

So, what are those ergonomic problems that you would experience because of prolonged sitting and disorganized work area? Let us talk about those in the next part. 

Ergonomic Problems Caused by Prolonged Sitting and a Cluttered Work Area

First, when your work area is filled with a lot of materials and tools that you would not need for a certain task, you are putting many eyesores and stressors on your way. When these stressors get into your nerves, they could cause headaches and body pain. At times, these could also pose a threat especially the small materials that are scattered on the surface of the non-ergonomic desk. Even if you are using a standing desk or sit-stand desk, you need to clear up your work area. What's good about it is when you use a stand-up desk such as the Esben Standing Desk from Flexispot (a brand well-trusted by most users in the market), you could be able to have enough place to store your office materials. 

Second, your work area is a place where you could come up with brilliant ideas that would help you create a story that might leave an impact on people. Thus, you need to keep the potential stressors away from you. This is because it could cause a delay or stagnation on you as a writer. Imagine a pile of unnecessary materials on the table, that could stop you in the middle of writing. This could result in prolonged sitting that can harm your back and neck. Ergonomic pain can result in long hours of being exposed to improper sitting. Thus, once you feel that your back is already getting sore and your neck feels a bit tingling or numb, alternate your position and stand up while writing. This could be done perfectly with the ergonomic chair and standing desk. Try the Ergo Office Chair OC3B and Theodore Standing Desk from Flexispot, you would surely be able to practice the sit-stand movement easily. 

Third, you also need to make sure that there would be no extra files lying on the surface of your work table. This is because when there are extra files that could make your work area narrow and would give you less space to move, it could bring you stress and shoulder strain. In some cases, people often leave a lot of envelopes and folders not needed when writing. This should be kept or tacked nicely inside a file cabinet. The best ergonomic cabinet is also from Flexispot. The Mobile File Cabinet CB2 is the best choice for you. This is ergonomic and could ensure a smooth transition when you close and open the drawers. In some cabinet products, you'd often experience stuck drawers unlike with the File Cabinet CB2, which has panels installed on the drawer's inside part which gives the easy opening and closing.   

When there are a lot of things on the surface that blocks you. there would be many distractions too. When you are a writer, it's important that your focus is on one thing and that is on the story itself. How you could write the characters, setting, conflict, plot, and theme (say you are writing a short story) will be up to how you could focus well on it. Getting distracted is not a good idea when you are writing. This could divert your attention and might stop you from supplementing the elements with the best takeaways.

Lastly, having a disorganized work area when you are writing might be the cause of writer's block. This could also be the cause of physical illnesses or ergonomic pain that could harm you a lot. Thus, you must choose the ergonomic products from Flexispot that could help you prevent those distractions to rain on your parade. 

Now, why do Flexispot ergonomic pieces help you alleviate the sedentary pain that you might encounter while writing? What makes these pieces the best fit for you. In this next part, we'll talk more about it. 

The Ergonomic Prowess of Flexispot Chairs, Standing Desks, and Desk Organizers

Flexispot gives out the best ergo products in the market. These are products engineered with precision and exact measurements. Easy use is one of those things that makes the ergo chair, standing desks, and desk organizers from Flexispot stand out in the competition. 

Flexispot has the best sit-stand desks that are fully motorized. These products have dual motors that make the lifting mechanism of the standing desks fast. In less than 3 seconds, the standing desk could move up or down. 

The standing desk from Flexispot could also be used for a long time without the frames and desktops getting damaged. The high-grade quality of these parts is what makes the product durable and ergonomic. 

Flexispot is also a provider of ergonomic chairs that are flexible and could be tilted in certain angles to let you relax and support you from head to toe. Some of the ergo chairs from Flexispot range from chairs with reclining footrests to chairs with breathable mesh. Using these products could help you release stress as you put your thoughts in words. 

Most of all, Flexispot could offer spacious desk organizers that are made ergonomic. These are products made unique with the round arc design and mechanisms that could offer easy access. Hence, when you have these file organizers in your work area, you would not worry about the distractions along the way. 

Final Thoughts

These features show how ergonomic the Flexispot products are. Each is designed to fully let you work without having the strain and pain which would stop you from becoming the next top-caliber writer in the industry.