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The Creatively-Designed Monitor stand Workstation

09 March 2020

FlexiSpot’s top pick this month is their newly designed “MonitorStand Workstation S6G/S6T.” This workstation comes with all the bells and whistles needed for creating an ideal workspace for you. Let’s dive into the unique features of this monitor stand workstation that sets it apart from other products of the same category.

The Best Workstation to Tie to your Home Office

If you’re someone looking for a creative workstation that will give you the design inspiration you want as well as match your home decoration, the FlexiSpot’s S6G/SGT would be your best bet. The white color of this workstation is inspired by our inclination towards creating a hi-tech-product that also offers a sense of calm and familiarity as well as instill a sense of connection with the rest of your workspace. The color is neutral enough to work with any color of your room and the rest of the furniture.

The Perfect Workstation for Apple Fans

If you're a huge fan of Apple, then you need to put this product on your radar! Why? Well, being an Apple fan, you know that you generally prefer aesthetics in every aspect of your life — be it work, recreational, or personal life. You’ll always find yourself leaning towards products that have an aesthetic appeal. The minimal aesthetic design of our S6G/S6T monitor stand workstation will thus prove to be quite appealing to an Apple fanatic.

This workstation also features an in-built USB charging port that allows you to connect and charge your USB devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, and other devices — a feature that you won’t find in many of the gimmicky products out there. It is more suitable if you have an iMac in your home office. Simply place your iMac on the monitor stand and connect your Apple devices to your workstation for creating an ultra-customized workspace that fits your personal needs.

What’s more? We know that Apple fanatics are always on the lookout for upgrading their products. That is why we have provided you the option of upgrading your workstation by including a variety of hanging accessories and storage baskets to hold stationery and other office essentials that you use during your work.

Enhanced Work Productivity

The S6G/S6T is designed keeping in mind the factors that are necessary to boost your work productivity. FlexiSpot knows that an organized, comfortable workstation is key to having a productive workday. On the other hand, clutter and disorganized workspace are the biggest obstacles to your functionality.

Designed to maximize storage, the FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation is the perfect solution to organizing clutter. It carries a good-sized storage drawer to store your items, making it easy to organize your desktop above and get rid of the clutter beside it, so that everything is tidy and within reach.

All in all, our intelligently designed monitor stand aims to allow you to reap the benefits of a well-organized, ergonomic workstation that will maximize your performance and productivity.

The State-of-the-art Designer Ergonomics

An excellent ergonomic design has been shown to ramp up work quality and productivity as well as the user’s well-being. Ergonomics is all about designing a workspace that offers both the best performance and structure. With the FlexiSpot S6G/S6T MonitorStand Workstation, you can have the most ergonomically designed product that delivers both an ultra-designed function and form.

Our ergonomic monitor stand workstation enables you to adjust the height of your monitor to fit your line of sight and minimize any undue strain on your head and neck.

Moreover, combining functionality and style, the workstation includes a magnetic board that easily helps attach notes, photos, and other mounting accessories.

Integrated UV Sterilization

Ever thought of keeping your workplace completely sanitary and germ-free? FlexiSpot cares about your health more than anything, be it ergonomic health or sanitation. “Work safe and work smart” is the slogan that we follow and showcase in our products!

Hence, we have fitted an ultraviolet (UV) sterilization system — a highly effective disinfectant — into this new model using cutting-edge technology.

Simply slide your keyboard, mouse, phone, pens, stationery, or other accessories under the workstation and turn on the UV disinfection light using the switch on the side. This will disinfect and sanitize your workstation in as little as 10 minutes.