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The Dangers of an Improper Posture when Using an Ordinary Work Desk

28 May 2021

We are sure that most workers now make their office comebacks. The former WFH individuals are having their transitions. As office calendars become more filled with deadlines and timelines, workers become busier at work with their duties and responsibilities. These activities could mean: 

● a busier workplace

● target dates for projects 

● challenging tasks to handle 

As people become busier with their tasks at work, some find it both physically and mentally challenging because of the changes in their schedules and activities. Some might be forgetting to make equipment upgrades now and stick to ordinary pieces of equipment. It surely is fine and dandy to stick to the former office desk because that is what a worker has been used to having at work. However, with today's article, we might be able to help others ponder about the importance of upgrading office equipment not just because of welcoming bright and positive energy in the office but to help promote a healthier workplace for all the employees. We all know that Covid-19 affects the immune system of a person who has pre-existing conditions such as asthma or hypertension. Now, how could we correlate it to the office workers? If one would be exposed to a stressful working environment,

he might have a weaker immune system which could weaken his organs and the rest of his body, vaccines might be available now but one still needs a strong defense and a healthy environment so he could be protected against the disease-carrying virus. 

Another thing is, a worker should be protected against possible injury in the workplace. Some reports prove that once equipment in the office could not complement the worker's body needs, there might be a possibility that the worker might experience strains and sprain caused by the improper posture. In this part of the article, we will discuss the possible injury or conditions that a worker might experience with the wrong kind of office equipment: 

I.The Dangers of Using the Improper Office Equipment:

When one uses certain pieces of equipment that do not suit their height or weight, they might have: 

● a stooped posture: 

Imagine a worker who needs to bow his head down a lot when writing on an ordinary work desk. This would put pressure on his neck and thoracic spine. Hence, he might develop the buffalo hump that does not look awkward but also affects the posture of the person. 

● a severed lumbar: 

This is the reason a worker complains of lower back pain. This is because of long hours sitting in front of a desk that does not suit his height. Although this might not affect him suddenly its effects are seen in the long run.

These are just some of the difficulties that workers who use ordinary equipment experience in the office. This might have a long-term effect and bigger expenses because once a worker gets sick, there would be a possibility that the company would be shouldering some of the expenses; operations might severely be affected by this because it could cost productivity. Hence, a worker is entitled to work in a conducive area where he could enjoy working without putting his health at risk. 

Thus, for the next part of our discussion, we will talk about how a worker could enjoy his work through suitable office equipment. The following are the things that they need to observe and check on the work desk to be specific. So, here are those:

II.The Ideal Office Desk for the Worker:

The following are the things that the worker must observe with his office work desk. This may serve as his guideline to follow: 

● The work desk should suit his height:

When a table suits the height of the user, chances are the user is saved himself from getting spine strains and sprains because he just needs to adjust the height of the desk according to his preference. If he's a tall person who likes to work while standing, he could adjust it to the maximum height range of the table. Just like the height-adjustable desks from Flexispot that follow the height of the worker. This could give absolute comfort to the worker and he does not need to do a lot of adjustments when working because, with just a little preset, he could optimize his performance at work. 

● The work desk should have anti-collision features:

What if your line of work is connected to drawing and sketching? A drafting table with anti-collision features would be helpful for you as a worker. This is because it could protect you from accidents and the product from further damage. Just like the Drafting Table ED1B from Flexispot that has this feature and could be an effective product for a busy worker like you.

● The work desk must be made from non-toxic materials:

Some workers have pre-existing conditions like asthma hence exposing them to materials that could trigger their condition is not wise. Second, the manifestation might not be immediately occurring but the adverse effect could take place in a long time. Thus, it is best to choose products that are made from natural materials. You may choose classic and simple designs that are made from resources like bamboo. Flexispot also offers that kind of product such as the Kana bamboo Standing Desk which was built with real bamboo strips. 

● The work desk should have a wide surface: 

A work desk with a wide surface could help the worker save time and effort in finishing a task for the day. This is because it could help him organize his workspace thus it could help him focus more on his responsibilities at work. 

The things mentioned above are effective and beneficial for workers. This could be a good investment for companies too. It is because when workers feel that they are given importance, they could give back more to the company through their services and they would feel like they are home instead of being in the office. The comfort that they may experience at work could inspire them to contribute and become part of the progress in the company.