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The DIY-Mini Bar with a Wobble Stool

29 April 2021

The quality of life that everyone of us has these days has changed drastically. During the first month of the pandemic, everyone needed to adjust on lockdowns and protocols. It has never been easy to stop from the activities that we used to do like:

  • spending the holidays with your friends

  • watching movies with your girlfriends

  • unwinding with friends and colleagues  

The world might not be the same as before but this must not stop us from relaxing and having a good time despite the fact that we cannot have the same parties. That interactions with others were lessened and a lot or restrictions were given:

  • Everyone must wear a mask.

  • We should stay six-feet away from the others.

  • Shake hands are not encouraged these days.

On today’s discussion, we will discuss the:

A. reasons why you should put a home bar in your place

B. the ideal home bar

C. the bartending tools

D. ways how could Flexispot’s wobble stool be a beautiful addition to your home bar.

So, let’s get the ball rolling in now for this discussion.

I. Why Should You put a Home Bar in your Place:

There are plenty of reasons to put up a home bar in your house one of these is:

a. It’s a Relaxing Way to spark your creativity:

resourcefulness because you’d learn to think of a concept for a home bar that fits your budget yet would really look astonishing.

b. It can help you save money.

There are plenty of ideal materials for your home bar. Try looking for hand-me-downs or materials from the thrift shop to make your home bar extraordinary   

c. Putting up a home bar is a great way to share ideas with friends.

Planning to spend time with your friends? Then, having a zoom meeting with your buddies as you try to organize a wine party while putting up a home bar is an interactive way to share and acquire ideas. Imagine having to compete with friends in making the best-looking home bar.

d. It gives more color and dimension in your house.

Putting up a home bar can make your house look more alive because of the various colorful bottles and equipment such as the Height Adjustable Wobble Stool from Flexispot that is a fun and active wobble stool.

II. The Ideal Home Bar

Before you try looking for an affordable equipment for your ideal home bar or purchasing some bar tools, you have to keep in mind the following parts of an ideal home bar which are as follows:

A. The height of a bar should be 42 inches. This would be easier for you to find the bar tools such as the bottle opener, cocktail shakers, cocktail strainers, and cocktail rail.

B. The bar’s overhand should be roughly 8 inches or more.

C. Although the standard height of the bar stool should be 30 inches, the height range of the wobble stool which is a maximum to 28.1 inches is ideal because this chair is perfect for standing height and allows you to move to your desk. So, it means that using it with a 42-inch bar would not be totally awkward because you could easily move the drinks on the surface of your bar table.

D. There should be one main bar molding that will keep the spills of drink from flowing off, making the floor messy and slippery.

E. The bar molding can also provide a comfortable armrest and will make your bar look really cool. Imagine having a romantic date with your wife at the home bar. Isn’t it that romantic?

III. The Bartending Tools

Now that we already have the idea on how a home bar may look like, we’ll discuss now the right tools for your home bar. Remember that it’s a home bar that you’re putting up but it is still optional to purchase all these tools. If you’d feel like buying them all is better, then feel free to purchase them all:

  • bar mats

  • service mats

  • bar spoons

  • bottle opener

  • corkscrew

  • cocktail shaker

  • strainer

  • cocktail rail

  • cocktail pourer

  • ice crusher

  • Jigger

  • juicer

  • muddler

Most of these tools are really needed especially when making cocktails (alcoholic drinks) and mocktails (non-alcoholic drinks). These are essential tools that can make a drink taste extra special. At times, when one bartending tool is missing, improvising during the flaming (a process in bartending wherein you need to layer some liqueur and spirits then light them with fire) is pretty challenging especially with spirits (ex: Tequila) and liqueur (ex: Blue Curacao). At times, if you’re not going to use a bar spoon it’s difficult to layer them perfectly because they really have the tendency to mix instead of form different layers.

IV. How could Flexispot’s wobble stool be a Beautiful Addition to your Home Bar.

a. As mentioned earlier, the common height for a bar stool is 30 inches. This product from Flexispot is more ideal for bar stools especially that it’s a home bar. It’s because some bar stools do not fit with the curvature of the sit bone but with Flexispot’s wobble stool, you don’t have to worry about the pain in the lower torso even drinking for a couple hours at the home bar.

b. The Height Adjustable Wobble Stool has a good tilt angle which means that you can rock back and forth a you enjoy your mocktail and conversation with your wife and friends at the home bar. It can give you a rest and make you feel very comfortable.

c. Aside from the unique tilt angle, this chair a thick sponge cushion that is highly resilient which means that whatever pressure is out on its cushion, the wobble chair would not get deformed and would remain sturdy for a long time compared to other bar stools that would have cracks being used for a certain duration of time.

V. Final Thoughts:

The pandemic has created a new way of living to most people. Night life and clubbing have been stopped but the fun could still continue right at your house. Just let the creative juices flow and make a home bar that perfectly suits your personality.