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Dual Motors on a Standing Desk: Advantages

29 July 2021

Ergonomic and Economic - The Prowess of Standing Desks with Dual Motors

Working through all the deadlines and projects gets tough and very challenging most of the time. As a result, you might be experiencing ergonomic problems that give you certain types of body pain such as:

  • Neck soreness
  • Spine strain
  • Back pain 
  • Leg pain 
  • Knee pain 

When these get worse, you might experience illnesses that could harm your body and your whole system. As a result, your performance at work might also get hampered and the outputs that you are going to make might not be as good as they should be. This could leave a bad impression and evaluation for you as a worker. Hence, what you need to do is to nip things in the bud and choose ergonomic products. In particular, standing desks that have dual motors. These sit-stand desks could give you the best ergonomic solutions. 

So, what is the importance of choosing ergonomic standing desks? What are the advantages of selecting these products for your desk needs in the office?

There are numerous advantages of using the best standing desks aside from they are ergonomic. Some other advantages are:

  • Standing desks could propel your movement in the office: 

Most of the time, you are required to do multitasking in the office. You lose track of time and end up doing different things at the same time. So, there is a need to accomplish all these tasks in just less than an hour as much as possible. This could be done with a standing desk. 

  • Standing desks are durable and sturdy:

The best standing desks are durable-from the desktop to the frame. If you take a closer look at the sit-stand desk, its desktop is solid and water-proof. Hence, even when water is spilled on the desktop, you can simply wipe it off from the surface. You would also notice that the desktop itself does not absorb the liquid, unlike the other office desk products. 

Standing desks that have cutting-edge quality are also sturdy. So, you could also see that when you put your devices on the surface, the table would not break but instead it would be able to carry and hold these devices on the surface. Normally, even with the long period of using the standing desk by putting heavy devices, it would not get cracks or dents on the surface compared to ordinary desks in the office. 

  • Standing desks have the right configures and could help you straighten your back: 

The best standing desks have the precise measurement and the right configuration so it means that when you sit in front of these standing desks you would see the surface of them. The best standing desks also help you avoid improper posture because of the proper contour and measurement that these products have

All these qualities are possessed by the sit-stand desks from Flexispot. Standing desk products that are not just ergonomic but also economic. Flexispot offers a wide array of standing desks that would not break your bank. This is because, at Flexispot, you may purchase the stand-up desks on flexible payment terms. Thus, you may ensure that you could save more with the standing desk and use the best standing desks at the same time. 

So, let us find out why the Flexispot standing desks are the best choice of office desks. In the next part of the article, we'll see the ergonomic prowess of their stand-up desks. 

The Ergonomic Prowess of the Flexispot Standing Desks

Flexispot creates the best standing desks with precision and engineers them with the features that stand out from the rest of the standing desks in the market. 

One of these standing desks from Flexispot is the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5. This standing desk has an enhanced structure and has optimal stability. So, when you put this in your workstation, you can ensure safety and convenience. 

It uses a dual-motor system hence you can make sure that it would lift quickly. In less than 3 seconds, the lifting is completed and you may enjoy using it. 

The weight capacity of this table is 220lbs so you can enjoy using it with devices like printers and laptops without the fear that it would get wobbly and would break anytime unlike ordinary office desks. 

Next to that is the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL. This powerful desk has an amazing lifting capacity and its weight capacity weighs up to 220lbs. Thus, you can be sure of the sturdiness and durability of this standing desk. It is also a dual-motor thus you can ensure the quick operation of this desk. Another amazing thing about this standing desk is it has a sit-stand reminder. Hence if you need to do the transition from sitting to standing while doing tasks in the office, this desk could do that mechanism for you. 

This standing desk has a self-leveling system. A self-leveling system means that even with an elevation on your flooring, the standing desk could automatically lift one of its legs. This is fantastic because you could optimize your workspace with this standing desk. 

This standing desk is superb in that it has a power-saving capacity. It means that while the desk is stationary, it automatically puts itself in a sleep mode so the energy from the desk itself would not be wasted. Hence, you can ensure that you could use the desk for long hours. 

When you use this standing desk, you may also ensure that you can save your preferred seated, standing, and under-desk cycling height. With this function, you can easily do other tasks simultaneously because you don't need to think of adjusting your desk anymore which is time-consuming.

Final Thoughts

So, there go all the standing desks from Flexispot that have dual motors. Products that are ergonomic and economic but would not break your bank. Once you decide to add them to your office work area, you would be able to propel your movements and optimize your workspace.