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The Effect of Wall Colors on Your Productivity Levels

20 March 2024

Selecting the right colors for your workplace is a more important decision than you might think. This is because colors tend to have an unexpected, implicit effect on our moods, behavior, temperament, and productivity. It could also impact employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Therefore, the importance of colors on productivity in the office cannot be understated. Employers or employees working in a home office should pay special attention to the overall ambiance of their working spaces. Colors can help set an atmosphere where you can work comfortably and in a relaxed manner.

In this guide, we will discuss the effect the wall color can have on productivity and efficiency and which colors you should consider when redesigning your office and setting the right ambiance.

Colors and Psychology

The concept of using colors in the workplace based on how they affect productivity has recently started gaining momentum. Most modern offices are now choosing specific colors based on the effect they have on employees and what behavior and mood you want to elicit through colors. This is done through leveraging color theory, which describes the psychological effects each specific color can have on humans.

Moreover, it is believed that colors can also impact the perceived temperature of the room, which is why it has such a considerable impact on temperament and behavior. Hence, if you are considering redesigning your home office or workplace, you should definitely strip the office of color and then paint it with a suitable color of your choice. This will help create a productive, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable space.

If you are wondering whether coloring your entire office is worth it, it certainly will be if you pay attention to color psychology and choose a suitable color for your office. Doing this is really important to pay attention to what effect color has and choose one that is suitable for your office. For example, bright colors are perfect for employees that rely on creativity and need to stay alert at all times. However, too much of this color can start having a negative impact.

What Is the Perfect Color for an Office?

The answer to this entirely depends on the kind of office you have and the atmosphere you want to create with the color. However, one thing to note when designing an office and picking a color for the walls is to not overdo it with too much of one color. Even if the color brings the most amount of benefits to your office, too much of it can easily overpower everything and become negative.

Similarly, you should also not blend too many colors together. This can be risky and turn your office into a colorful maze, which is something you definitely don't want. Therefore, it is important to have a balance between colors when painting your office walls. You want something that keeps employees productive, alert, relaxed, and comfortable.

Thoughtful use and balance of colors can not only change the entire ambiance of the workplace, but also help make spaces more illuminated, spacious, and cooler. Hence, determine the function of the color and choose wisely based on the effects you want in your specific working area.

How Colors Impact Productivity

More and more companies are leveraging colors to make their employees feel less stressed and more comfortable. However, to do this, it is important to be aware of what effects a specific color has on productivity. This is why we have compiled the following list of the most important and widely used colors in the office and what effect they can have on productivity and moods:


If your work requires you to put extra attention to detail, you should consider using the color red because it is known to enhance performance and stimulate brain activity. However, you should only use this color as an accent color and not paint the entire wall red since this color is known to increase heart and respiration rate. Too much of it can thus make employees feel anxious and uneasy.

The bright hue is also known to excite the brain and draw attention easily, which is why it is typically used in stop signs. Hence, if you want to catch people's attention, you can use this color as an accent color in the office.


This color undoubtedly is packed with calming effects since it reminds you of the sky and the ocean. It is also an excellent choice if you want to maximize productivity in the workplace since it stimulates the mind. At the same time, it calms people by slowing their breathing and reducing their blood pressure. Hence, if you want employees to feel calm and productive simultaneously, you should add this color to the walls.

Blue is also a great choice because it is popular among men and women alike. It also transmits feelings of trustworthiness, which is an excellent point for companies to keep in mind.


Yellow is an excellent choice for a company looking to energize its employees and make them happy and enthusiastic. It is a naturally uplifting and inviting color that can also help enhance collaboration amongst employees. Additionally, it is also the strongest color psychologically on the rainbow, which is why it aids in creativity and memory.

However, it should be noted that too much of this color can be dangerous. This is because it can evoke feelings of frustration, annoyance, and anger in overly emotional employees. Hence, it should ideally be used as an accent color and in moderate amounts to aid in enthusiasm, creativity, and collaboration.


This is actually one of the best colors to use in order to boost productivity because it mixes red and yellow, and so combines both of their benefits. The main reason why it helps employees be productive is that it allows them to be creative and enthusiastic about work.

However, much like other bright colors, orange can also elicit negative effects and make people irritated and on edge. It is believed that men are most particularly sensitive to orange color and don't like it. This color is one of those colors that you either love or hate. Hence, you should definitely only use it as an accent color.


Green is an excellent color if you as an employee want to feel calm while working. This color is one of the most relaxing ones since it reminds you of nature. Not to mention, it can easily be added to the office and not just through windows. You can add hints of green in the office with indoor plants. These will help make the environment cleaner and fresher, thus positively contributing to the overall ambiance.

Moreover, green is believed to reduce anxiety as well, which is something employees often experience while working.


White is perhaps one of the most common colors for office walls. It is known to spark optimism in employees and inspire them to work hard. If you are looking to make your workplace appear bigger, you should consider painting the walls white. It also gives the impression that the office is sterile and clean.

It is recommended to pair white with accent colors like red, yellow, and orange. The combination will help you achieve the benefits of specific colors while not making them overpowering.

Neutral Colors

Another popular and common choice for offices is neutral colors. These include cream, brown, black, and gray. These will make the office appear more professional, but they will likely not have a major impact on productivity. For example, brown will calm them but can make the room too dark. Similarly, gray and black will add depth to the office but would be too overpowering on their own. They can also evoke feelings of sadness or hopelessness in the employees.

This is why it is best to pair neutral colors with bright accent colors like orange, red, yellow, and green. They will help you maximize productivity and will look aesthetically pleasing as well.

Final Words

Needless to say, it is imperative that you pay attention to the color you paint your office walls with. They can have a significant impact on employees' temperaments and how they perceive their work. Hence, as employers, you can definitely use colors to maximize productivity and improve the morale of employees.

Whichever color you choose, you should certainly consider pairing it with a modern floor lamp from FlexiSpot. These are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and versatile lamps that can illuminate your office space and enhance the overall look of the workplace. Not to mention, they will look great in front of any colored walls.

Therefore, if you are looking to amp up the appearance of your overall office and make it look exquisite, consider doing a paint job with the aforementioned colors and getting the modern floor lamp from FlexiSpot.