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The Effectivity of an Endomorph's Weight Loss with a Vibration Plate

19 April 2021

The Effectivity of an Endomorph's Weight Loss with a Vibration Plate

Whenever you go to the gym, what do you usually notice? You might have observed every patron in that facility. Some are doing squats, lifting weights, boxing, and so on. They might be all wearing the usual gym clothes yet what makes them different from each other? Yes, you might be telling me: they all have different body shapes. Some might be having slender bodies, similar to that of a marathon runner, and a narrower frame. Then, you must be seeing an ectomorph or the slim type. Ectomorphs have the fastest metabolism among the other body types. Most ballerinas have this kind of body. Their bone structure is smaller compared to the other types of body. They are the ones that do isolation movements or the kind of exercise that requires only a part of the muscle like the biceps.

The next one are the Mesomorph. You might be seeing a gym goer who is medium-built but with athletic and solid; a type with large muscle mass; he is not overweight or underweight. These type of people are the ones who could eat anything but lose weight easily. The last type among the Somatotypes (A term coined by William H. Sheldon PhD,MD, a nutritionist and psychologist in the 1940s) are the Endomorph. You might be seeing a gym patron who has dense body fat but less muscle and medium-large bone structure but they are not considered overweight. A classic example is a football lineman. An endomorph finds it difficult to lose weight at times. He easily gains weight and must really watch the food that he eats. Among the 3 Somatotypes, he is the one who observes a strict diet. Yet, how could we know the right diet for an Endomorph? Why does an Endomorph need to be careful with his food intake? In this article today, you’ll be walked through the details on the practices and diet that an Endomorph observes. It is because today’s food trend and lifestyle is becoming less pro-health hence a guide on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the right equipment such as the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1. So let’s begin.

Endomorph’s Diet:

As mentioned earlier, an Endomorph is someone who needs to watch his food consumption because he easily gains weight because of the amount of fats in his body hence listed below are the types of food that he must intake. Endomorphs have slower metabolism hence the calories that he takes is usually transformed into fat and is stored in the body thus he must consume less or avoid consuming the following. The information are based on the data written on the articles in https://www.myfooddata.com/ and https://www.healthline.com/. The data show food items and ingredients that have high calorie and sugar contents for those who weight gain but for endomorphs who need to observe the intake of lower calories, these are the things that they must consider of.

Food with High Amount of Calories:

Chicken Leg (roasted or fried)- 475 calories; 184 calories per 100g

Homemade Granola - 597 calories; 489 calories per 100g

Firm Tofu- 363 calories; 144 calories per 100g

Milk- 298 calories; 61 calories per 100g


Sugary Foods/Ingredients:

low fat yogurt ( sugar is added to make it tastier)- 240g per single cup

barbecue sauce- 2 tablespoon contains around 9 g of sugar

ketchup- a single tablespoon has 1 teaspoon of sugar

fruit juice- has a large dose of sugar and a little

spaghetti sauce- some are packed secretly with added sugar to enhance flavor

sports drinks- a 591-ml bottle has 37.9g of added sugar

chocolate milk- a 230ml glass of this milk has 11.4 g of added sugar

flavored coffee- a large size has a roughly 45g of sugar


On the other hand, an endomorph must closely check if the food that he intakes is higher in good fat and protein but has low carbohydrate content such as the following:


Food Items rich in protein and healthy fats:  

egg yolk

macadamia nuts

fatty fish



lean meat ( chicken breast )

According to American Council of Exercise, an endomorph should follow a certain formula when having a daily intake of food:


30% carbohydrates

35% protein

35% fat

Aside from the food intake, an endomorph must also observe the proper workout activity for him. Most endomorphs have a larger upper torso but has small waists so the following types of workout activities are highly recommended:

Cardio Training:

Endomorphs should have a greater calorie deficit and must move their whole bodies even when having a more relaxed workout activity. They must avoid activities that tend to develop bigger parts of the body. Dancing is one of the best cardio activities for an endomorph. Using devices that will help burn fats is also recommended. Most workout devices have wavers that help shed the fat through sweating. Its vibration causes the muscles to contract which improves blood circulation and enhances metabolism. As most endomorphs have large lower torso too particularly on the leg area, this kind of workout is really recommendable to burn fats on the legs making them look firmer. This may also help reduce the presence of cellulites on the said area. The product: Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1 can really help an endomorph burn fats. This compact and user friendly product has features such as the loop bands which you could attach on the device for an extra cardio activity which can make your upper body become stronger and toned. It has an amazing weight limit that is up to 300lbs which is really effective to any endomorphs who wish to lose fat and stay healthy. Its LED touch screen can also show you the accurate result that you need to monitor your workout improvement; wouldn’t that be more inspiring? Imagine having an accurate result, you would be able to track and plan your next workout activity with this. Lastly, you don’t have to worry of losing balance while riding the vibration plate because of the rubber wrapped feet; this device ensures stability even doing different cardio exercise on the plate.

Indeed, shedding pounds is really a challenge to endomorphs with today’s life trend. The food being sold in the market these days are less healthy and contain more preservatives which makes them become more carb-sensitive but with sheer determination, the impossible becomes possible.