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The Effects of Sitting on a Uncomfortable Chair for a Long Duration

06 September 2021

Even if you exercise in the morning before going to work, sitting in a chair for an extended time has always been associated with a sedentary lifestyle. If you are using a computer, you are generally sitting for long periods. 

Sitting over long periods has its drawbacks. If you are sitting for a long time on a hard seat, it can put pressure on your body: backache, neck sprain, stiff body postures, and other health issues resulting from your body stiffening.

Can a hard chair be harmful to you? If you are thinking about it, you have probably already figured it out. It is not advisable to sit on any surface for an extended period.

The pain will go away if you do not utilize a cushion or a decent soft seat after sitting in a hard chair.

Even yet, a hard chair should only be used as a last choice and for the shortest amount of time possible.

What is the root of the problem? According to studies, you sit on your sit bones (medical term ischial tuberosities) in your pelvis when you sit on a hard surface like a chair. 

This puts a lot of strain on the bones and muscles in the pelvis, resulting in symptoms like back pain and sprains.

What Are the Consequences of Sitting on a Hard Chair?

While sitting up straight has always been the most general advice, the following are the top five health risks associated with sitting in a hard chair for an extended time:

businessman sleeping in the office late at night. Next to him is a laptop.

Increased Fatigue and Decreased Alertness

When there is little activity in the body, the bodily system immediately shuts down to conserve energy. You will realize that you are sloppy and exhausted when you begin to feel tired.

Exposure to Sores and Aches

As previously said, if your sit bones are compromised, the discomfort becomes more severe. Things like a butt hurt more when you are sitting in a hard chair. Muscles do not move while the bone is directly impacted.


Reduced blood circulation is caused by a lack of movement in the body. This also suggests that your body is storing excess fat, which increases your chances of becoming obese. Obesity has a direct effect on your heart and other cardiovascular problems.

Restricted Blood Flow

Sitting down allows you to perform relatively little work. In addition, poor posture while sitting for work reduces blood circulation. 

While frequent light workouts and movement are recommended during the workday, most people find it challenging to stick to this schedule, possibly owing to work constraints or simply because they are unconcerned about their health.

Man having back ache

Body Pains and Muscle Stiffness

Stiffness develops as a result of sitting for lengthy periods with few motions. Due to inappropriate postures, muscles become weary and stretched as a result of recurrent paralysis.

Is sitting on the floor unhealthy for you? This is a question that many people have. Since ancient times, many nations and civilizations have encouraged people to sit on the floor. 

There are numerous advantages to sitting on the floor. However, notice that sitting on the floor has traditionally been reserved for exercises and prayers that do not last as long as sitting in an office.

Alternatively, some people have tried sitting cross-legged on a chair, which has its own set of drawbacks for them. 

While it may provide immediate relief, it might cause muscle cramps and reduce blood flow.

What Can Be Done About It?

Purchasing a more comfortable and practical chair is the obvious solution to the problem. An ergonomically constructed chair might help to alleviate body aches and pains. 

This tool can even help you focus more and work more efficiently than usual. Apart from taking frequent breaks and doing simple exercises to stretch your body, having a comfy chair would be ideal.

The most comfortable office chairs provide a nice recline, a simple swivel so you can access various items on your desk, and more. Ergonomics has supplied multiple answers to this question in recent years.

A conventional office chair cannot deliver the much-needed comfort that an ergonomic office chair can. The best features include comfortable chairs, adjustable seat height, seat recline, armrests, headrests, footrests, and more. 

Because each user's body is unique, they may easily change the chair's characteristics to fit their needs and rest it.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

The Best Ergonomic Chair for You

While most sellers claim that their chair is the best and is designed ergonomically, our selection of the best ergonomic office chair is the Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 of FlexiSpot.

The chair might assist enhance your mood even if you work long hours because it provides more comfort. For optimal back support, the seat incorporates an S-shaped curve. The chair's elastic construction will support your body. 

It comes with cushions to make sitting more comfortable for the body. The seat is a dark blue color that is popular in Europe and the United States.

You may become wearier if your lower back is not adequately supported. You can stay energized even if you work long hours, thanks to the lumbar support of this chair. 

This ergonomic chair provides excellent back support. This lumbar support is adjustable and may be moved to manage your lower back position. The makers attribute this to the fact that each person has a unique body form and needs. 

They have included features like an adjustable backrest, armrests, headrest, height adjustment, and seat tilt for your comfort.

Fine mesh upholstery on the seat back and the chair itself is stylish and functional, allowing your skin to breathe freely. The seat's breathable mesh covering will keep sweat and moisture at bay. 

Do you wish to adjust the height of your seat? That is as simple as reaching for a convenient lever! To change the seat, lower the lever. The lifting height can be adjusted to 3.1" and is entirely adjustable to your size.

With the heavy-duty casters that provide smooth mobility, you may effortlessly move around the office on hard or soft floors. The 360° spinning wheels make it simple to move from one corner to the other.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, sitting on a hard for an extended period of time is not recommended. If done frequently, it can cause health complications. The  Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 is your best selection.