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The Benefits of Using a Standing Desk in the Workshop

28 July 2021

Ergonomic Problems Experienced at the Workshop

Your workshop is a place where you could create the best handcrafts that you can make - from a birdhouse to a handcrafted coaster that your wife would love to put at the dining table. All these can be your masterpiece.

On the other hand, there are ergonomic problems that you might experience in the workshop, especially when you are not using the best ergonomic products such as the standing desks, sit-stand desks, and organizers from Flexispot. The usual kinds of body pain that you might encounter are: 

  • Neck soreness

This pain may be apparent when you are doing small handcrafts. The time that you spend creating those tiny pieces may give pain to your neck. A lot of handcrafters these days do some miniatures such as food or furniture. These pieces require precision. Once you try it, you'd either end up having a headache or a sore neck. 

  • Shoulder pain 

Alongside the neck soreness, you might also experience shoulder pain. This kind of pain starts with numbness then slowly becomes painful. 

  • Spine strain 

When you begin to have pain along the shoulders and neck, your spine gets affected too. You may acquire the strain on your spine. When this kind of pain affects your movement might get hampered as well. Usually, you get when you have a poor posture. Some handcrafts would make you stoop a lot, which is why you must use ergonomic products. 

  • Elbow pain

When you overuse your shoulders and hands, elbow pain also takes place. When you have conditions like gout, you are prone to this kind of pain. 

  • Pain around the hands 

The hand is the first part of the body that is affected by exhausting activities such as handicrafts. Most of the time, you spend more than 2 hours making a handcrafted product. This activity leads to overuse. Then, you would suddenly feel the throbbing pain around your hands and fingers. Numbness and soreness are the things that you would first notice. Hence, if you would not pay much attention to it, you might experience severe conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

These examples of pain take place because you tend to overuse your hands; you might practice improper posture. Another is you might not be alternating your movements, bringing you soreness and numbness. Hence, there is a tendency that you might have an incorrect posture or other conditions like the hump neck. 

Despite these problems, there is still hope. There is a way to overcome this ergonomic pain. Through Flexispot, you may experience the best ergonomic solutions through different products such as the ergo chair, office organizers, and standing desks. For a handicraft enthusiast like you, the most recommendable ergonomic products are the sit-stand desks. At Flexispot, you could select from a wide array of choices. From a dual-motor standing desk to a height-adjustable sit-stand desk that has a wooden desktop. The pieces of equipment could give you the ergonomic solutions that you deserve and could be your best companions as you optimize your workshop.

The Best Standing Desks for the Enthusiast in You

So, when you are at the workshop doing the masterpiece that you want to build, you must also keep in mind to keep your pacing more active. Making a handicraft would be needing your closer attention. At the same time, you need to make sure that you could do the sit-stand movement. This movement could ensure that you would not feel the soreness caused by the same routine or motion that you do over and over in 1 hour or more. This kind of activity could be considered sedentary especially if it involves fewer body movements. 

At Flexispot, you may choose the standing desk such as the Kana Bamboo Standing desk. This desk product is height adjustable. It has an up and down movement thus if you want to stand up while doing a part of your masterpiece's structure then you could adjust its height level. 

It has different lifting speeds depending on the model that you're going to have. The EC3 has a lifting speed of 1.26" per second and the EC4 has a lifting speed of 1.5 per second. They both have dual motors but they differ in the leg stages. EC3 has the 2stage while EC4 has the 3stage. So, whether you choose the EC3 or the EC4, both models show durability and sturdiness that could be helpful for you especially when you are doing a lot of handicraft products.  

Aside from the Kana bamboo standing desk, Flexispot offers the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk. This desk product has a desktop made from Rubberwood and Solid Wood Veneer that you may consider thick and sturdy. This standing desk is also recommendable for you because, with this thick material, you can enjoy making large handicrafts that you can put atop the surface. 

The Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk has an adjustable width that reaches up to 50.8". That width is enough to let you put some tools that you would use for your handicraft product. You don't need to worry about the sturdiness of its desktop because the product has a 154lb lifting capacity. With that lifting capacity, you would not worry that the heavy tools like the screws and hammers would not be carried by this standing desk because this product is robust and could carry the heavy tools that you would put atop the desk. 

Final Thoughts

Handcrafting is one of the most stress-relieving activities that you can do at home. You can make the most out of this hobby by making the best creations and making yourself safe from ergonomic problems. Thus, the products mentioned are just some of the most trusted standing desks in the market that could cater to your handcraft needs. These sit-stand desks from Flexispot could assist you in making products that you could either use at home or in your office. At the same time, when you use the stand-up desks mentioned like the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desks, you can make sure that you would be ergonomically protected as you enjoy doing your hobby.