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The Ergonomic Needs of Nurses on Duty

29 July 2021

The Care and Protection which Health Care Providers Need

The Global Pandemic of 2020 has tested the very core of every health care provider in the medical field. Each of them had faced battles that put them on the verge of throwing in the towel due to the overwhelming number of people who fought hard for their lives. As most of them narrated the nightmarish scenes in hospitals, you would see in their eyes that the bravest were not just seen behind the armors and ranged weapons but also behind the masks and suits. Indeed, the health care providers like the nurses were people who fought hard for the others who were at death's door. 

Even until some countries begin to go back to normal, the healthcare field still faces a lot of challenges. Some of these challenges start from the stations and offices where nurses continue working after monitoring patients in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) or after administering nursing care to other patients. Most of them experience a lot of occupational factors that affect their physical well-being. These conditions are:

  • Neck pain 
  • Back pain 
  • Shoulder pain 
  • Knee pain 
  • Other musculoskeletal symptoms 

These are the ergonomic problems that may lead health care providers to have a weak immune system. The threat of the Covid19 virus starts with a weak immune system. Aside from the stress and fatigue way beyond comprehension, these conditions may put them at high risk. Thus, the best way to combat these ergo problems is to provide them with the best ergonomic intervention. This is because every health care provider also needs the utmost consideration and protection against all health risks and ergonomic injuries. Through the superb and top-quality pieces of equipment, they could experience the care they deserve. Hence, Flexispot is here to provide the best standing desks and ergonomic chairs for our health care providers. This could be achieved by choosing a wide array of ergonomic products from Flexispot. 

The Ergonomic Care of Flexispot for Healthcare Providers

At Flexispot, our healthcare providers could choose the best standing desks or stand-up desks that they could use even at their stations. These standing desks could help them avoid the threat of having frozen shoulders or neck sores because the standing desks at Flexispot have the most amazing lifting capacity. So, once they need to adjust the height of the desk the transition would not take so long. In fact, in just less than 3 seconds, they could already use the desk. 

With this feature, they could ensure that they could move faster and with ease because the sit-stand desk from Flexispot could help them multitask at their station. 

At Flexispot, our health care providers could choose from the selection of stand-up desks and standing desks such as the Modish Standing Desk. This is a very sturdy desk that has a 275lb lifting capacity (including the laptop weight). So, if they have to put the necessary documents and office tools that they need at the nurse's station, they could do so without much worry of collisions that usually happen to ordinary tables. 

Aside from the incredible lifting capacity, standing desks from Flexispot have the incredible width and surface of the desktop. The Modish Standing Desk is one example of the stand-up desk from Flexispot that has a wide surface. You could put large office devices here such as the laptop and printer. Even with these pieces of equipment, you could freely work on the surface without narrowing your work area. 

The sit-stand desks from Flexispot have frames that are made from high-grade steel. These steels could provide sturdy support to the desktop of the Flexispot sit-stand desk. Aside from that, these steels make the standing desk products from Flexispot last for a long time; they are indeed rust-proof compared to ordinary desks that get rusty after a short period. 

At Flexispot, other ergonomic products could help our healthcare providers prevent the ergo problems such as lumbar pain and knee pain. These are the ergonomic chairs. 

The ergo chairs from Flexispot have the most durable lumbar support. One of the examples of those chairs is the Office Chair OC3B. This has a breathable mesh back that supports the back. Hence, when the nurse sits on it after long hours in the operating room, they may sit here and relax or as they stay at the station, they may sit on the Office Chair OC3B and lay their backs flat on the mesh back. 

Our healthcare providers need to keep their bodies in shape especially because they face a lot of challenges in the hospital and are exposed to different germs and viruses. Thus, they need to stay healthy and maintain a strong immune system. However, there are a lot of constraints, especially with their schedules. It's difficult to visit a gym or have extra time to exercise. Thus, Flexispot offers a kind of ergo chair that is a combination of an office chair and fitness equipment. At Flexispot, they could purchase the Desk Bike V9U. This fitness equipment is height adjustable and uses an incredible lifting mechanism. 

The Desk Bike V9U also has an 8-level resistance that could help a person cycle on the desk bike with moderate speed. This is helpful especially when he just needs to release stress. At the same time, our health care providers could multitask with this fitness equipment because they could cycle on the desk bike as they do their reports of finishing a task on their laptops. 

So, looking at these features, our health care providers could be able to optimize their performance in the hospital, provide nursing care to the patients, and protect themselves against the ergonomic problems that would make their immune system low. 

Final Thoughts

As the world continues battling Covid19, the healthcare providers are the ones who are on the frontline and continue fighting the pandemic. As a result, most of them face health risks. The worst is they succumb to the virus and lose the battle. Thus, they must be given the utmost care too, the way they care for most patients. What is good about it is they are not alone in surpassing the threats of the pandemic because Flexispot is here to help them through the best ergonomic solutions that it could provide to them.