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Wobble Stools and Accent Chairs: Perfect for Tall Workers

16 August 2021

The Chair Problems of Tall Workers


This is the usual sound of a breaking chair at times when a tall person sits on it. In the office, there are ergonomic problems involving tall individuals. It's because some individuals are so tall that they have larger bone structures. Thus, they often find it difficult to sit on medium-sized office chairs or chair products such as stools. 

On the other hand, the problem that occurs is with the kind of equipment or furniture that tall workers often use. Some offices do not have adequate and ergonomic pieces of equipment. Most of these equipment pieces are malleable or do not last for long years. At times, the furniture pieces that tall workers use are already wobbly or there are prior damages on these products that once they sit on these even with a light force, the chairs abruptly crack or get broken. These do not just impose damage but also impose injuries such as:

  • broken hip
  • spine injury
  • bruises 

So, to avoid these ergonomic problems, workers should use the pieces of equipment that would support their spine and protect their backbones from getting injured. These products are all from Flexispot-the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and office organizers. 

The possible scenario mentioned above could also happen to you. Hence, if you have a tall stature, then you must be observant of the equipment that you are going to use. Try considering the products from Flexispot that you can ensure are pieces of ergonomic equipment.

Figuring Out Stability with Flexispot

If you're wondering about the best pieces of equipment that you could rely on, Flexispot has a wide selection of chairs for you. These are unique pieces that you can utilize efficiently. These equipment pieces are the ones that can offer you stability because of their features and structure. 

Two of the most widely-used chair products from Flexispot are wobble stools and accent chairs. These are pieces of equipment that would not break your bank. It's because you could play them on installment for several months through Affirm. Through an installment payment, you can be able to keep up with the budget while you experience the best ergonomic protection that you deserve while working. Be as it may you are working at home or in the office, having this kind of equipment could help you perform better even under pressure. 

So, the first line of products is the accent chair. There are several models for these chairs. One of these is the Scalloped Accent chair 1049 that is made of velvet material. Velvet materials do not easily get deformed and are anti-dents. Hence, if you choose the accent chair, you would not worry that the chair might be damaged particularly the cushion. Another thing about the Scalloped Accent Chair 1049 is the cushion itself is carefully and tightly installed on the metal frame hence you would not worry that it would separate from the metal frame and you would destroy the chair product. 

This accent chair also has undergone thousands of fatigue tests. Thus, you can ensure that when you sit here for a long time or after years of using this chair, it would not get damaged or the cushion would not look overused or sandwiched that usually happens to non-ergonomic chairs. With this chair, you can be safe and have the best sitting experience regardless of your height. It is because Scalloped Accent Chair 1049 could bear your weight. 

Most tall people also have long arms. Commonly, some of the tall people would look for big office chairs with large armrests. However, with the accent chairs from Flexispot, even the armless products could provide excellent sitting and would let you relax and stimulate the blood circulation along your arms, hands, and shoulders; just like the Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11.

This accent chair is also height adjustable that you could easily operate on by just pressing the adjuster under the accent chair. It has a leather bucket seat that gives you comfort although it's an armless chair. You could lean your back on this chair when you sit on it comfortably because of its adequate seat depth that is also padded. You can ensure that this chair is ergonomic.  

Indeed, this chair could provide an excellent gas lifting mechanism that can help you have a smooth seat transition when at work. You don't need to worry that this would not be able to carry your weight because it can bear your weight with the help of its metal base, you could be able to swivel and put your weight on it with ease. You would not worry that you would damage the chair product no matter how tall you are. 

Now, if you prefer the accent chair that has a wider chair width, then this next product would be good for you: Accent Chair 05. This chair product also has a curved cushion that adds contacts to the backrest. This can help your spine rest well on the backrest and lessen the pain that takes place when your spine or back could not move closer to the backrest of the chair. This chair also has a backrest that follows the contour of your spine; making it more convenient for you to sit comfortably on this chair. 

The second type of chair from Flexispot is a unique piece that can be tilted at given angles. This chair is called the wobble chair that also uses the gas lifting mechanism so when you sit on this chair, you can ensure that you would not lose balance and your sit bone would get protected on this chair. One of the models of this chair is the Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH2.

This chair promotes an active sitting posture because as mentioned it could be tilted. It also has a weight capacity of 154lbs. Thus, you could also sit on this firmly without breaking the product regardless of your height. 

Final Thoughts 

So, now that we know the 2 different ergo chair products from Flexispot that could be suitable for tall workers like you, you don't need to worry about sitting on chairs anymore. These products will ensure your comfort and safety when you sit on them. Your height would not be an issue as well because you know that the Flexispot ergonomic chairs like the accent chairs and wobble stools are top-notch.