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Common Problems Faced by Artists

29 July 2021

The Artists' Ergonomic Predicaments

In today's world, art has become digitized. It has reached a new dimension and everything is done on the computer. Digital art has been a trend especially in designing merchandise such as clothes, bags, shoes, etcetera. Aside from the digital artists, there are also tattoo artists. They are some of the individuals who face the threat of ergonomic problems. Thus, Flexispot-a home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, and ergonomic chairs are here to offer the best ergonomic solutions.

To understand well what most artists experience at work, I have interviewed two different artists through Facebook Messenger. I have asked them about the ergonomic problems that they encounter when they are doing the job. They were asked about what they thought of using the ergonomic chairs such as the Ergonomic Office Chair 9127 and the standing desk like Adjustable Standing Desk Pro. The first one that I interviewed was a freelance digital artist named Mr. Justine A. Francisco that creates logos and promotional materials. Here's an excerpt from the interview that I conducted with him: 

Question: So Justine, how long do you work in the office designing materials and using the computer?

Mr. Francisco: I usually work for 8 hours when designing logos and making marketing materials. 

Question: You are a freelance artist, so what are those ergonomic problems that you encounter and do the office equipment you use, help you overcome these kinds of pain?

Mr. Francisco: I usually experience pain in the eyes especially when I use the computer for 8 hours. My spine hurts too. My back neck becomes more numb and painful after long hours. Unfortunately, the office chair that I use does not ease the pain around my back, neck, and spine. 

Question: So, here are some products from Flexispot like the standing desk, sit-stand desk, and ergonomic office chair which could be helpful for you. One of these is the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro. This has a dual motor lifting system and is height adjustable. So, you don't need to slouch or stoop when you work at the computer. Do you think these products would be suitable for you as a freelance digital artist?

Mr.Francisco: Yes, I guess it's suitable because that standing desk looks sturdy and robust because I can see (looking at the website) that its desktop is sturdy so I guess it would be perfect for me. 

Interviewer: Okay, so I appreciate your time. Thank you for saying yes to the interview. 

(end of the conversation).   

After the interview with Mr. Francisco, the second artist that was put in the interview was Mr. Macky B.Aniel, a freelance tattoo artist who started his career in 2013. In this interview, he revealed a lot of the struggles that artists like him to experience. Here's the part where he mentioned the ergonomic problems that he usually encounters at work. 

Question: You have been a tattoo artist since 2013. So, what were the ergonomic problems that you have encountered since then?

Mr. Aniel: Since 2013, I have encountered a lot of body pain in this entire career. I usually experience ergonomic pain around my palm whenever I use the Coil Tattoo Machine because that one is heavy. After using it with a client for an hour and a half, I feel numbness around my hand.

Question: Your clients either lay flat on a tattoo bed or sit on a chair. when you do the lining and shading on their skin. So, which of these make you stoop or slouch during the session? What are the other ergonomic problems that you encounter? 

Mr. Aniel: It's when they take a seat and the design would be placed on the body part that is difficult to put a tattoo on. It makes my neck sore and painful most of the time. 

Question: So, as you said tattooing a client who takes a seat is difficult. What about using an ergonomic chair with footrests just like the Ergonomic Office Chair 9127, do you think it's beneficial? (shows the product from the website). This ergonomic office chair has a rocking function that is adjustable up to 135 degrees and has a footrest. It could be beneficial for your client and you. Would you prefer to have this in your tattoo shop?

Mr. Aniel: Yes, that ergonomic chair would be beneficial because that chair has a heavyweight capacity. My client would feel secure because I could also lock it with an angle adjusting lever. So once I start to do the shading on my client's skin, I would not feel the soreness on my neck and numbness on my palm. My back would not ache that much too. 

Interviewer: That's nice, Mr. Aniel. So, I appreciate your time spent in this interview. Thank you. 

(end of conversation)

The interview that was done with the two artists shows that workers like them who are freelance artists are the ones who experience severe ergonomic problems because most of them are not well-informed about the importance of ergonomics not just in the office but in work areas where people tend to slouch, stoop, and strain their spine. 

On that note, they must use the best ergonomic products so they may be protected against strain and sprain that might lead to serious musculoskeletal problems. Therefore, the standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs from Flexispot are the most suitable products for them. This is because, at Flexispot, all the ergonomic products are made with precision on the design that could fit the activities they do at work. An example of that is the Modish Standing Desk. With this sit-stand desk, those artists could experience height adjustability from this desk that could help them move with ease and comfort. So, like the digital artist who encounters back pain and neck soreness, this standing desk from Flexispot could be the best selection for him. 

Final Thoughts

Artists like Mr. Francisco and Mr. Aniel are mostly the ones who experience the worst ergonomic pain. This could hamper their outputs and could affect the quality of their work. What's worse is they might end up experiencing lifetime illnesses that could be life-threatening. Hence, Flexispot is here to offer the most durable, sturdy, and economical standing desks and ergonomic chairs that are above and beyond the competition in the market.