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The Ergonomic Prowess of the Under Desk Hammock

08 July 2021

The Thirty-Minute Power Nap and its Benefits:

So, from time to time, we hear the term power nap. This is probably the quickest time to regain energy and re-align our system. A power nap is a way to boost the blood circulation in our nerves, stabilize the functions of our organs especially the brain. These things are important for us to function well at work because if we can take a nap, we could rejuvenate and reinvigorate. We could gather up the energy back that was lost from us after the first few hours in the office. 

In many offices, a lot of workers struggle to take a 30-minute nap because they prefer lying down on a couch or sleeping mat. This is because simply put when they lie down on the sleeping mat, they can stretch their bodies and sleep soundly when they lie down on a mat or hammock. 

With this, you must use a piece of accessories that could be beneficial for you especially when you take a power nap. Now, before you decide to swipe your credit cards or click the purchase button on your digital bank, you need to consider first the features of the piece of accessory that you would avail from the market. These are important things to consider about a hammock. 

The Power Hammock for Your Power Nap:

When you talk about a sleeping hammock, you may think of a piece of accessories that could optimize your sleep. When you have this kind of equipment, you could be able to avoid distractions around. 

To have a sound sleep, the hammock that you are going to use is portable and durable. You must be able to bring these pieces of accessories anywhere. An ideal hammock should not easily tear apart even when it carries an additional weight; the fabric itself should be durable enough. 

In most cases, you must look for a hammock that is made from nylon fabric. This is because, with that kind of material, you may ensure that it is easy to clean and it would not accumulate dirt and grimes compared to other materials that after a few months of being used, you would see that it gets dusty and is already caked with stain. 

This kind of hammock is not ideal because it would be just a breeding ground for dirt and disease-carrying germs. Hence, what is ideal is to buy a power hammock. A power hammock should also be anti-fraying. When you have this kind of hammock, scratches, and dents would be avoided because you can ensure that the materials used for this product can make the hammock scratch-proof. 

Lastly, an ideal hammock should have screws and hooks that could make the product more durable. It is because these tools could help you install the product quickly. 

So, moving forward now, we could see the importance of these qualities of the ideal hammock product. With all these qualities you can ensure that the power nap that you can have will be absolute. For the next part of our article, we will discuss the reasons to choose Flexispot under desk hammock. In this part, we will see why this product from Flexispot can help you energize and put your system in the right alignment. 

The Prowess of Flexispot Under Desk Hammock:

The hammock from Flexispot is a very ideal product when you want to go power napping. At Flexispot, the hammock that you could purchase has the parts such as metal buckles and connecting plates that could secure the hammock tightly. 

At Flexispot, you could also lie down completely without getting scared that the hammock might get damaged. This is because the material used for this hammock is nylon fabric so you can ensure that when you lie down on it, the fabric would not split in half. In 

In actuality, the weight capacity of the hammock is 220 lbs. Hence, you may lie down on it with your device on or other stuff to make you feel comfortable while having the power. Another, the fabric itself of the Flexispot hammock is dirt-resistance so you would not see specks of dirt caking the product. 

When you use the Flexispot hammock, you could simply hook it under the standing desk such as the Dual-Motor and Dual-Beam Standing Desk. With the sturdiness of these standing desks, you can ensure that your hammock could be sturdier and could hold your weight for a longer time. 

As they say, a power nap could be absolute when you could stretch and make yourself comfortable. With the Flexispot hammock, you could be able to have a sound sleep. At times, when you could not comfortably sleep, even the 8-hour complete rest would be tantamount to headache and imbalance but with comfortable sleep, even the 30 minutes would be sufficient for you to feel comfortable.

Thus, the Flexispot hammock is the best provider for you if you are looking for a power nap. With this in your work area, you could be able to regain the strength that you need when you are finishing a project.

The Flexispot hammock is portable too. Hence, you may simply fold it and put it inside your bag, and bring it to your office. Aside from that, this piece of accessory is very manageable because you may easily clean this product and store it properly. 

With all these features of Flexispot, you may ensure that you could find sanctuary in your office where you could regain your energy for the day. Hence, it's best to choose the Flexispot under desk hammock to ensure that you could take a rest even for 30 minutes. 

Final Thoughts:

Stress and fatigue are inevitable. It is normal to feel exhausted in the middle of your work. Thus, you deserve to recharge and feel totally comfortable. However, what you need to do is to choose the best ergonomic hammock for you to regain and boost the energy that you need to overcome all the challenges in the office that would come your way.