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The Flexilab Testing Program: What is in Store for You

22 April 2021

I have a friend whose job is quite unique in the sense that he is not really required to report for work but he is well-paid because the furniture company is a huge one and has many branches all over the world.  His main task is to stay eight hours in the office to test the furniture products of the company in terms of safety. durability, and comfort.  Surprisingly, he is lucky enough to be hired as there were many aspiring applicants lined in long queues to get an application.  As a backgrounder, my friend is a freelancer as an English teacher so he has ample time to take another part time job.

What does it take to be a furniture tester?  Like any other jobs, a furniture tester has to have some qualifications to be eligible for the job.  According to my friend, when you are a freelancer, the more chances you will be hired because you are on call every time you are needed for testing.  Those who have more chances of being hired usually have a background in engineering specifically Quality Assurance Engineers.  

Aside from the academic background, work experience, and availability, a furniture tester has to have other skills such as   writing skills, background knowledge in Ergonomics, and special skill of being keen for details.  I believe that this skill will make sure that the product could pass the standard as to safety and quality   as set by the authoritative officials in the furniture industry and the government department tasked to carry out the standard guidelines.

Aside from furniture testing, there are other products that are tested for quality assurance and safety for the consumers.  For example, toys, video games, and other baby products also require product testing to comply with the general guidelines on quality standard and public safety. 

As research is the lifeblood of many companies, product testing is also related to opinion polls through survey research.  These days, surveys are administered by small and big companies to determine consumer or public opinion and preferences for a certain product.  Surveys are given not on paper but online.  And these surveys are paid and therefore subjects or those who participate and respond to survey questions are paid by points which can be converted into cash.  The respondents can earn extra money as they fill out survey forms.  

With standard goals in mind,  FlexiSpot, a company that deals mainly with office furniture and other products that promote health and productivity of workers, has interest for consumers who would like to be part of its “Flexilab Testing Program.” 

As a backgrounder, the “Flexilab Testing Program” of FlexiSpot  offers  participants for furniture testing a chance to get free product samples to test for product quality and safety and to check if the product meets the stipulated quality assurance and safety guidelines.  If you go to the website,  you will see the different products such as office furniture such as adjustable standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, desk bikes for wellness and keeping fit, and other accessories that are functional and of highest quality.

If you are interested to apply for a product tester position you have to meet the following requirements:

  • An applicant whose work needs sitting for a long time.  They are identified as filmmakers, designers, web developers and the like.

  • An applicant who is experiencing musculoskeletal diseases.  These diseases include conditions “that affect the joints such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis; conditions that affect the bones such as osteoporosis, traumatic fractures are some of those under the musculoskeletal diseases.  

  • Participants who are experts in industrial design.  This particular profession involves those who are into automobile design, equipment design, consumer product design, and the like.

  • Participants are social media influencers.  These are usually people who make vlogs for different social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.  They already have a large captive audience such that they could influence the crowd or their subscribers to buy a certain product or to support a campaign for a cause.  

  • Applicants who have experienced to join the same kind of activity

  • Former users of the product.  These are the former buyers of the product, usually.

  • Applicants with a creative/ thorough testing plan. 

When you apply for this testing program make sure that you mention that you meet the requirements.  Flexipoint will send an email with a full-price voucher for the sample product.  A code will be indicated in the email and that code will be used to check out the product free of charge. 

In exchange for your participation in the program and receiving a free sample of Flexipoint product, a review of the product in the form of blog posts, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, forum comments, or even in WeChat App “moments.”  should be shared by the participant.    

FlexiSpot allows the participants to make the product review 14 days after the sample product is received.  So there is ample time for the tester to write down their thoughts and opinions about the product or I think it is much better to make vlogs and upload it on the appropriate social media platform.  

The FlexiSpot’s “Flexilab Testing Program” could be treated as an ordinary product testing when compared with other kinds of product testing.  The good thing about this program is that it gives the target consumers an idea that the company is serious about producing and creating office furniture that are excellent in quality and functionality.  The free sample product shows that the company is committed to promote health and productivity among workers at home or in the office.

The company deserves a great review of its product because it has been proved to give its consumers full satisfaction of its products.  That is why it is trusted and loved by many people all over the world.

If you want to own a sample product for free from FlexiSpot,  the time is now for you to visit the website and fill out the form, right here, right now.