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FlexiSpot Standing Desks For Everyone

25 July 2021

Everyone needs to have a standing desk for their work but not every brand works just as great as FlexiSpot. So, it can leave you thinking about what are the choices that you have with our brand. You do not have to look at other brands anymore because here are three standing desks that you need for your office.

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

The ergonomically built Seiffen standing desk delivers all of the postural assistance you could always expect! Get this excellent desk to fully understand why our beloved clients are going crazy for its programmable and improved storage capacity, along with a speedy and relatively simple design, with four adjustments that can cater to your body's height. 

This desk also has more space on the configurable desktop than its counterparts help you achieve a clean and minimalist desk to fulfill your company demands.

"I was surprised by this Flexispot customizable table! It was for our office, and now we are regretting not getting more. It may be a bit difficult to manage. Still, you will manage it with plenty of dedication because you'll be sure to celebrate and be healthy once you finish installing this ergonomically built desk! I prefer to set and save modifications, as it does not give me a hard time because all it takes is a simple press of a button. I was not too fond of manual standing desks because I am so glad that I found FlexiSpot. It is rather robust too and also pretty substantial! It perfectly matches the interiors of our office. I would recommend people to lead an active life with the help of this workstation." - Harold I.

"My co-workers decided to follow my lead and buy their own Seiffen for themselves. Almost everyone in our station has been complaining of back aches and once I decided that I wanted a change, everyone followed suit. I was understandably hesitant to buy a standing at first because I heard that set-up was tedious and needed special apparatus, which I do not have the time and energy to get just to use a desk. However, FlexiSpot will never give you the same headache because this is totally even better! Once you've completed configuring your workstation, no more gear is necessary and it offers anything you'll want, so you can immediately experience the advantages of a computer workstation that cares for your quality of life. The instructions were extremely minimal yet thorough. Everything ’s gorgeous and performs miracles for my fitness, and the workstation has been well equipped. Everybody can see how this desk has helped me." - Karen N.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

The Kana is the type of desk that is unassuming at first glance but it truly delivers on all of its promises pertaining to your health. Once you have invested your money in this FlexiSpot standing desk, you will have the best time working as this workstation will always seem brand new. FlexiSpot took the time to really polish and perfect the Kana so it should be no secret that this desk is one of our best-selling products.

"My former employer had us use standing desks before. Once I resigned I knew instantly that I miss my standing workstation. Now, I normally spend my working time sitting and I can feel the bad effects on my back. I searched far and wide for the best standing desk and got to this decision. I can confidently suggest my other colleagues to buy one of this since this is what I would call an extraordinary workstation that tramples all over the competing brands.” - Joy S.

“I have been a fan for quite some time now but I mostly buy cabinets from this brand. However, my standing desk from another known brand broke down in the middle of adjusting its height so I finally decided that it is now the time to get a FlexiSpot standing desk. As much as I love reading reviews, I think that reading blog articles will help me get an idea of what I was getting myself into. One FlexiSpot blog article stated that employees must at least have a touch of nature in their offices to reduce stress. It also recommended the Kana Bamboo desk so I thought to myself “why not? I am now a FlexiSpot believer. The bamboo desktop is so pleasing to the eye, especially now that I am having problems with my eyesight. It provides less of a contrast between my bright monitor display since the workstation is light-colored.” - Florence L.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

For all the fashionista out there who loves a minimalist look, the Esben standing desk is for you. While most standing desks can seem relatively boring, FlexiSpot decided to think outside of the standing desk and gave birth to the Esben Standing desk.

The Esben can also be used for your personal needs as it would not look out of place inside your office as well as your bedroom thanks to the creamy white hue and warm tone of the sustainably-sourced wood. Organize every material that you have inside the two roomy drawers that this ergonomic standing desk features. 

Are you worried that you are not good enough at putting things together? Well, you are in good hands because FlexiSpot knows that our customers are all busy with their careers. For these reasons, The Esben Standing Desk features a swift 3-step installation for you. If that is not enough, no worries! Your package will come complete with a thorough guide on how to install this pretty desk. You would also have no problems with drained gadget batteries since you get an integrated charging port that matches any nifty electronics that you may have. 

"These days I have far fewer health problems. It was very easy to get there with the help of this FlexiSpot desk! I was glad that this standing workstation is so easy to assemble with its three steps only. At all elevations, this height adjustment desk is quite stable. My property can always be secured.” - Ailleen R.

Final Thoughts

These ergonomic standing desks are carefully crafted by FlexiSpot to ensure that every user would have an experience that they will never forget. So don’t think twice anymore and feel the wonders of FlexiSpot ergonomic standing desks.