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The Gift of the Sturdy Standing Desk for the Health Enthusiast in You

15 July 2021

The Standing Desks Every Health Enthusiast Should Have:

This is probably one of the things that office workers who happen to be health enthusiasts have not realized with the amazing standing desks from Flexispot. Most standing desks from Flexispot could help you not just in keeping you active and create a speedy movement at the office but you could rely on these products as well if you are looking for durable and sturdy fitness equipment. You might be in doubt of this but the Flexispot standing desks especially the ones that could bear heavyweights as much as 275lbs could be your best companion if you need to stretch a bit and do some arm exercise. So, before we dive into the sturdy features of these kinds of standing desks from Flexispot, let's know first the importance of developing your upper body strength which will be discussed in the second part of the article. 

  • Upper Body Strengthening:

Aside from your core, another part of the body that also needs to be well-strengthened is the upper body. This includes your shoulders, arms, and hands. These are the parts of the body that easily get strained after long hours of work in the office. Thus, making sure that you get sufficient body exercise could help you strengthen your upper body. Aside from that, when you have a lean and fit upper body, your lower torso would not be forced. This is the case for people with conditions such as rheumatism or gout. They do not have a lean and fit upper body hence the lower torso finds it difficult to carry the weight. Thus, anyone who has this condition commonly experiences swelling and inflammation around the knees and legs. 

When you have strong shoulders and arms, lifting and carrying some office materials would not be too straining for you. This is because your shoulders and arms would be able to bear the weight of the office materials because the muscles and joints in these body parts are strong and in good alignment hence strengthening your upper body is important. 

Further, when you have a strong upper body, you could prevent further injuries when you are carrying some office materials. This is because when you do stretching of your upper body, you can move properly which could prevent you from twitching. 

When you have a strong upper body, you can lessen the straining feeling that you normally feel when you do a lot of things in the office or when you tend to overuse your hands and arms. When you have a strong upper body, the strain or pain in these areas is not unbearable compared to when you are not exercising and you don't do stretching. That is because the blood circulation in the upper body is not stimulated hence, there are veins blocked in the vessel and the energy in the body becomes stagnant. Hence, when you don't do much exercise, you might feel like your energy is depleted and you tend to easily get exhausted. 

Aside from the enhanced blood circulation, when you do stretching and strengthening of your upper body, you can tone your shoulders and arms. That's why gym enthusiasts or athletes have beautiful upper bodies because they can shape or contour their shoulders and arms.  

This is also the reason when you don't do much stretching or you don't tone your muscles, the shoulders tend to look less fit or some look flabby because your muscles are not toned and there is less muscle mass. Thus, stretching of the upper body is important especially when you work in the office. 

Aside from being a cosmetic concern, when you don't do the upper body stretching, you tend to become prone to ergonomic problems. Ergonomic problems that include:

  • neck soreness
  • shoulder pain 
  • spine strain  

This is because when you don't do stretching exercises, you don't build stronger muscle mass and your body becomes weak. So, with that, you need to make sure you use the pieces of equipment that could offer the best ergonomic solution just like the products from Flexispot-the home of best ergonomic chairs and sturdy standing desks. 

The Sturdiness of Flexispot Standing Desks:

The Flexispot sit-stand desks have sturdy prowess. Each of the best standing desks is made with precision and could help you strengthen not just your core but your upper body as well. At Flexispot, you will find the pieces of ergonomic products such as the standing desks that do not just have the amazing lifting mechanism but have the most durable features. Furthermore, there are various standing desk products from Flexispot that could help the health enthusiast in you build a stronger upper body and maintain great self-esteem within yourself. The standing desks from Flexispot could also protect you from the threats of ergonomic pain and a sedentary lifestyle. 

In this list, we have the Willow Wooden Standing Desk EC4 which has a weight capacity of 275lbs. With this weight, you could do pushups or other stretching routines whenever you have time in the office. The Standing Desk EC4 has durable leg frames that could help you make use of this standing desk with ease and absolute trust in its sturdiness. You don't need to worry that you might break the desktop of this standing desk because it is sturdy. 

At Flexispot, another standing desk that is sturdy and has the same weight capacity as the Willow Wooden Standing Desk EC4 is the Modish Standing Desk. This is height adjustable and is flexible because of its 3 stage frame design. With this, you may ensure that you could exercise and release the stress that you feel after a long day at work. 

So, with all these specs and features of the Flexispot Standing Desks, you may choose from a wide selection of ergonomic equipment that could bring your office day to a unique level. 

Final Thoughts:

The standing desks from Flexispot could offer a lot of ergonomic features for you. They are not just products that would let you spend time in the office typing on the device. With the standing desks from Flexispot, you can ensure that every workday in the office is like a gift for a dedicated worker like you.