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The "Great Resignation:" Hype or Reality?

16 July 2021

The “new normal” in terms of employment has changed many of our workers’ lives in many ways. For example, many workers today are still undecided to return to work to their physical office for various reasons, some personal for personal reasons.

The “Great resignation” is making waves at the moment as it has become a concept that many will be soon quitting their jobs realizing in the middle of the pandemic they have other options to turn to aside from reporting back to work in their physical office.

During the quarantine and lockdown periods, many work-from-home employees saw the many advantages of working from home that outweighs working in the physical office. For example, working from home is more economical as far as spending for food, gas, and extra expenses to be incurred when in the office. Staying at home is safer, too.

Teleworking or working from home also is a great opportunity for the family to be together making stronger relationships that is good for emotional stability and mental health as well. Having fun with the family eliminates possible stressors unlike working in the office building.

Many workers also see that workloads can be done at home efficiently without sacrificing timely submission of finished products and working at home usually goes smoothly as long as you have all the necessary equipment, furniture to work productively.

Remote meetings among workers and getting in touch with them for advice or other organization needs can also be done successfully with zoom meetings or using other platforms for remote communication. In other words, workers only do more positive things while teleworking than negative ones.

With almost all transactions done online and many employers allow working remotely, many employees now realize that there are other options or possibilities that they could do to earn money or shift to another career in the business industry.  

As such, the great resignation” as published in an article online this concept is “here” as many are re-evaluating their careers and options in the midst of the pandemic. In fact, the article indicated that “ The amount of turnover both in the number of people who quit and the turnover rate were both the highest on record - ever - in April that goes back 20 years” (

The implication of this concept of “ great resignation” implies many workers only stay in their jobs because of pandemic uncertainties that are bleak for them. However, when the pandemic is over, many will be turning back and quitting their jobs to have better options and opportunities for them out there.  

Reasons for doing so are both negative and positive but the dominant thing is that they can have other choices to decide on rather than stick to their current employer or shift to another career that is more rewarding financially or otherwise.

The “Great Resignation” concept becomes reality when everything will be fine and pandemic will no longer be life-threatening.

In this case, most workers will have the option of working from home professionally or for engaging in business as owners or entrepreneurs. For example, a worker who possesses a certain kind of skill such as culinary skills may opt to establish and put up a restaurant business which can be at first a small one. Then when it becomes successful, the business could expand for more profit and as means to help other people earn a living as a restaurant crew.

There are many options for a business that home workers could possibly engage in with choices of offering products or services. Different skills could possibly be utilized for services. For example, teaching English online is a great way to earn money and it is in demand right now. Many countries need English teachers to teach young foreign students in non-English speaking countries such as China, Japan, and some European countries.

All you need to do, if you are one of those thinking of quitting your job soon, is to acquire a certificate of English teaching if this is your forte or interest.

Other services could be in the form of writing resumes, website content, PR writers, even resume writers are popular vacant positions to be filled out. Technical skills, special computer programming, and other IT-related skills will be a great option to shift to another career in operating a service-oriented business.

Meanwhile, selling products or goods could also be another option if you are interested and have the appropriate skills to motivate consumers to buy your products. If you’re a greenhorn in this business, you can enroll in short courses on how to be good and smart in sales which will be your guideposts in offering your products. You must also have full knowledge about your products to be able to respond well and completely when prospective customers ask about the products.

Educating yourself about a business will ensure that you are on the right track to success. Moreover, rejection handling and other negative responses should also be learned to be able to be successful in a business career. There is nothing wrong with challenging yourself for a new adventure in your life. Just think about those people who are now on top in the business industry who were rejected many times in the past before they got to the summit of success.

Whether a great resignation is looming or it is just hype, you have all the right to choose which career path is best for you. Meanwhile, it is also better to have your home office furniture more ergonomically designed such as your work table or desk.

Have one from Flexispot, you will not regret it. Have an ergonomic and adjustable standing desks such as the Esben Standing Desk UD4 which is height adjustable, with a great storage drawer for your office and business supplies.  

It also has a USB port where you can charge your phone and other devices to make it always available for use without disturbing your work at hand. It is also easy to assemble in 3 (three) quick install steps.

Whether the great resignation is a reality or a hype, it is much better to be ready with your options.