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Keeping Your Standing Desk Sturdy and Clean

25 July 2021

Keeping it Clean; Keeping it Running

When you have a standing desk like the Kana Bamboo standing desk, you need to ensure the cleanliness and good maintenance of the product. This is because when you have a well-maintained product, you can save much more of your:

  • Money:

Yes, this is one of the things that you could save when you maintain and clean your standing desk. This is because you may ensure the superb operation of the product when you maintain its cleanliness. A clean product like the desk product could protect it against the gunk or rust which usually takes place when you don't clean, wipe, or check the table. Hence, you must make sure that once you purchase a desk like the standing desk from Flexispot, you would clean and maintain it to save money. 

  • Yourself from The Possible Ergonomic Injuries:

A well-maintained product could run accordingly. So, for example, you buy a Modish standing desk from Flexispot (a standing desk that has a large frame and has a weight capacity of 275lbs) once you ensure the cleanliness of it and the maintenance of the frame, then you may save yourself from any ergo injuries that might take place. Although you can ensure that the steel used in the frame of the standing desk is from Flexispot, it is still nice to maintain the frames of the standing desk efficiently by wiping the steel frame with a clean piece of cloth. 

Indeed, the sit-stand desks from Flexispot are known for durability that is beyond your expectations because you may ensure that once you purchase a standing desk from here, you can have a superb piece of equipment. However, maintaining your tables is a sign that you are a wise spender and you are a well-organized person. Now, in the next part of our discussion, we'll discuss some of the best-selling standup desks from Flexispot and what their materials are. We will also talk about the materials of these standing desks and how you could maintain them properly. So, here are some of the practical ways to maintain and keep your standing desk running well. 

The Dos and Don'ts in Maintaining a Standing Desk

So, let's say you have purchased the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL from Flexispot (It's a standing desk very known for its Self-Lifting System). This standing desk from Flesxispot has parts that are made from high-grade steel and its desktop is certifiably made from real bamboo. Thus, you may ensure superb quality. However, this standing desk should still be maintained. 

You need to ensure that when you clean the steel frame of this standing desk you must not use harsh chemicals that could pose a potential hazard for you. Harmful chemicals could put you at risk of inhalation of chemicals that could be fatal. So, if you want to get rid of the dust, you may do the spot cleaning with a piece of cloth damped with some rubbing alcohol; make sure not to pour all the alcohol throughout the steel frame but gently rub the grease or dirt off the frame. Then, ensure that you would dry off the metal so it will still be shiny. Some people ignore this hence, some steels look old and dusty. This standing desk may have a superb type of steel but as an owner, you must make sure that grease or dust would not get onto it. 

The desktop of this standing desk is made from real bamboo and it doesn't absorb the moist even when water is spilled on the surface. You can simply wipe it off with a piece of cloth. So, you can make sure that this would not be malleable unlike with the other types of wood that once they get wet, they get malleable and their sides are penetrated by insects that eventually build a colony inside the woods. That is the reason some desks or tables get damaged because of this. Like when you use them, you would just notice that some tiny bugs or microorganisms irritate the skin. With the bamboo desktop, you may ensure that you would not get bitten by any insects.  

So, in cleaning the bamboo surface, you can simply use a piece of cloth (use rubbing alcohol but with minimal amount) to rub off the dust, dirt, or moisture from the surface. The rule of thumb is you have to use gentle cleaners on the surface and a minimal amount of cleaners should be used. Avoid harsh chemicals so you would not get exposed to them and be prone to injuries.

There are standing desks from Flexispot that have the glass top like the Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk Glass Top. This is more sensitive compared to the other standing desks. One of the ways to maintain it is to make sure the glass top would be safe from too much pressure or force from the objects that would be put atop it. There are times that when we try to lay some objects on the table, we don't mind if we are putting much pressure on it. So, if you got this standing desk from Flexispot, you must be careful not to break the glass and accidentally cut hands or other parts of the body.

When you clean this standing desk, you may also use multi-purpose cleaners that do not have harsh contents so you would be safe. You can use glass cleaning products but you may also use alcohol because it's milder than that. Avoid throwing some hard objects on the glass surface. At times especially when we are in a rush we tend to be clumsy. So, if you're planning to throw the keys on it, think twice. Instead, gently put it on top of the glass surface so you would be safe from breaking it. 

Final Thoughts

The duration of time that you could use your product will depend on how you fully maintain and clean them. The standing desks from Flexispot have high-grade steel and top-notch desktops yet their superb quality would last for a long time if you would be diligent in keeping them like they are always brand new.