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The Perfect Chair for an Extrinsically Motivated Child

23 July 2021

Making Extrinsically Motivated Kids Engage

This is one of the hardest things to do: making an extrinsically motivated kid engage in daily activity. They are not lazy people because to say that a kid is lazy is not a good way to encourage them and it would just make them feel less confident. In times that they are studying while sitting on a chair, and there are no rewards awaiting, they seem to delay things or they don't find total joy in doing such an activity. This might be the start of them having an improper posture that could harm their health in the long run. This may not have a direct effect or an immediate effect but you would notice that as they grow older. Hence, parents should proactively make their children engage in these activities. In this case, Flexispot can offer the most sought-after ergonomic products that could prevent spine-related injury to children who struggle in engaging in worthwhile activities. 

Choosing the Right Ergo Products from Flexispot

In making our children engage more in meaningful and fruitful activities, having the right ergo products at home could make the difference. This is because at Flexispot, the ergo products are carefully planned, designed, and engineered to ensure absolute ergonomic protection for the spine, neck, and legs. Apart from these, other reasons are choosing Flexispot ergo products is wise: 

  • The ergo products like the chairs from Flexispot are created to follow the shape of the spine using the right ergonomic design. This could ensure that the sitting experience of the child would be comfortable would protect him from the spine fatigue that he could experience when he sits here. 
  • The ergonomic chairs from Flexispot are created with the sturdiest material to ensure the stability of the chair frame. 
  • The ergo chairs such as the fitness chair from Flexispot are created to bear a heavyweight so parents do not need to worry that their child would lose balance when he sits on this chair while having class. 
  • Desk bikes from Flexispot are also ideal to be used as a chair when studying. This could optimize the energy of a kid regardless if he's extrinsically motivated or not. 
  • Flexispot ergo chairs have cushions that are delicately made to ensure that it is insect-proof and would not cause skin irritation to the child compared to typical chairs that some kids use. 
  • Ergo chairs from Flexispot are made with superior comfort around the couch or cushion. Some of its ergo chairs could be controlled such as the desk bike. 
  • Some ergo chairs from Flexispot are made with breathable mesh that enhances the airflow to the back of the person. This could allow the kid to avoid building the body heat at his back that could cause discomfort in the long run. 
  • Ergo chairs from Flexispot are created to protect the lumbar area of the kid compared to other typical chairs. This could make sure that even for long hours of sitting, the kid would not feel discomfort.
  • Ergo chairs from Flexispot have undergone fatigue tests that could ensure that even after multiple usages, the chair would not get deformed and would still be able to be used well by the user. 

So, looking at these advantages of using Flexispot ergo chairs, parents could be able to help their children raise their engagement in all the activities that they do at home and school without waiting for a reward but find joy in doing those tasks instead. Next in our discussion is the list of ergo chairs that parents could choose from. These are ergo chairs that are sought-after in the market and would not break the bank. These could also enhance the blood circulation in the kid's body that could enhance his energy too. The following products are: 

Upholstered Swivel Accent Chair With Wheels Rubi

  • This accent chair from Flexispot is robust and could carry a weight up to 275lbs. Parents could ensure that the child would be safe and would not be injured while sitting on this chair. 
  • Children who lack energy and interest in their homework or project could bring up the joy of studying with this chair because it is comfortable and it has a shape that is contoured well and follows the shape of the spine. Hence, one would not feel tired and numbed even after long hours of sitting on it. 
  • This accent chair has a backrest size of 20.8 in width and 19.6 in dimension. It could make a kid feel comfortable in sitting because the couch could fit his hips and lower torso well when he sits here.
  • This accent chair could be purchased for just 109.99 dollars hence it's economical and the price is very reasonable. 

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

  • This is an ergo chair that serves as a bicycle and a chair in one. This could be used by kids who lose energy because it could let loose the fatigue that one may feel after sitting on a chair for a long time. This could also be controlled by just choosing the level of resistance of this piece of equipment. 
  • It's made with a breathable mesh that would enhance the airflow in the body of the child lessening the sweat that he might feel when sitting on an ordinary chair. 
  • The height-adjustable range of this fitness chair is from 22.4" to 31.5". Hence, this could be used well by children, not just adults. 

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

  • This is an ergo desk bike that could transform downtime into uptime. This is because this desk bike could be used as a chair and as a bike. Hence, the child may enjoy riding this desk bike as he studies his lesson effectively. 
  • This ergo chair has height adjustability from 29.6 inches to 37.2 inches. This could be used both by adults and children. This could alleviate the worries of parents because the product is sturdy and could give the child the chance to balance himself while he's on it. 

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular opinion, cxtrinsically motivated students are not lazy kids; they just have different sources of energy and they find joy in doing things that may be rewarding. Yet, with the proper encouragement and ergonomic products such as the ones from Flexispot, these kids would learn to enjoy doing activities that may give them a sense of fulfillment even without a tangible reward.