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The Ideal Ergonomic Chairs for Children with Special Needs

10 June 2021

The Challenges Faced by Children with Special Needs:

For years, I have been handling different kinds of kids. Individuals with different skills and abilities. Every one of them is special and unique. However, there are some whose capabilities are hampered and limited. These children need extra care and love from parents and their teachers because there are physical limitations that these children experience some of them are even more sensitive than the typical kids. Some of them easily get tired and lose focus when studying. Hence, in that case, they should be using pieces of equipment that are ergonomically designed, and in today's topic, we will be focusing on these pieces of equipment. 

The Gift of Ergonomics for these Children:

The ideal pieces of equipment that could aid these children are the ones that are carefully engineered for those who have physical challenges. For instance, children with ADHD whose fine motor skills are needed to be focused on and continually enhanced because children with this condition tend to have delayed fine motor skills compared to typical kids. Thus, letting them use ergonomic products could help them strengthen and get protected against spine-related injuries. With this, Flexispot has all the sought-after ergonomic chairs in the market that could give the proper and sufficient ergonomic solutions for parents who wish to aid the posture of their children who have special needs. Indeed, Flexispot offers the gift of ergonomics for all children.

In this light, absolute ergonomics could be achieved with the following things present in the Flexispot ergo chairs and accent chairs:

Parents could help their children despite the physical challenges that they encounter if they would patiently let their children practice the proper posture by modeling these to them. They may do it with Flexispot ergo desk bike or accent chair that is made with precision and scientifically created to follow the curves of the spine. Although some children with conditions like ADHD may have weaker bones, this may be overcome through their patience and willingness to help their children start practicing their proper posture. 

  • Flexispot accent chairs are not height-adjustable but their height range may be suitable for children with special needs because they are fit and carefully stitched so the cushion's interaction with the hips would be closer and this would lessen the strain along the lower torso that is possible to be felt by the children. 
  • Meanwhile Flexispot ergo chairs are height adjustable and have a lifting system that is powered by a special gas lifting. This makes the use of the chair smooth and safe. 
  • Flexispot ergo chairs are made of either mesh brackets or leather that give comfort to the person sitting on the chair. In today's article, we'll focus on the mesh chairs that have breathable parts that allow good airflow. 
  • Ergo chairs like the desk bikes have a resistance mechanism that helps parents control the motion of the child's feet and legs without putting much pressure on them compared to the regular chairs that are used in schools and some homes. 
  • These desk bikes too have whisper-quiet operations that make them suitable for homes where other people move and do other stuff. 

So, looking at these key features of Flexispot ergo and accent chairs, parents could be able to have ideas on what kind of chair could be suitable for their children who have special needs. In the next part now, we will focus on the examples of ergo chair and accent chair that is offered by Flexispot. These ergo and accent chairs are: 

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

  • This fitness chair from Flexispot could be used by multiple users especially at home thus one just needs to adjust the resistance level of this machine. Children could also use this while studying regardless if they have well-developed fine motor skills because this ergo chair from Flexispot is considered robust and sturdy.
  • It has a height-adjustable range of 75.2cm-94.2cm. Hence, this could be suitable for children with special needs. 
  • Despite the narrow-looking chair, this fitness chair offers absolute comfort for anyone who would sit on this chair. 

Ergonomic Task Chair 1011

  • For just 149.99 dollars, one could have this ergo chair from Flexispot. This could be very advisable to be used as a chair in the child's room because it could give absolute comfort. After all, this chair is made with an aesthetic backrest that could provide absolute lumbar comfort.
  • It has a superb rocking function too. This means that when it's used, the child would not feel strained and would feel relaxed instead. This is made possible because of the rocking function adjustor. 
  • It also has a height adjustor that parents could easily be moved and controlled. 
  • It also has a seat depth of 17.7" which means it could make the seat experience of the child comfortable and is away from imbalance or injury. 

Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11

  • This is another economical desk chair because, for just 94.99 dollars, one could have an ergonomically designed chair that complements the curves of the hips. 
  • It has a soft padded seat that could provide absolute comfort to the child sitting on this chair. 
  • It has a seating dimension of 18.11"Wx14.37" D and a backrest dimension of 13.9"H. This makes this desk chair suitable for young children. 
  • It is made of PU leather that would give additional comfort to the child without making him sweat while using this chair. 

Scalloped accent chair 1049

  • This accent chair is also a good ergonomic chair because it has a curved cushion that increases its contact to the hips and lessens the spine fatigue that a child may experience when sitting on a typical chair. 
  • This chair stands on a height of 33" so it's not too big for a child and its seating area which is 29"x26" makes it good enough to optimize the sitting experience of the child
  • The backrest area of this chair has the measurement of 16"x29" so sitting here would be greatly comfortable for the child. 

Final Thoughts:

Every child has the right to feel absolute comfort and enjoy learning regardless of the physical challenges or conditions that he has and as parents, we must be able to provide these things for them and help them gear towards success which we may start through enhancing their ergonomics hence accent chairs and ergo chairs from Flexispot were created.