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The Importance of the Motor Lifting Mechanism To Ergo Products

19 October 2021

If you're wondering why many WFH and hybrid office workers prefer FlexiSpot, the answer to that is: it's a brand that gives out the best ergonomic solutions. 

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Looking At Its Effectiveness:

FlexiSpot creates outstanding sit-stand desks, standing desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs. If you look at ergo products such as the Deskcise V9 Pro and Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, you will see how these ergonomic pieces give the solutions to hazards or injuries such as: 

a.Incorrect Posture: If you notice your back is a bit crooked, your shoulders get rounded, and your legs are sore, you might not be making the proper alignment that causes the incorrect posture. It's the thing that makes it difficult for you to have a convenient sitting experience. So, after a prolonged sitting, you might feel a shallow pain from the cervical spine through the disc. Then, you might also experience tightness in your spine. These are signs that you have an improper posture. 

b.Neck Soreness: When you start to experience passive pain or have pain around the neck because of too much craning, it's essential to use the ergonomic pieces because they will protect you against long-term injuries that could give you a crooked posture. 

c.Lumbar Pain: Lumbar pain is another kind of injury around the spine area. You might experience it because of prolonged sitting, so it's wiser to use ergonomic pieces that have an excellent and speedy lifting mechanism to avoid this injury. 

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The Lifting Mechanism and Its Benefits to the Users:

When a piece of equipment or furniture has a lifting mechanism, operations can be smooth and help you avoid musculoskeletal disorders. Studies show that most body pain sources, especially around the upper extremities, come from improper lifting. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that you do improper lifting when you use non-ergonomic tables or desks. Hence, if you notice, there is a chance that you accumulate elbow pain or frozen shoulders when you use the non-ergonomic tables. 

In that case, the desk products from FlexiSpot, such as the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing desks or the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desks, are some of the table products with the brand's incredible lifting mechanism. They have fantastic height adjustability and a weight capacity that can give strength and stability to the users. So, if you're looking for a speedy lifting mechanism, then you can consider these products from FlexiSpot. Moreover, these desk products genuinely have a great motor lifting mechanism. 

The Importance of the Motor Lifting Mechanism:

The Importance of the Motor Lifting Mechanism:

At FlexiSpot, there are single motor and dual motor lifting systems. These are the excellent functionalities of the standing desks from the company, which makes these products unique in the market. 

These mechanisms give a smooth operation on the desk products. Hence, when you click the keypads of these tables, you won't need more than 5 seconds before the transition gets complete. When a table has a smooth transition, it will give you the convenience you need when you are a busy individual who needs to finish a task in no time. 

Moreover, you can protect yourself from neck soreness and pain around the upper extremities with these lifting mechanisms. You don't even need to strain yourself too much because it will be easy to operate on these tables because of the lifting mechanism. 

If you prefer to adjust the height level of the desk, then you can do so because the lifting mechanism can help the frame when you set the height level of the table product. So, there's no room for strains and slouching of the back because of this height adjustability. 

Most of all, the lifting mechanism of the table products can help you carry the weight of the products without making the desktop shake and wobble compared to non-ergonomic desks. So, with these mechanisms, you can feel secure, and you would not get scared that all the objects atop the table would fall off. 

The Importance of the Motor Lifting Mechanism:

The Significance of the Motor Lifting System:

There are two main motors at FlexiSpot. The first one is the single motor. When the frame is a single-engine, it means that the product is lightweight. So, if you're the type of worker who sits and stands most of the time, this table is what you need. Moreover, it only has one motor that operates on the two legs. So, it means that a table has a single engine and has a limited weight capacity. Hence, if you have a lot of office materials, then you must choose the one that is the dual motor. 

On the other hand, the dual-motor lifting mechanism is a sturdier and more expensive version because it involves two motors that support the frame and helps lift the whole structure. So, if you have heavier devices, this motor is what you will need when working. Moreover, the dual-motor gives more opportunities for you to have a spacious table surface because it could handle tables with as much as 275lb-weight capacity. 

Now, if you want to know how these motors look, you may go check them out at the Buyer's Guide Page at FlexiSpot. With these guidelines, you may surely make up your mind as you finish navigating this page. 

The Recommendations:

When choosing the desk products for your needs, you have to consider the nature of your work if you need many workspaces or if a small desktop will do for you. You must also check the kinds of devices you'll be utilizing so you will not regret buying the desk products you'll be purchasing. Moreover, you have to consider your budget. If you prefer to save more money, you are free to buy a single motor; however, if it would not be suitable for the devices you will be using, then the money you're going to spend would not be enough. So, all in all, you need to consider the one that will suit your needs and your money. Only these things can help you have the utmost convenience in using the desk product from FlexiSpot.