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The Jarvis Standing Desks Review: Get a good standing desk

27 January 2023

Getting a good standing desk is essential if you want to keep your energy levels up, improve your posture and increase productivity. The Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk is a great choice for those looking for an adjustable desk that is reliable, hassle-free, and reasonably priced. This standing desk comes in several styles -bamboo, laminate, hardwood, whiteboard, designer ply, and wood veneer- so you can choose the one that best suit your needs. It offers easy assembly, multiple preset heights & a wide range of customizable options to accommodate different user sizes. Whether you need to stand for short tasks or work extended hours with ergonomic features, this Jarvis Standing Desk can help get the job done as it has ample legroom and cable management capabilities. In this Jarvis standing desk review, we'll look at the features to see why customers love the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk and keep coming back for more!

Jarvis Standing Desk Review

The Jarvis Standing Desk is a perfect choice for those looking to make their workspace more ergonomic and comfortable. It is made by Fully, a company specializing in creating healthy and supportive workspaces. The desk is easy to use and designed with thoughtful features to make it comfortable and ergonomic. Its frame has an adjustable height range of 21 inches to 50 inches allowing users to find the perfect height for their needs. Additionally, the desk has a wide variety of sizes available, so you can find one that fits your space perfectly.

The Jarvis Standing Desk is also competitively priced compared to other standing desks on the market. This makes it one of the most popular standing desks on the market due to its sleek design and affordability. Let's proceed to look at the general product features of the Jarvis that makes it a popular option


The Jarvis frame has a steel frame that incorporates additional bracing gussets and a designed foot-to-leg connection that is responsible for its stability. In the Jarvis' lifting column, which is the frame's legs, the desk features telescoping legs to further aid in the stability of the frame. The adjustable frame widths come in two variations: narrow and wide frames. Narrow frames can support desktops from 29.5 to 47 inches, while wide frames can support desktops from 44 to 80 inches. The available frame color options are black, silver, white, and alloy. Additionally, there are limited-edition shades of grove, indigo, and violet. The frame has a C-shaped body, meaning the legs and frame body are offset to the rear.

Adjustable Height Range

The Jarvis Standing Desks are available in three frame configurations. The height adjustment range for the two-stage frame is between 29 inches to 48.3 inches without a desktop and 30.1 inches to 49.3 inches with a desktop. The three-stage frame's height adjustability runs between 24 inches to 50 inches without a desktop and 25.6 inches to 51.1 with a desktop. The 3-stage low frame has an adjustable height range between 21.9 inches to 42.2 inches without a desktop and 23 inches to 43.3 inches with a desktop.

Noise levels

When adjusting the height, the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk is designed to operate with noise levels of less than 50 decibels.

Weight Capacity

The Jarvis Standing Desk from Fully is designed to handle a weight of up to 350 pounds.

Lifting Capacity

A separate motor powers each leg of the Jarvis desk. Dual-motor desks are better suited for workstations with a bulkier design, as an independent motor supports each leg. This enhances the overall stability and usability.

Control Options

The Jarvis Standing desk is offered with either an Up/Down toggle handset or an updated OLED touch programmable handset with a height indicator display. The Up/Down toggle switch takes advantage of natural arm motion for straightforward adjustment: press down to lower the desk and lift to elevate the desk. On the other hand, the OLED touch-programmable handset enhances access to Jarvis's configurable features and capabilities.


The Jarvis standing desk's frame, mechanical parts, motors, and electrical components are protected by a 15-year warranty. The desktop surfaces are covered by a 5-year warranty, except for damage caused by faulty assembly, disassembly, or repair.

Credit: Fully

The variations

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

The Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of style and convenience to their workspace. The desk surface is made of bamboo, which is both durable and attractive. This desk is the ideal height-adjustable desk for both environmentally and aesthetically conscientious users of standing desks. According to Fully, the bamboo was grown without pesticides or fertilizers and was coated with a UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating. It's the most popular model and a favorite among many users.

Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk

The Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk can also hold up to 350 lbs. The desktop has a laminate coating that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and GREENGUARD-certified. The laminate covers a board produced entirely of the recycled wood fiber. The laminate and the board are attached with a GREENGUARD-certified, low-VOC, urea-formaldehyde-free, water-based adhesive. This standing desk is offered in three colors and three sizes.

Other Jarvis Standing Desks

The Jarvis Wood Veneer Standing Desk is an elegantly designed desk that provides the perfect blend of style, practicality, and sustainability. It is crafted from a combination of fast-growing Obeche and Poplar trees, and the techwood material used to cover the desktop is strong, warm, and has a beautiful finish that looks great in any home or office. You can choose from Ash Gray, Natural Oak, or Light Walnut to fit your preferences.

The Jarvis Eco Top Standing Desk was designed with sustainability in mind. Built with a powder-coated MDF (medium-density fiberboard) desktop that is smoother, harder, and more water-resistant than traditional materials, this desk uses locally-sourced fiber from Oregon that consists of at least 92% pre-consumer, recycled, or recovered content. Additionally, the unique texture of the desktop is applied using an application process that eliminates seams entirely – even around the edges – making it easier to keep clean and look great.

The Jarvis Designer Ply Standing Desk is also an excellent way to stay productive while elevating one's workspace to a new level. The Pacific Northwest-made Designer Plywood tops feature an exposed-ply edge. The desk is constructed with a core of cross-laminated Baltic Birch and 30% recycled materials. It is also treated with a high-grade Ecolab-approved finish, ensuring resistance against scratches and easy maintenance. With multiple color finish options available, one can be sure to find an option that fits right into their workspace.

The Jarvis Whiteboard Standing Desk is also designed to stimulate the brain and keep your body active. To achieve the whiteboard finish, the core is a high-density particle board recycled from wood fibers and finished with a high-pressure laminate with vinyl edging. The ultra-smooth whiteboard top is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and Greenguard certified—the perfect place to capture ideas quickly!

With the perfect combination of modern design and sustainability is the Jarvis Hardwood Standing desk. Made from hand-crafted maple, oak, or walnut wood, every desk has its own unique grain pattern. The water-based, all-natural stains give the desk a beautiful finish. Each top is coated with a clear coat of polyurethane for extra durability and water resistance. Truly, it is a perfect way to make your workspace functional and stylish.

The Competitor: FlexiSpot E5 Pro Standing Desk

The Flexispot E5 Pro Standing Desk incorporates a steel structure as well. With its double crossbeam structure, the frame offers users a more stable and comfortable usage. Its legs, which function as lifting columns, are oriented invertedly. The frame's adjustable width spans 43.4 to 66.9 inches and can accommodate desks measuring between 47.2 inches and 80 inches. In terms of frame type, Flexispot offers the T-shape desk frame for your E5 selection. The available frame color options are black, grey, and white.

The FlexiSpot E5 Pro Standing Desk's three-stage frame features a height adjustment range of 24.4 inches to 50 inches. The Flexispot E3 standing desk's lower desk variation of the E5 features a two-stage frame with a height adjustment range between 27.2 inches and 46.5 inches. These desks are height-adjustable, therefore, allowing you to choose the ideal height for your desk. Regarding the noise level during height adjustment, the Flexispot E5 Pro Standing Desk is also designed to operate with noise levels of less than 50 decibels. The Flexispot E5 Pro standing desk can hold up to 220 pounds, and so can the Flexispot E3 standing desk. It is also powered by a dual-motor engine enhancing overall stability and usability.

The E5 Pro standing desk features an advanced keypad panel with a touchscreen display. The keypad can also be configured with four programmable height presets that help you easily achieve your desired heights. There is also a sit-stand reminder that allows you to set a timer from 0-99 minutes and reminds you to transition between sitting and standing at the appropriate intervals. The desk also features an anti-collision mechanism to prevent your desk from colliding with objects.

The E5 Flexispot desk also provides a selection of desktop options ranging from bamboo, solid wood, chipboard, and fiberboard materials. Its complete frame and controller are protected by a 10-year warranty, while the desktop is covered by a warranty of between 2 and 5 years, depending on the material of the desktop.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Jarvis Standing Desks are an excellent selection for anyone looking to upgrade their workspace. With their adjustable height, sturdy construction, and stylish design, they are sure to make any workspace more comfortable and productive. Additionally, with their range of materials and finishes available, you are sure to find a desk that fits their style and needs.