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The Keys to Real Happiness

08 June 2021

You woke up hurriedly but still feeling tired and weak. Your thoughts were still on the movie you watched last night. You feel your life is a routine and your world does not move and your life is not improving the way you want it to be.

This sometimes happens to us that our thoughts are preoccupied with something else rather than the more important ones. We are sometimes deceived by social media that this is the reality and it is also our own. We are sometimes hooked on stories, experiences of other people that may not be relevant to us.

It is usually my experience to be deeply concerned about others and that what is happening in the social media is what is also happening to me which is not really true. When you watch TV and you see the horrible news about crimes, natural disasters, and pocket wars in some parts of the world, you will think that going outside your home is not safe anymore. Then it creates panic and stress in us. 

Sometimes I think it is better to focus on our own priorities and stay away from social media so we could concentrate more on our personal business to finish it. I realized that the more I turn to social media, the more I veer away from my responsibilities which should be my priorities.

So, I reviewed my notes from my old notebook and I want to share them with you for some reminders. I hope they will be of help to you.

  • The map is not the territory -  this was taken from my Communication notes way back in college. I wrote it down to remind me that what people say sometimes is not the thing they feel or think. When we are angry, we tend to say awful words to others which eventually we feel sorry for doing so. It also means that the map as we see it is not the actual reality that is happening. So, it is better to be always on guard and think first about what to say when we are in our emotional outburst or angry.

  • Facts first before opinion - I noted this statement down to remind myself that we must not be opinionated on situations or people around us. But rather we must try to get the facts first or research them before we make our own opinion. I observed when I see comments on social media that are contrary to my belief, I am usually quick in making a negative response. It also happens to other people that this creates disagreements and hostilities. It is better to know if the statement is true or not. Then make our own thoughts about It. Doing so will reduce tension, rebuttals, and assertions that are not really true. If our statement is based on facts, people will then stop ranting, complaining, etc. because facts were given already that could change the way they think about the issue.

  • Be practical - as far as I can remember, I noted this down when my friend told she wanted to be a singer. Well, there is nothing wrong with becoming a singer. However, we have to realize that if we do not have that good voice even after undergoing voice lessons, we might as well change our career goal. There must another skill that we can enhance in us and we are much interested in to focus on rather than something that we cannot be 

  • Humility is the key - this is noted when I was reading a book about how to think effectively. Humility here is about what we think or our ideas may be wrong. When we always think that our ideas are always right, we might fall into a bottomless pit rather than be successful in our plans. So, when we plan, we have to think also about its pitfalls. As such, there will be two sides to the coin.

  • People need a sense of belonging - try to understand that no man is an island. So you’d better check on your parents or grandparents who live alone. Try to make time to visit them and make them happy. If you feel you’re alone, try to join groups that have the same interest as yours so you benefit from the group personally and socially.  

There may be projects that are worthwhile and you can participate in it. Doing so would make you feel an important part of the group and there is a sense of self-fulfillment when you do some good things to others.

Aside from these, it is also beneficial to do some workouts as physical activities to be physically fit. Aside from this physical exercise also reduces tension and stress from daily experiences in work and in personal life. You may go to the gym for the much-needed workout, or you may opt to buy yourself a machine that is handy and compact for you to do your workout at home or even in the office.

At FlexiSpot, there are several choices that you could make for your ideal fitness machine. One that is highly recommended is the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1.  This has awesome features that may not be present in other brands.

Try to think about these features:

  • The Waver makes a full-body vibration that stimulates the muscles causing extra muscle contraction and increased activation at all stages of your workout. It also boosts metabolism and improves circulation to burn unwanted fat. It also increases bone density and suppresses joint stress levels.

  • You can maximize your workout with a wide range of speed settings from 1 to 99. In addition to the yoga straps, the LOOP BANDS makes a perfect at-home gym cardio bundle to strengthen the upper and lower body

With these features, I am confident that you will have one for yourself for that regular workout you need to make yourself physically fit. With a sound mind and healthy body, you can achieve your dreams and goals for the future and that can make you happy.