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The Magic of Printed Words

04 August 2021

Today, writing skill is a necessary tool especially when you are doing business online. It is not enough that you have your technical know-how and the products that you will present to your online consumers that are important.  

The fine and convincing words can do much to make you succeed in the business. These days, consumers are hard to persuade to buy something because they do not only consider the company, the product quality, and make. They also consider other onliners' and consumers’ comments and advice on the product or services that they wish to buy or patronize.

When you try to see advertisements or classified ads in the newspaper or even on the Internet, you may find that writers are in demand these days because they are needed to write advertising copies that are compelling and engaging, and eventually generate sales for the companies or even individual online sellers. 

Online selling is the fad these days.

Huge companies, small business owners, and individual online sellers take this opportunity in the middle of the pandemic, to sell their products and services online.

The proliferation and prevalence of online selling or marketing have been making their way up as a successful business venture that most business owners find more lucrative to offer their products and services online than to stick to the traditional way. That is, selling from a physical store. As such, online marketing is booming and everyone has the chance to make it big in online business.

My nephew, who has been in the business industry, started to make another small business selling local products from his hometown. He joined an online marketing company that became most popular since the onset of the pandemic. 

At the start, only a few customers were sending messages and asking about his products. But after several months, he had to hire another worker to help him with buying products, packaging them, and transporting them to the drop-off location for pick up and delivery.

After a year, he developed his own website (he is a computer programmer). So, he was able to build his own website to introduce his products. Although he has the technical know-how, it seems that the website is not visited consistently so he wanted to find out why. 

He made changes on the website including the layout and color scheme to attract visitors and little by little more onliners frequented the website. He did some research to find out what strategy to use to create traffic and attract more consumers to visit his website.

woman thinking what to write

One of the things he found out that he thought was also important and relevant is to describe the products and services with engaging and convincing words to make them more attractive to consumers to buy.

He also found out that consumers now have more discriminating tastes and are smart buyers.  

They are not easily convinced but rather consider other things when purchasing a product. For example, if the product is urgently needed, the quality of the product, and the cost. Most consumers also consider other comments about the product and if the products gain more positive comments and likes, then most likely, they will sell and consumers will eventually buy them.

In writing about the product, or preparing what they call advertising copy, which is usually done by a copywriter, there are a few things that you have to consider to make your printed words work like magic in your online marketing adventure. Some of the are the following:

  • Try to find out your niche or your focus of interest. What product would you like to see or service that you want to offer that you find also interesting and relevant to your skill?

For example, if you want to sell computer parts or computer services, you have to have computer skills also to be able to respond accurately to consumers’ questions about your products or services offered

  • Identify your target audience. Your products and services should focus on a specific audience or buyers. For example, if you are selling women’s clothes, your target audience specifically is women. And you also need to consider if these days women are buying more clothes as most of us usually stay at home. You can find out about it by reading more comments and doing research about female consumers this time.
  • The contents of your advertising copy must also cater to your target consumers, their interests, attitudes towards buying, and what kind of product they want to buy. You must also become a wordsmith to be able to convince your consumers to buy the products. 

 You always have to write sentences that are positive and will not offend in any way your target audience and consumers. Do some research on appropriate vocabulary words to make your copy an engaging and compelling one.

  • As Rudolf Flesch says. “Write as you talk.” This means that you use plain language and words that everyone can understand even at a high school level. You also have to write sentences just like how you talk to a friend. You have to write the way you talk. Story-telling can also be fun and engaging for your audience. Once done, the magic begins with customers’ influx visiting your website and online store.

modish standing desk

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