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The Minimalism Phenomenon

17 June 2021

A simple lifestyle is what people long for these days. It means cutting off too many extracurricular activities, luxury in terms of possession, and extravagance. In fact, there are people today that are changing their lifestyles, reducing their partying, hoarding of goods especially when they are on sale such as bags, shoes, ornamental products, and those offered at very low prices.

Although women are sometimes guilty of hoarding and buying during the sale of things that are not important at the moment, men also do it because it is really attractive and sometimes addictive to buy things at very low prices and they call it a steal.

When I had a conversation with my Japanese friend, she said that in Japan, they also practice minimalism at home having only pieces of furniture for usual use and doing away with so many things at home that sometimes it causes her some headaches. She said that even pictures taken are not being saved anymore. In other words, Japanese people practice minimalism literally.

We can also observe that the minimalist lifestyle is being proliferated with different kinds of organizers for home and office use. For example, organizers for the kitchen, bathroom, and workstations are being advertised inadvertently as a form of minimalism

Minimalism I think is a good practice because it is economical that you do not spend much on things that are trivial compared to the past. That you sometimes hoard to be able to get the things which are already extras are not a necessity at the moment.

I agree with this practice not only it is economical but also it does not make your house look crowded and cramped. It takes more space that sometimes it is already unmanageable. Is it not better to have more spaces at home or in the office so that you have more room for moving around or having spaces that are more pleasing to look at?

In my case, I practiced minimalism many years ago by disposing of some of my old clothes that were occupying most of the spaces in my cabinet. So, I checked on them and just kept some t-shirts for everyday use and some of the kitchen wares which were not even used that I bought years ago. That was on sale because it was nearing Christmas.

So now I am happier with my simple possessions. My house looks wide and spacious when I dispose of pieces of furniture that were not really necessary to keep as we are just two people living in the house. We seldom have visitors that sleepover so we do not really need extra pieces of furniture.

I donated old clothes and other things to a charitable organization that sells all donations so they could raise some money for charitable projects such as feeding the poor, buying books and tablets for students who cannot afford to buy their own. 

Doing this gesture made me feel happy and fulfilled as a human being. You know we do not live for ourselves alone, we also live to help others who are needy and unfortunate, especially those who are physically challenged who cannot work anymore to earn a living.

I also donated many of my books so that they could be used by students and some of them I donated directly to different schools and I was happy because the school officials were very appreciative and grateful for the book donation.

Now I do not buy more clothes anymore because I am working from home and there is no need to buy new ones when I seldom go out to buy some essential needs. So, I spend less money and I can save more these days. And besides, the pandemic is still around us so we have to stay at home more than spending time outdoors.

So there’s a lot of benefits that you could reap from being a minimalist. Although some people have different personalities and attitudes, they oppose this kind of lifestyle. Well, we have different ideas about things and we just let them live as they wish.  

In the office, we can practice minimalism and tidiness, especially in our workstations. Our workstations are usually full of paper, multiple files, office supplies that we feel stressed out seeing a mountain of documents and files on our desks. This situation as found in some studies creates stress among employees. In this case, we have to do something before stress gets the better of us.

In my case, I really had a lot of files on my desk because I was a life insurance processor in my former company. In other words, you could really expect papers and documents piled up in front of me every morning which I sometimes dislike and abhor. I really felt stressed out with paper all around me. I really could not work when my desk was cluttered and untidy. 

So the first order of the day was to clean my desk and to sort out documents that were for file and for processing. The good thing was that I had my own file cabinet to place important documents and files so it reduces clutter on my desk.

In one of the research studies done, having a messy desk promotes stress and anxiety among employees at work. So, it is necessary to clean it and make it neat and tidy as well.

One of those accessories that are good for arranging and filing documents is the Mesh Desk Organizer DO01 from FlexiSpot.  With this organizer on your desk, you can place all pertinent documents complete for processing arranged neatly and alphabetically. As such, you have more space on the desk surface so you could move freely and work efficiently.

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