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The New FlexiSpot Ergonomic Office Chair Pro Has Just Hit the Market

22 June 2022

FlexiSpot has been revolutionizing the way people enjoy the way they work with ergonomic desks and chairs. They have spent years with design teams and scientists to find the best way to provide an amazing ergonomic desk and chair that is not only comfortable but will affect your health for the better.

The newest addition to the best of FlexiSpot’s high-quality ergonomic chairs is the Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14). This is the ultimate desk chair for long working hours. The price for this particular chair is $629.99 USD. This product will get you to stop thinking about seats and think more about how you’re sitting. After getting out of the thinking limit of how to design a seat, FlexiSpot has redefined the seat structure. This chair is a golden balance of visual aesthetics and ergonomics. Featuring a bionic-engineered, ergonomic design. This ergonomic office desk chair is all about comfort and flexibility.

Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14)

The frame is transferred to the center of the interior, just like the human spine itself. The hidden inner frame design completely subverts the exposed form of the traditional seat frame. The YOGO seat can provide any of its owners with dynamic support and strong back support. This is especially suitable for people who are already suffering from lumbar discomfort. The seat adjustment design can meet the work needs of various users in all types of office environments.

The back floating support with this ergonomic office chair can automatically adjust the force angle and support strength according to the weight/height of the user. This is so that the seat can be truly integrated with the human body for optimal sitting while you work. The back frame features a combination of soft and hard plastic. The outer frame is made of hard plastic as the frame, and the inner back PU soft plastic is close to the user’s back. It also can automatically adjust the back strength for the users according to their body weight.

Another great feature of this ergonomic desk chair is the mesh fabric. The mesh fabric has great elasticity and breathability. When leaning back in the chair, it fits the backrest well and provides lasting support for your back. It is a great way to make you feel better and feel comfortable. It also has a waterfall-type full mesh frame design that is also highly breathable and comfortable, not tired after sitting for a long time. It is clean, cool, and feels great in the summertime. This can effectively alleviate the problems caused by prolonged sitting, back discomfort, and even discomfort with sitting in general.

Ergonomic Office Desk Chair Pro

The mesh cloth on the surface of this chair is comfortably smooth. The cushion has a strong sense of wrapping around you while you sit on it, as well as adapting to any posture. You don’t have to worry about sitting on the mesh cloth for a long time or it is deforming the chair. It is completely durable for a long-lasting product. It has a truly well-engineered arched design of the seat surface, front sponge, and paid leggings. According to the bridge design principle, the arch has a stronger than normal stability, full mesh support, and front lower arc curve that fits you well while you sit.

The front foam pad is embedded in the seat cushion to disperse the pressure you will feel on your legs. This is particularly why it stands out among most ergonomic desk chairs currently out there today. This also features a 45-degree backrest tilt, the Ergonomic Office Desk Chair Pro lets you recline in comfort as you relax in your chair to rest or unwind.

Plus, the soft-touch cushioned armrests take comfort to the next level. It also doubles as a gaming chair to take your gaming session to the next level—double the fun and comfort with the high adjustability and customization options. While all these might seem too good to be true, this ergonomic desk chair has much more to offer. The chair features noiseless 360-degree casters that make it easier to move your chair from one place to another and will also protect your carpets and floors.

Ergonomic Office Desk Chair Pro

Finally, the ergonomic desk chair for your office or workspace is highly cost-effective. In fact, it is the best of the best ergonomic chairs in its price range. Be sure to get your FlexiSpot ergonomic desk chair delivered to your doorstep today. FlexiSpot offers free delivery all over the country for its products. They also have amazing customer support that is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this ergonomic chair and other great products available. Visit FlexiSpot today right here.