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The Nightmare Experienced by Gout Patients

08 June 2021

When you have gout, a simple stride means nightmare. At times, you cannot take a step and every step would give you severe pain that reaches the chest. Carrying a weight when gout worsens is impossible because the pain is excruciating. What's worse about this is it does not just stay in one area. There are moments that in the morning the pain is felt on the ankles then by afternoon it would be painful around the knees that you could not even flex the kneecaps; it is even accompanied by swollen and red knees that you would think like you were mauled by gangsters at the alleyway then at night the pain would crawl up to the elbows and chest. This happens in a day at times depending on the severity of your case. That's how difficult it is to have gout. It is manageable with anti-inflammatory medications but it would be harmful to the liver if one would be dependent on it. 

How Could One Manage it Without Depending on Medicine

The pain caused by gout is unbearable but in some ways, one could be able to endure it without putting himself at too much risk. The ways are:

  • Applying either a hot compress or cold compress to it

To relieve the severe pain caused by gout, switching between the cold compress and hot compress for 30 seconds would reduce the swelling and pain.

  • Trying natural alternatives

This is a more practical way to relieve the pain brought by the swelling of joints during a gout attack. Some people try using ginger and beets to lessen the swelling. This remedy is done to reduce the pain yet it should still be consulted with the physician if you do not want to depend much on pain killers. 

  • Nipping things in the bud

Preventing pain and swelling is the most effective way to avoid gout. Avoiding food items that could cause a higher uric acid is one of the main preventive measures. Another way is to make sure that our muscles and bones are aligned well and our posture would be practiced efficiently. This is because poor posture could cause poor blood circulation and once we have improper blood circulation, the coordination in our body system would be affected. This may also cause a person to gain weight that could trigger friction in the bones and joints that may lead to gout. Hence, choosing equipment that could give ergonomic solutions like the ones offered at Flexispot. Some of these premium quality products are ergonomic chairs that could give a person maximum comfort because of the advanced technology used in creating these products. 

In the next part of this discussion, we will know why one should choose Flexispot Ergonomic chairs and what the qualities of these ergo chairs are.

5 Reasons to Choose the Ergo Chairs From Flexispot

The ergonomic chairs from Flexispot can surely provide users with absolute comfort at a great price. Usually ranging from $349.99-99.00, these products won't break the bank and could be on flexible payment terms (Just check the website for reference) 

These ergonomic office chairs consist of an incredible lifting system that assists the user in utilizing these pieces of equipment with ease and from less to zero-arm strain. 

Flexispot's ergo chairs were created with sufficient lumbar support that could aid a person with gout especially when the pain strikes hard as the lumbar support could make the person relax his spine and lessen the tension that is accumulated around the waist when a person experiences gout. 

The ergo chairs from the flex spot could be in the form of a mesh chair or a leather chair. Each of these forms has unique features that promote ergonomics and stabilize blood circulation, especially during resting modes. 

These ergo chairs too offer a rocking function that could make the sitting experience of anyone wonderful and excellent. 

So, if you're thinking of the best ergo chairs in the market, these reasons would make you choose Flexispot because they would save you money and could help you maintain proper posture and alleviate the pain especially when you have conditions such as gout. 

Moving on now, let us help you decide more on Flexispot Ergo chairs. The next part would be informative and helpful because these are the specs and product descriptions that would give you options. In the last part, you would be able to choose which of the following ergo chairs would best suit your needs.

These ergo chairs are:

So, let us start now with the first ergonomic chair from Flexispot which is the:

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

  • This ergo chair is using the gas spring for its lifting mechanism. This makes it easier to be used and it would create from less to zero-hand and forearm strain compared to ordinary office desks. 
  • Its seat height is 17.72" x 21.65"; this makes it easier for a person with body pain or gout to sit comfortably on this especially on days that the pain reaches the hips or lumbar. 
  • This ergo chair has passive lumbar support that makes the sitting experience more comfortable so when a person with gout sits on it, the pain he experiences may be lessened. 
  • When gout worsens and reaches the shoulder area it limits the motion even the simple leaning or turning the neck and head sideways hence this kind of chair is recommendable because it has a backrest that could help you support your neck. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

  • This is another ideal ergo chair for someone who experiences gout or any kinds of body pain because it has a double-padded seat cushion that supports the curves, hip bones, and knees (the knees are the ones severely affected by gout) hence using this could alleviate or lessen the pain.
  • It has a heavy-duty metal base that could support the weight of someone who has gout. When you have this condition, you might feel that your weight doubles because of the soreness in the joints hence using this is safer than the ordinary swivel chairs. 

Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair OC8N/OC8B

  • This ergo chair is built with enhanced ergonomics especially with the backrest and headrest that could maximize the comfort that one with gout may feel. 
  • Its seat dimension (19.68"x19.68") is wide enough to support the hip bones, the buttocks, and the lumbar. 
  • It could carry a weight of up to 300lbs so it's a sturdy piece of equipment. 

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 5405

  • This ergo chair is also another convenient piece of equipment because of its seating area that is 20.08"W x 18.31"D x 16.34-20.08"H. This means that sitting on this is comfortable and would still give you allowance when you are on the chair. 
  • This ergo chair also has the armrest support that could help you maintain good blood circulation on the shoulders, forearms, and hands. 
  • It has ergonomic back support that could assist anyone who experiences gout or even other spine-related pain.

Final Thoughts

Gout is a condition that is unbearable for most people. This could be worsened if the work environment and equipment in the office could not give enough ergonomic support hence choosing the proper products to help a person without gout lessen the pain would be recommendable. Thus, choosing Flexispot for that need is a wise thing to do.