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The Other Side of a Gaming Chair

09 June 2021

Men and women in the world are into esports. Since we are usually at home, gaming online is now a part of our lifestyle. It is reported that almost 286 million esports enthusiasts are expected around the world. And the gaming population consists of adults and young gamers.

The increase of the number of gamers may be attributed to the fact that during the pandemic which we still experience right now, everyone stays at home most of the time. Even freelancers and work-from-home workers stay at home every day to observe health protocols and to avoid spread of the virus. As such, what could be the best way to kill time is to engage in online gaming or esports. 

What are these so-called esports?

They are described as a form of game competition using video games.They are an organized multiplayer video game competition among professional, individual, or team players. 

There are various reasons that gamers share why they are engaged in this kind of game. One of the basic reasons is that it is for entertainment. Many of us are confined to our homes and sometimes we feel bored even with watching movies. Gaming entertains us in a different way because it is not only looking at the screen and reacting to what is happening in the movie. Gaming gives a certain kind of exciting feeling especially when you are winning in the game. So we focus more on the game that gives us fun and excitement as well.

Another reason is that we could forge good relationships with others with our game teams even with our opponents. It is possible to make friends with everybody involved in the game. Instead of having only our family members around us, virtually, we can meet other people through video games.

One good reason also is that gamers also could win huge amounts of money because the prize in international competition involves a whopping amount of money usually in dollars. With the international competition, gamers do their best to be able to win the local competition and eventually be able to join an international tournament held in other countries.

For these reasons, thousands of gamers around the world are still hooked on playing video games hoping that someday they will be able to be in the next level being professional gamer at that and luckily be one of the participants for an international E-sports competition 

On the other hand, gaming could put you in a sitting position for far too long.

That is, you play games for hours that you are not anymore aware of your surroundings and eventually, you feel pain in your lower back, pain in the neck, and numbness of your fingers. In this case, it is a must that you should have a dedicated and genuine gaming chair so that you will not suffer such pains while you are at the peak of an exciting game/ There are a lot of gaming chairs that you could find and purchase depending on your needs.

However, the best gaming chair is one that supports your body all throughout the game such that you won’t feel any pains at any part of your body. Also, gaming chairs should be multipurpose such that it could also be used for various activities such as working, resting, and for simply watching your favorite movies.

At FlexiSpot, there is this versatile and ergonomic gaming chair that is perfect to suit your every need. This is the E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Pillows 8521 that has the best features for a gaming chair and for other purposes. It’s got features that will blow your mind away such as: 

● Offers comfortable sitting even for long hours with its ergonomic design, large size, and thick soft seat cushion and armrests

● It has a retractable padded footrest

● Its super high backrest gently hugs your body while aligning and supporting your spine and neck

● It has an extra headrest pad and innovative large-size lumbar cushion which effectively relieves your fatigue

● It is highly customizable and adjustable to suit your need for a cozy and relaxing gaming experience sans any discomfort, stiffness, and pain.

● It is sturdy and multi-functional

● Options to change different reclining positions

● It has a 90-155 degree adjustable backrest, Seat-height and armrest adjustable, 360° swivel round base, tilt lock function, retractable footrest, removable headrest pillow, and lumbar cushion

● It has a heavy-duty base and nylon smooth-rolling casters for great stability and mobility.

The great features of this gaming chair will surely inspire any gamer to venture to the next level of gaming competition. With its multifunctional property, it could also be used not only as a gaming chair but also as a workstation to finish your workload. The other side of the gaming chair is that it could be used by everyone in the family, even your grandparents could use it to take a rest and recline for a much-needed pleasurable sitting moment.

For gamers, this chair will surely promote victory and promotion to the next level of exciting gaming. After every game, you can always change the ergonomic backrest for you to be able to take some rest and naps as you adjust your reclining position. 

The padded footrest will enable you to have that complete body respite from an intense and challenging gaming. What more can you ask for? This is an impeccable gaming chair for you and for the rest of your family.

For other ergonomic products at Flexispot, why not visit the website today so you see and know the product description, photos, and other details that you would want to know about each of them. As you know, FlexiSpot is one leading manufacturing company that is trusted by millions all over the world. The products are superbly durable and multi-functional. 

When you change your career as a gamer, the gaming chair will still be versatile enough to make your sitting experience as a career shifter as cozy as ever.