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The Perfect Equipment Upgrade for the Office Comeback

03 June 2021

Everyone must surely be missing the office. A lot of workers across the globe miss the usual office life-stressful in some ways but do complete a worker's life. At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone's schedule and plans made a 360-degree turn. Workspaces were narrowed, the office felt changed, and everyone needed to adapt to a new work setting where workers would log in to Zoom and hold the meeting there. It's totally fine and dandy to have this kind of WFH setting however, when you are the kind of person who loves the outdoors and driving to work for an hour and misses his colleagues, then the office setting is probably the best option. The good news is, more and more people are having office comebacks these days as vaccines for Covid-19 have already been developed. Hence, in that case, let us discuss today the following things about working in the office such as: 

● Reasons for working in the office are better than working from home. 

● Ways to make the office comeback an exciting one.

● The perfect equipment to choose from for the office comeback. 

With these, let us start the discussion now:

I.Working in the Office is Better than Working from Home:

They say being a WFH worker is something relaxing because you don't have to wake up earlier than your usual waking time. You just have to prepare 15 minutes before your meeting or the beginning of your shift. Preparation should not be as big as it is when you work in the office; just a piece of corporate attire on top paired with shorts and jogging pants. Nothing so fancy (Except for companies that strictly require their employees to wear corporate attires even on ordinary days). This is indeed relaxing and the pressure becomes less, however, there are far more advantages when you work in the office such as: 

● Working in the office gives a different kind of satisfaction at work: they say working in an office is something stressful because of the possible pressure that one worker feels but at the end of the day, you would still long for some actions. Being in the office gives you the satisfaction and the feeling of being accomplished because you know someone monitors you. This may be funny but the satisfying feeling of wearing corporate attire is also one of those reasons working in the office is cool. 

● Working in the office gives you the chance to concentrate at work: have you experienced hearing excessive noise from the neighbor or pets that love to interrupt you in the middle of a meeting or brainstorming? That's what most WFH people experienced during the height of the pandemic. Our pets are living creatures but when they start barking or scratching your table that causes noise, it becomes annoying especially if you are talking to an important client. Hence, working in the office could be more satisfying and could make you concentrate on your work. 

● Working in the office gives you a sense of fulfillment: when working in the office, you might feel the pressure but at the same time it could give you the drive to excel and be the better version of yourself-from the clothes you wear to the project you achieve at work. The teamwork that is best done in the office is the one that you will long for in the office setting. Yes, when working at home you may feel independence but the drive to excel is lesser when you are alone in the room making your project. 

As they say, office life is different. Probably that is because, people by nature, are social animals. We could not survive being alone and we could not survive without the assistance of others. Hence, working in an office setting is more fulfilling although it gets stressful beyond comprehension at times at the end of the day, you'd still choose to outwit and surpass that stress and strive hard to become better. 

Now, in the next part of the discussion, we will talk about how to make your office comeback an exciting one. We surely miss the old cubicle you share with your crush or the pantry you love staying in when you like to take a coffee break hence let us discuss how to make it more exciting: 

II.Make the Office Comeback an Exciting One:

When we hear of an exciting office comeback, we often think of having a lunch meeting at Starbucks or eating Wagyu beef but that's just a fraction of the ways to make it an exciting comeback. Aside from seeing your colleagues working with you in the office again, it's also nice to make it exciting by doing the following things: 

● Make sure to proactively prepare your office needs: When you do the office comeback, you need to make sure that all the things that you need, especially the report you have made for the week or the PowerPoint presentation that was tasked to you the other night must already be done on time. This would lessen the stress that you might experience in the office when you come back.

● Organize your cubicle and declutter it before you start using it again: Using the right pieces of equipment that were made using the ergonomic system, you may organize your cubicle. Try to use pieces of equipment such as the Mesh Desk Organizer from Flexispot. Through this, it would make you organize your workspace well and make you feel relaxed as you work on your first day of the office comeback. 

● Follow the schedule you have and was given to you before the office comeback: This may ensure a smooth-sailing operation in the office. Try to ensure a clear schedule and follow them accordingly. By doing so, you may help the team enjoy working efficiently and concentrate more on the task that needs to be done in the office. 

So now, after talking about the ways to make the office come back exciting, let us move on with the last part of the discussion. This time, let us talk about the pieces of equipment that we may use during our transition from WFH individuals to office workers. Choosing the right equipment would be ideal too because your office comeback would be smooth-sailing and worthwhile: 

III. The perfect equipment to choose from for the office comeback.

When working in the office, it is still okay to look for an ambiance that would make you feel relaxed and would not make you feel stressed. Doing this with the right piece of equipment could add up the relaxing feeling at the office. If you are looking for an ergonomic solution, try to choose the ergo chairs or desk bikes from Flexispot.

With this, you would be able to survive the day in the office with enjoyment without putting much pressure on your lumbar, neck, and spine because these pieces of equipment from Flexispot were made to ensure your health and wellness.