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18 May 2021

After more than a year of living with the covid-19 pandemic, some of the companies are now hiring applicants to work onsite and not from home anymore. It was reported that 70% of the employers want their employees to get back to work as vaccines are now available and some of them may already have been vaccinated. Other employers are preparing those vaccines that may be available for the returning employees and the new hires.

On the part of the employees, it may be a big challenge for them. There will be changes in their routine they already used to do while working at home. Others may feel still unprepared to go back and commute every day to the office and other adjustments that they will encounter once they receive memos or return to a work order. 

There is also the fear of getting sick because everybody will come and social distancing may not be observed. It is not only the covid –19 that they fear but also other ailments that could be contracted from the office environment itself.

Some ailments could be possible contracted inside the office building such as:

● Foodborne diseases - these are diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and molds that thrive on food. These diseases are commonly called food poisoning or “stomach flu

● Cancer that is contracted in the workplace such as lung cancer

● Skin ailments - that is exposure to chemicals 

● Musculoskeletal disorders – these affect the different parts of the body such as the neck, back, shoulders, upper and lower limbs also include the injury of the joints and other tissues.

Aside from these ailments, a website (European agency for safety and health at work) also in the article cited the different risk factors that contribute to employee ailments such as:

● Excessive sitting or standing

● Poor lighting and ventilation

● Fast-paced work situations

● Poor postures

Organizational and psychosocial risk factors were also listed in the same article that affects employee health and wellness namely:

● Job satisfaction is low

● Long hours of work or shifts

● Harassment, bullying, or discrimination at work

● Technology-related issues that affect the employee’s speed to finish work

With these given risk factors in the work environment, employees are sometimes hesitant to report to work thinking about these things. However, with the pandemic still going on, and with businesses closing shop, workers have no option but to continue working in the office for economic reasons. It's a “take it or leave it” situation and with financial issues coming our way, we don’t have much choice these days but to work notwithstanding the risks around us.

Employers of huge companies are also taking responsibility for the well-being of their employees because it will cost them a huge amount of money when employees get sick, take leave of absences, or are hospitalized. As such, they try to address these health problems that are commonly encountered by their employees in the workplace.

In the company where I worked in the past, there are health care benefits that they offer to those with regular appointments. Regularized employees are given the HMO card that will be used for hospitalization, medical and dental check-ups among others. Also, employees are given the privilege to extend their benefits to an entitled family member upon eligibility to certain rules of the health care benefits.

For many employees, it is a good privilege as medical care is costly these days. But for some, they think it is better not to be sick sans the health card. Health is better than wealth. It is much better to prevent diseases than to be sorry later on. Anyway, whatever the opinion is, employees of big companies still enjoy this health care privilege as long as they are still working and productive in their work.

The physical risk factor that is commonly found among employees is a pain in the neck and back. Even companies that tried to research the different health issues among employees, admit that body pains are usually the reason for employee absences and leaves. It was also reported when common pains become chronic that would possibly lead to disability.

For this reason, employers usually address these issues by changing the workplace such as the layout, design, and making office furniture ergonomically designed to reduce if not eliminate health-related issues in the office.

I think one of the best solutions is to place ergonomically designed office chairs that will satisfy an employee’s need to have poor posture while working without suffering pains in the neck or back or other parts of the body. In doing so, the worker will be more comfortable working also promoting job satisfaction and productivity.

One of the best ergonomic home and office furniture manufacturing companies is FlexiSpot. It has a wide range of home and office furniture that are creatively designed along with durability that promotes productivity and wellness among employees and non-workers as well. 

The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is one great chair that offers comfort and lumbar support for the body. It has other fantastic features that are incompatible with other chairs in the market.

Aside from giving comfort and coziness to the user, this chair has been designed with durability and materials suited for efficient and productive working situations. With its 3D lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests, this ergonomic chair will give you the ultimate seating experience behind your desk.

With the 3 (three) height adjustment levels and a gentle rebound system, the backrest is curved ergonomically to conform with the neck and spine for maximum headrest and lumbar support. The 45° backrest tilt allows the user to recline and rest during long breaks. And even the seat is adjustable to harmonize with the user’s body shape.

Those are just some of the fantastic features of this ergonomic chair that is impeccable and superb for workers like you. Why not visit the Flexispot website right now. You will find more exciting products that will suit your discriminating taste. It is just a click away.