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The Perfect Scented Candle for a Standing Desk

29 April 2021

These are the scents that make a room filled with sensation and aroma. These scents make you feel relaxed after a long busy day of working at the computer. Just a little Moon River on the phonograph, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and a spark of your scented candle would lighten up the mood of anyone who faces the everyday challenges of reaching goals. However, how could we make the best choice for the scented candle and the standing desk? With that, we’re going to discuss the:

a.ideal scents for your candles benefits of some fragrance notes 

c.the different types of standing desks from Flexispot 


In modern times that a lot of people are challenged in all their activities-from work to the important household chores, finding a safe spot where one could transmute his anxiety and worries would be the best option. Yet, which of those tools would make one detox naturally and regain energy? Let’s find out with the scented candles and the various types of them: 

I.Ideal Scents for your Candles:

In an article written, It was explained there the different kinds of perfume scent. It was called 

The Fragrance Wheel wherein 4 categories of fragrances were indicated. Each category had an individual scent. The following categories are:


This is composed of water, green notes, and citrus. These fragrances will give you zesty, tangy, and vibrant feelings. This type of scent is suitable for the outgoing and active workers who mostly find challenges a child’s play for them. This one also suits a person who is into sports or workouts. Another prominent note of this category is the fresh green fragrances. Examples are lavender, rosemary, and basil. The kind of scent that you’d like to smell near the kitchen or where you do your yoga. 


This will remind you of the roses, lilies, peonies, and jasmine. The sweetness of this fragrance would channel the lady boss in you. This is something you’d like to wear as you gaze and admire your new Christian Louboutin mules.


A more luxurious fragrance family. It is known for the fragrance notes such as Vanilla, jasmine, cardamom, and cinnamon. Great scents for candles when you want to use a classy standing desk. Light the candle infused with this spicy and warm fragrance as you write a romantic poem for him. 


Fragrances are best during a date with candlelight, jazzy music from the saxophone, and a dinner for two at the comforts of your home. The notable fragrance notes of this fragrance family are amber, sandalwood, and cedarwood. These are also the scents in incense sticks so it would be great if these would be infused in your scented candles.

Have you already picked your choices? If not yet, you may also consider looking at the health benefits of some ingredients for your candles. The following are not in specific categories but notable health benefits are indicated below:

II.Healing Benefits of some Fragrance Notes: 

a.lavender-curbs anxiety has anti-inflammatory properties, inhibits sleeplessness

b.sandalwood-has a cooling effect, enhances memory power, supports trouble-free concentration

c.cinnamon-antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, reduces the risk of Diabetes

d.rosemary-improves mental performance helps relieve tension

e.jasmine-has natural stress buster relaxes the skin

So, looking at the healing properties of these fragrance notes, infusing them to a candle wax (you may also consider purchasing them online if you’d prefer to have a ready-made product) will make you have a stress buster that is less expensive but would optimize your relaxation.

There are countless tutorial videos online that will help you make your DIY scented candles. With the information given above, you’d be able to choose the right scent for you. Fragrances that will suit your personality, lifestyle, and choice of stress busters. You could be an adrenaline junkie on Mondays with your fresh fragrance, then be a femme fatale on Tuesday with your floral fragrance, and be a Marilyn Monroe on Fridays with the woody fragrance. Try mixing some fragrances (be careful though with combinations, try reading further about the ingredients before mixing them).

Now, let’s go to the last part of this topic on scented candles. In choosing the ideal scented candle, it’s also great to choose a suitable standing desk for your personality. Below are the superb desks from Flexispot that would surely match your choice of scented candles. Synchronizing the design and the scent will bring a harmonious vibe to the room. So let’s get it on now.

III. The Different Types of Standing Desks from Flexispot 

a.Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk:

- made of solid wood that is sleek and classic

- perfect for any décor

- resistant to stain and scratches

With the Willow Solid Wood standing desk, you could find a match for your citrus-infused candles. You don’t have to worry about the scratches or strains that your candle might be smudging on top of the desk because of its wonderful feature. 

b.Kana Bamboo Standing Desk


-made with authentic bamboo materials

-has a traditional, chic, and contemporary style 

A standing desk that is made for people who look for a combination of the classic and modern infused with natural bamboo materials. Indeed a perfect pair for your lavender or rosemary candles

c.Theodore Standing Desk

-a standing desk with a height-adjustable feature

-has a rustic style

-has an integrated storage drawer 

-has a built-in USB port 

This standing desk is very ideal for those who opt to get on the rustic vibe. A perfect match for your woody or oriental scented candles. Imagine the sweet refrain of the jazz music being played while the device is plugged into the built-in USB port. Don’t forget the bouquet for her. 

IV. Final Thoughts:

Candles have been used for centuries because it has been believed that candles can cleanse your space and energy. Hence, immersing yourself in this kind of diversion can help you soothe your anxious mind and tired physique which may help you increase your productivity.