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The Reason Why: Ergonomic Desk Edition

04 November 2021

When folks have worked in a workplace with a cardio desk, they definitely spotted a colleague reviewing updates whereas the rest of the team is hammering away at slideshows at the standup workstation.

One may not have realized they were also lowering their risk of getting life-threatening heart conditions, becoming obese, and experiencing bodily discomfort by doing so.

Innumerable research showed a strong link involving reclining and wellness issues. Some people who are engaged in regular movements run the risk of acquiring medical conditions if they remain seated for a prolonged duration. It carefully lifts the desktop display to a level that makes it possible for anyone to function whilst also being up or sitting down.

It allows people to be more engaged for a prolonged duration throughout working.

Rising desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and yet virtually all function around the identical core philosophy: it allows users to concentrate whilst standing or sitting.

Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-shaped Standing Desk

This maintains their elevation at the same position while people are on their feet. Customizable elevation and the diameters of the stations enable anyone to recline upright as required, depending on personal preference. Upon a click of the switch, motorized standing workstations elevate to their full height.

Conventional versions, by contrast, may be moved up and down with the help of a bar. A modest stationary workstation may run for just under $200, but a genuinely premium motorized table may have anyone spending more than $3,000, depending on the model.

FlexiSpot, on the other hand, allows customers to possess their amazing and comfortable standup workstation for just $600 or less! It sounds totally made up, doesn't it? Despite this, customers would nevertheless receive the highest level of ergonomics for a quarter of the market value. 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

What are the reasons why anyone would want to invest in a standup workstation if their current one is enough to get by each day?

Although it might appear that individuals are pinching pennies, overall wellness might feel the brunt of it, causing folks more saving troubles in the foreseeable future. For further consideration, the following are several potential perks of such workstations to people to get it.

Further benefits of standing while doing other things are beside the apparent reduction in sedentary behaviors, one could include the capability to multitask and the capacity to become more productive.

Based on another test, having to stand for 60 minutes eliminates 100 caloric intakes more than sitting for the same amount of time. Meanwhile, jogging consumes significantly greater fats, burning 350 of them per session.

Although jogging is an excellent strategy to maximize overall energy expenditure, trying to stand while functioning could aid anyone to lose extra weight versus relaxing for most of the workday.

Under-Desk Folding Treadmill Walking Pad

Furthermore, customers will experience less bodily discomfort, which is induced by longer amounts of time when reclining in a chair.

Staying confined to the seat for most of the shift stresses the joints and therefore could result in lumbar discomfort, specifically if people exhibit bad alignment.

The use of these workstations appears to reduce lumbar pain; however, researchers are uncertain of the number of days necessary to enjoy the benefits of such practice.

It has been found though that people who continued to perform their duties at such desks were more productive in every task than others who stayed down over the course of a workday

After a meal, it is normal to experience an increase in glucose concentrations. Substantial increases in glucose levels are associated with a considerably higher risk of getting insulin resistance among those who encounter them. It has likewise been established that elevated bloodstream glucose concentrations are related to a comprehensive list of medical conditions.


In the opinion of professionals, the most effective method to use a rising workstation is to get up for several moments before sitting down and afterward, rising repeatedly. This exercise must be done several times throughout the shift. For starters, get up for 60 seconds repeatedly each day for the first few weeks. Add an entire minute, and afterward, repeat the process up to three additional instances if desired.

A small example of working professionals discovered that being upright for 30 minutes after lunchtime reduced bloodstream glucose concentrations at approximately 62 percent as compared to sitting for about a comparable duration.

Aside from that, all participants were required to wear fitness trackers that, when analyzed, indicated zero statistically relevant variations in body movement across the different participants.

It implies that the change in bloodstream glucose concentrations from rising versus reclining was really a proportional result of the disparity in physical activity comparing the two states. After that, researchers observed that switching reduced insulin spikes by a maximum of 30 percent among overweight professional staff members who did this regularly.

Nutrient intake and frequent physical activity were monitored and evaluated during the experiment. As proven by the findings presented previously, having to stand in front of the workstation will decrease glucose levels and the chance of developing insulin resistance, with zero additional labor necessary!

Customers may click over to FlexiSpot's homepage to browse for fantastic standup workstations which are also comfortable!

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

In addition to being shipped in a compact box, the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk features a unique construction that enables transporting it uncomplicatedly. Configuring a rising workstation has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the sweat-less installation feature. Just insert the ascending pillars onto the prefabricated beams and attach the legs!

It has been created to satisfy the demands of every customer through utilizing the greatest modern desks and special dual engines available on the market.

In order to prevent wavering at the highest modification position, the workstation foundation is built of quality metal sheets. The powerful engine, combined with two supports, enables seamless adjustments for the long haul. Everybody deserves to have an ergonomic workstation with the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk.