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The Relationship Between Office Furniture and Employee Productivity

27 September 2022

Employers and organizations spend considerable time planning their workspace to maximize efficiency. While a strict environment and little to no breaks look like a natural concept to get work done, studies over the years have proven otherwise. The relationship between office furniture, productivity, and employees depends on different factors, and the ones that top the list include flexibility and comfort. Most individuals spend almost a third of their time at work, making it essential to pick the right furniture for work that can make them comfortable all through.

Uncomfortable and dull workspaces can negatively impact employee productivity. Research has proven over the years that employees with control over their work environment's layout and design are healthier, happier, and up to 32% more productive. It shows that the more flexible an office environment is, the better the productivity of an employee. Companies must realize that the most substantial or best competitive advantage they can attain is a motivated, healthy and productive workforce. One central part of competitive advantage is hiring the right personnel and building a supportive culture, but office furniture and design can also be the key factor.

Investing in a supportive environment that facilitates productivity can optimize a company's workflow and overall profits.

Recently, several offices have been focusing on buying good office ergonomics that make employees feel comfortable after realizing the positive relationship between productivity and office furniture.

This article will discuss the relationship between productivity and office furniture and how vital good ergonomics are to employees, so let us dive right into it.

How the correct type of furniture can lead to productivity in the workplace.


Office ergonomics play a vital role in the productivity of an employee. Ergonomic furniture has been designed to reduce discomfort by fitting the workplace to the user's needs. When you keep employees supported throughout the day, you will be able to reduce common physical distractions, which will help them to focus. It means that when there are little to no distractions from the constant nudge in the back or neck, muscles will not cry for help every other working hour; hence there will be a significant automatic rise in productivity. Some ways of including ergonomics in the workplace include office chairs. We spend most of our days seated in the office; hence it is crucial to consider the right chair.

Several work chairs have been made with a selection of customizable features. Office chairs from Flexispot, for instance, have been made with a focus on lumbar support for the protection of your back and neck.

The seat tilt allows its users to adjust their sitting positions for comfort, and headrest and armrest adjustments, are beneficial for people that spend long hours sitting at their desks. Investing in an office chair from flexispot can improve your posture and circulation, keeping you comfortable and energized.

Besides Flexispot office chairs, mobility plays a vital role in workplace productivity. Staying active during work hours can help improve circulation and increase energy levels. One good way to encourage movement is by investing in adjustable desks that allow employees to change their posture easily. Flexispot is an expert in manufacturing high adjustable desks with different features, all for different purposes, including comfort and safety.

Ergonomics can significantly impact employees' efficiency by addressing neck, wrist, back, and ankle discomfort.

Storage solutions

According to a popular saying, out of sight, out of mind. A tidy space can reduce distractions and keep employees focused on the task at hand. A 2013 study showed that people exposed to an unclean environment are more susceptible to self-regulatory failure and less persistent in challenging tasks. Practical storage solutions can encourage organization and allow employees to work more efficiently in an office space. Several customizable storage solutions can allow you to tailor organizational needs to your work style. Flexispot manufactures some of its standing desks with convenient storage drawers. These pull-out drawers are embedded in the desktop and provide integrated storage space for office supplies. When you keep your belongings neatly and out of sight, you can work more organized, which leads to productivity. It has also gone ahead to hide your cords and cables to minimize visual distractions by making desks with proper cable management. You can keep your cords in one place and enjoy an orderly height-adjustable standing desk from Flexispot.


Organizations are putting great effort into creating an environment that not only suits their brand identity but also boosts the productivity and positivity of their staff. The effect that color can have on our emotions, mood, and productivity is often overlooked incredibly in workplace design. The slightest touches of color in the work environment, like furniture, digital tools, or fixtures, can be a great benefit or main hindrance if chosen incorrectly. According to research by Cornell University, headaches, blurred vision, and lighting are reduced by up to 84% when working in an environment with good natural lighting. Companies should focus on using natural light in office environments with large windows. Finally, brightly colored office furniture like blue can hugely improve performance and stimulate productivity, while cool colors bring about relaxation.

Flexible work stations

Closed-off cubicles are unfavorable for coworker collaboration, and the open office isn't a friend to focused work. Study shows that 43% of employed Americans agree that not having a private space to work would affect their mental wellness, thus indicating the need for a blended workstation that offers both privacy and openness. Also, one in four employees values flexible areas to work away from their regular workstations. For this reason, companies should consider incorporating quiet rooms or touchdown areas throughout their office designated for focused work. It can allow employees to collaborate freely at their desks while having the option of getting away for some quiet time.

Flexible and comfortable workplaces have proven to be beneficial to not only the physical health of employees but also their mental health. When one is comfortable physically and mentally, there will be a boost in job satisfaction and productivity. Currently, ergonomic design trends are more open and collaborative workspaces that allow employees more freedom to move or interact amongst themselves, which leads to comfort in the work environment.

Health is an element of productivity.

Workplaces that adjust to people and optimal furniture are elements that can affect the execution of routine tasks but are also highly related to employees' health. As long as employees have health problems derived from office furniture, that organization will have less productivity. There are various health conditions caused by office furniture that are not functional. Using wrong office furniture that does not focus on employees' health can sometimes lead to permanent health problems. Statistics from Spain's ministry of labor and social affairs show that 55% of daily office workers have posture-related problems and spinal injuries resulting from poor posture and lousy furniture. Also, 7% of the workers have been discharged due to severe injuries.

Lumbar injuries, pain, and back caused by deteriorated furniture constitute one of the significant reasons for work absenteeism, psychological consequences like irritability, and increased demotivation. You can avoid this by investing in office furniture that focuses on employees' health, like ergonomic chairs, standing desks, or even fatigue mats. The long-term impact of this investment includes good worker's health and reasonable profit for a company due to increased productivity.

How to purchase the correct office furniture

After learning about the relationship between office furniture and employee productivity, you need to make a wise decision before making the following order for your office setup. You should ensure you are covered with whatever you need in the workplace to make it productive. An excellent way to find what you need is to buy it in an ergonomic store. Ergonomic stores manufacture and sell furniture together with years of research to bring the most suitable and health-friendly options. The best ergonomic store to get this furniture is Flexispot since they offer productive furniture that has been adjusted to cater to a diverse group of people. You should also consider;

- Comfortability - employee comfort should be among the priorities to consider purchasing the right furniture. If the workplace environment is uncomfortable, employees will get agitated, affecting productivity and work performance.

- Space for the office furniture - your office area determines the right furniture for your office. For instance, buying larger co-working tables isn't such a bad idea if you plan to have a small-scale business with few employees. If you, however, have a large-scale business with more employees, then buying smaller but not too small tables that are comfortable is necessary.

- Look at simplicity - finally, workspaces usually need to be free from distractions as much as possible. It means keeping clutter to a minimum through plenty of proper storage. Choosing your office furniture can help you keep your workspaces tidy; thus, you should focus on things such as storage if you want to get the right office furniture.