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The Relaxing Effects of Using Mesh Chairs in the Office

02 June 2021

Finding a Haven in the Office:

You try to hum a tune while you doodle some colored pencils on the paper after a long day in the office. Yes, you are trying to find a haven in your little spot. Where you may freely sigh and relax after the stressful and long hours typing and making reports. That is normal especially when you need to meet a deadline. People have different ways of finding their haven in the office. Some do:

● On-the-Chair yoga

● Chanting

● Simply leaning their backs on a mesh chair 

Among the three ways to find your haven in the office, the third one is the easiest and convenient way to relax and let loose of the stress in the office. This is because you just need to increase your motion without taking too much effort. However, in doing this, one needs to be sure that the piece of equipment should: 

The Ideal Equipment like the Mesh Chair:

The ideal piece of equipment should have the following functions.

● It should provide good lumbar support:

This is one of the things that you must look for in that piece of equipment. A piece of equipment that could provide efficient lumbar support is a reliable product. Compared to ordinary swivel chairs, chairs with good lumbar support could support one from getting injured and could protect the lumbar even sitting for a long time. 

● It should have a sufficient armrest:

When an ergonomic chair provides a sufficient armrest, it will maximize your satisfaction when it comes to rest on the chair. It could give ergonomic support, especially around your arms and shoulders. These parts of the body also need good blood circulation. Hence, this kind of chair is ideal for all busy workers out there.

● It should follow the curve of your spine:

When you use an ordinary swivel chair or office chair that does not follow the curve of your spine, it may lead to a spine strain and sprain that might worsen if this would continue in the long run. 

● A good ergonomic mesh chair has a breathable mesh:

When your office chair is a mesh chair you got a higher chance to feel relax and may lessen the body heat that may accumulate because of discomfort on a chair that does not have a breathable mesh because an ordinary office chair does not allow the free flow of the air which your back needs.

● It must protect you from spine fatigue:

If you notice when sitting on an ordinary chair, there is a pain building up after a few hours of sitting on it. This is because an ordinary office chair gives you spine fatigue. Usually, that spine fatigue is characterized by:

■ Mild back pain

■ Pain around the back of the neck 

■ Hence, when looking for an office chair, it is recommended to choose an ergo chair that would prevent you from getting this kind of pain. 

The 3 Ideal Ergonomic Mesh Chairs to Choose From:

With the tips given when looking for the right ergo mesh chair, it is easier now to choose between the 3 ideal ergonomic mesh chairs. These are the things to consider when looking for mesh chairs. The following mesh chairs are: 

● Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

● Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 5405

● Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388

These ergonomic mesh chairs are carefully engineered to attain the full ergonomic solutions intended for each product. The first ergonomic mesh chair is what we call:

● Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair: 

This mesh chair comes into two models: OC10G and OC10B that have amazing specs. Both are the same though when it comes to seat depth, seat width, seat thickness, weight capacity, armrest height, chair weight, and weight capacity. However, they differ in terms of the seat height range which is: 

OC10G: The seat height range of this model is 16.9-19.7 inch while the OC10B is 18.5-22inch.

● Its breathable mesh is made from the Italian-imported Chenille and a sensitive fiber that is durable, breathable, and flexible. 

● It also offers a 45-degree backrest tilt. This would allow you to rock back and forth without the fear of damaging the mesh chair. 

● This mesh chair allows you to adjust your sitting using the adjustable seat depth knob on the side of this product. 

This product has a simple design but assures the safety of the one who will sit on it and would like to experience the ergonomics with ease. Now, the second example of the mesh chair is here. We call it the: 

● Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 5405:

This mesh chair is known to multiply adjustable because of the various features that allow you to enjoy an absolute flexible sitting. Those features are:

■ Independent back tilt

■ Variable seat tilt lock

■ Seat height adjustable 

● This mesh chair has parts that could help a worker find time to relax while on this chair. The following parts are: 

■ Adjust armrest

■ Ergonomic back support

■ Comfortable cushion

■  Degree rotating knob 

● Its backrest height adjuster also allows you to adjust the backrest that you need when you want to take a deep breath and relax after a long day at work. 

● One should not need to worry about losing balance on this mesh chair because it could carry a weight as heavy as 250lbs. 

● For just less than $150, one could enjoy an absolute ergonomic solution with this mesh chair. It's a reasonable price for a quality that is above average. 

The last ergonomic mesh chair that we are going to discuss is one of the products that offer excellent functional lumbar support. This product is what we call the:

● Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388

● This product offers a multi-dimensional free rotating headrest that allows the head and neck rest to move freely as you try to rest on it. 

● This offers the 3D armrest that helps a person enjoy his sitting while he puts his hands, arms, and shoulders into rest. 

● Its weight capacity reaches up to 300lbs. So, no matter how many movements you do while sitting on this mesh chair, you would be supported and would not make you fall from it.

Final Thoughts:

So, if you are planning to purchase one of these mesh chairs, you may go back to this article and check which one fits your needs. You may base it on the weight capacity or adjustors depending on how wide your office is. This could ensure a relaxing time at the office after long hours of work.