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Ergonomic Chairs: Make the Right Choice

27 May 2021

When we talk about back pain, the people who would immediately cross our minds are the office workers. It is because they are some of the people that experience severe back pain when in the office. Finding the best choice of office chairs becomes tough when we don't have much idea of what would fit us. However, when we think of conditions such as back pain, spine strain, and lumbar injury, we might think of ways on how to alleviate this. 

So, speaking of choosing the right office equipment, checking the most ideal ergonomic chairs from Flexispot could be helpful. In today's article, we will walk you through the most ideal options for Ergo chairs such as:

● Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair OC8N/OC8B

● Ergonomic Task Chair 1011 

● Adjustable Ergonomic Office Executive Chair LYL

● Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080

With the following specs and descriptions, a worker could be able to choose the right ergo chair for her that could help her alleviate pain. So, let's start checking the following products now: 

● Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair OC8N/OC8B 

If you're looking for an ergonomic chair that gives you a stylish design and you prefer a product that would allow you to feel like

you're bouncing in comfort then this chair is best for you. Made with a contoured pillow that would give the lower torso extra support during long office hours. It also has a seat dimension of 19.68" x 19.68" (WxD) an equal measurement that would be ideal because it could balance the office chair and could make you feel relaxed when you sit here. Its breathable leather supports the arms as well and is easy to clean. So you don't have to overthink how to maintain its cleanliness if juice or soft drinks is spilled over the chair or backrest. If you also wish to adjust your sitting position, you just have to turn its pneumatic seat height lever and adjust the chair. 

● Ergonomic Task Chair 1011: 

This next ergo chair from Flexispot is not made with PU leather but is another alternative for superior comfort. It's because this is made with breathable mesh. These materials are elastic and durable. So, it could not easily be damaged compared to the low-cost chip foam cushion. So even when you spend more than 8 hours in the office, you don't need to worry about the desk losing its effectiveness. Plus, you may freely rock back and forth when you feel like you want to relax. Aside from the superb mesh that the product is built with, it is also made with a thick padded seat cushion that would allow the person to sit comfortably for a long time; it is made to make the sitting experience worthwhile. Its locking function also gives support to this ergo chair because no matter how forceful the rocking of the user becomes, the chair would not be damaged and the user would not be injured compared to the ordinary office chair that seems to be wobbly and unstable. Lastly, it gives aesthetic lumbar support found around the backrest, it's built to support your spine and hips even for long periods in the office. Hence, if you're not a fan of leather ergo chairs, you may consider the one with the breathable mesh such as the Task Chair 1011. 

● Adjustable Ergonomic Office Executive Chair LYL

If you're the one who prefers a curved armrest and a waterfall-type edge of an ergo chair, then the Chair LYL will best suit you. When you are looking for an ergo chair with a waterfall-type edge, it would be best to choose the Chair LYL this is because it could make your blood circulate well. If you notice with the ordinary office chairs that are poorly formed, their seat cushions are easy to get damaged. In just a few months of using it, you'd notice the edge being ripped easily when you sit for a long time, exposing some parts that are sharp and could make your lower muscles sore. But with Chair LYL, it would be assured that the pressure on the lower leg would be decreased and you could comfortably sit on the chair without hurting your legs much. 

● Office Massage Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair 5080

This is probably the most innovative ergonomic desk chair among the four. If you're looking for the opportunity to have a little massage while you are working, then this ergo chair is the best choice. This is because this chair is made with a six-pinpoint massage and heating. With just the help of the remote, you could experience work and spa in just one seating. In the office, we usually experience back pain after a few hours of typing and sitting with an incorrect posture. This hampers the spine and lumbar hence one feels totally in pain after a few hours. This product has a tilting angle of up to 30 degrees. Making it possible for the person to adjust his sitting position and avoid straining his back when working in the office for a long time. Lastly, one does not need to worry about not being able to adjust the height of this ergonomic chair. 

When Choosing the Right Type of Ergonomic Chair: 

By choosing the type of ergonomic chair for you, you can save more:

● time in the office

● effort in moving around the office 

● money because you could choose the one that you could use for a long time 

In choosing one of the chairs mentioned above, you will be able:

● enhance your posture

● become more relaxed and avoid too much pressure at work

● avoid spine strain and sprain 

● optimize your energy 

● maximize your performance because you are going to focus more on your work and feel lighter

These are the good points of choosing the right ergonomic chair. It could alleviate pain and could give you maximum protection against back pain and injury. 

Final Thoughts:

Back pain is inevitable when you are sitting and working for long hours. Hence, some products could help you alleviate pain such as the ones mentioned from Flexispot. With all the specs and descriptions given, you may choose the one that best suits your preference.