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The Right Standing Desk Frame for You

28 October 2021

We think it’s safe to say that standing desks have surpassed the fad phase. It is now preferred by most workplaces and remote workers as an addition to their office spaces—be it in a traditional office, co-working space, or a home workstation. Standing desks have proven their positive impact on efficiency and one’s overall health that is put at risk by prolonged hours of sitting. But even with the plethora of options available—for instance, FlexiSpot alone has much height adjustable and fixed standing desks on its catalog—standing desks aren’t always accessible to everyone. 

The truth of the matter is that most remote workers won’t have the extra budget to purchase a fully equipped standing desk. It is still relatively on the pricier side than a regular table. But if you want to reap the benefits of this piece of furniture, there is another way that you could have one. It makes sense to opt to buy an adjustable standing desk frame and build it yourself. In this way, you would have the standing desk of your dreams at a lower price point. 

When you want to construct your own standing desk, the first step is to calculate the weight of your desired desktop. This will be subtracted to the lifting capacity of your chosen adjustable standing desk frame that will determine your DIY desk’s loading capacity. Don’t skip on this step especially if you want to add a heavy or thick tabletop onto your desk base. Make sure as well that your desktop is at least 1 inch thick for your tabletop to at least be more than 59 inches wide. It will prevent the desktop from warping and reduce the risk of side loading on the lifting legs. 

For regular-shaped standing desks, FlexiSpot has three standing desk frames to choose from. 

Standing Desk Frame (Pro series): Dual Motor EC3/EC4

Standing Desk Frame (Pro series): Dual Motor EC3/EC4

Priced at $329.99, this standing desk frame will make your desk electric. It has a dual-motor system that powers each leg of the frame with a single motor. This means it has a bigger overall weight capacity that will give you maximum stability, speed, smoothness, silence, and strength. 

It is important to note that compared with a single-motor system that is priced less, this dual-motor frame has an increased 78% loading capacity which is exactly at 275 pounds. The noise level of the motor when it’s lowered or raised is decreased by 25% or less than 50 decibels. The lifting speed is 40% faster or 1.4” per second compared to that of a single motor. 

You would also want a frame that can last you long. This one has a solid construction for solid steadability. The legs are made with powder-coated steel tubing that can resist scratches and stains. It also makes sure that the table is at its maximum stability even when at the highest point. 

Because this is electric, it comes with an all-in-one keypad: up and down buttons and three memory height presets. Moreover, it has. a programmable sit/stand reminder system that will give you a friendly alert when it’s time to switch from a sitting to a standing position. 

If you concentrate on the details of this chair, it wouldn’t be hard to notice its industry-leading product design. If choosing a desktop from Flexispot as well, you may choose from 17 colors, three materials, and six sizes. 

Standing Desk Frames: Single Motor EC1/EN1

Standing Desk Frames: Single Motor EC1/EN1

For a cheaper option, you may get a single motor standing desk frame which is priced at $209.99 with free shipping and a 30-day risk-free return. 

Like the dual-motor frame, the legs of this single motor frame were made up of double steel tubing. It ensures stability at the highest height this table can go. It can also resist scratches, water, and stains. 

Manual Height Adjustable Desk Frame H1

Manual Height Adjustable Desk Frame H1

FlexiSpot has also got you covered with a manual option that’s only priced at $159.99. It also ships for free in the US and has a 30-day, risk-free return. It comes in two colors, an H1-Grey, and an H1-Black. The price is reasonable with the desk frame’s advanced functions. It’s budget-friendly, of standard quality, and effective like the other desk frames. There’s no more need to worry about spine health issues while sitting and working for long hours. 

This manual desk comes with a crank that makes adjusting height levels throughout the day a smooth and effortless experience. The crank can be folded back under the desktop for your convenience and to save space. The height range of this frame is between 29" to 48.6”, already including the one-inch desktop. Because of the manual hand crank, transitioning is easy and smooth. If you want a large tabletop surface, this is perfect because it fits a desktop with a depth between 23.6” to 31.5” and a width from 39.4” to 63”. It is assured to be sturdy at any height. 

Rectangular Desktop

Pair your desk frame with a desktop perfect for your work or hobby needs. 

FlexiSpot has a rectangular desktop offer available for purchase at $79.99. It has multiple desktop color options: black, mahogany, white, graphite, gray wood grain, marble grey, special walnut, and white wood grain. The standard desktop size is 42” x 24” and has four size upgrades which are 48” x 24”, 48” x 30”, 55” x 28”, and 60” x 24”. FlexiSpot prides itself on this quality and environmentally friendly desktop that is also budget-friendly for its customers.