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28 May 2021

As the world adjusted to the pandemic, we are all experiencing a lot of "first times." We are novices when it comes to living our personal and professional lives in these uncertain times. The same thing can be said about our working environment and working conditions. 

When lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus happened, we shifted to working from home. While some of our employed workers took the hit and suddenly became unemployed. With all that has happened, we are dealing with a lot of changes. 

These changes are always surprising us and pushing us out of our comfort zones. The bottom line of all these is that we should keep an open mind and a willing heart. Speaking of new experiences, we should make an upgrade. Whether working at the office or at home, we all should be able to experiment with new things and try out innovative ideas. 

Being the professional that you are, why not explore the idea of standing desks. Let us face it, you have been regularly sitting down in front of your computer while working. You rarely exert effort into getting active. This is where this amazing ergonomic and fresh product changes it all. Transform your workstation so that you can reap all the amazing benefits that you are missing out on. 

Today, join us in this article as we dive deeper into why you need to make that shift to a standing desk. But before all that, let us talk about what they are first, and then everything will follow. Stay tuned and keep on reading. Yes, read on. We know when you are just scanning the page. We assure you that this is something you would apply in your life. 

Standing Desks 101

A standing desk is a table with an ergonomic design that allows users to read, write, or work on their devices while standing or sitting on specially constructed stools. Although it is now considered a new fad, it has been present for centuries. This is a frequent practice in both the home and the workplace.

Standing desks are available in a variety of designs. Each one is tailored to a specific task. Some have changeable heights, allowing users to sit wherever they like. With that brief discussion about this product, we are aware that it is designed for standing, as the name implies. Why should we stand more often than sitting? 

What Sitting Does to Your Body

When you are sitting, you stay in a position where you do not move that much. You sometimes fold your legs or slouch, which can wreak havoc on your body. That is what we have known to be a sedentary lifestyle. Also, numerous studies have shown how a sedentary lifestyle can be harmful to one's health. As a result, it is only natural for businesses to encourage their employees to stand rather than sit during office hours.

Here are some other points about sitting:

Feeling Lethargic and Unproductive

For a long time, we have understood that the longer we sit still with little activity, the less efficient we become. Being restricted in your movements may not appear to be a huge issue at first, but it will eventually catch up with you.

Sitting for a long time can make you feel weaker than if you were up and about. This is because extended sitting causes you to lose shape over time, affecting your posture, circulation, calorie expenditure, and even mental focus.

Weight Gain

Have you ever wondered why many office workers gain a lot of weight after a few years? Sitting is to blame. 

Desk-job workers are often unaware of how quickly the hours and pounds/kilos go up because they are preoccupied with their jobs. It may appear innocuous at first. However, sitting for an extended period causes more than just undesirable weight gain and slight discomfort in the neck and back. It may also cause one's life to be cut short.

Bringing Solutions to the Problems

You may enjoy the freedom to move during your workday with a height-adjustable standing desk, making the day appear less hectic and enabling more productivity. While reducing your metabolic risk, you will burn more calories and feel more invigorated. 

What Standing Desks Can Do for You

Who says you cannot stretch your legs and back while you are at work? You can do just that with the help of a standing desk. If you have a standing desk, you can move, stretch, or even walk in place.

With a standing desk, you can learn how to multitask and manage your daily chores while exercising in a position. Consider being able to stretch and twist your back while reading a computer screen or walking in place and getting some exercise whenever you choose. Imagine finishing the day exhilarated rather than fatigued and ready for bed.

A Standing Desk You Must Have to Seal the Deal

There is a provider of ergonomic office standing desks that only thinks about the comfort and happiness of workers like you. FlexiSpot is known to be a trendsetter and a game-changer when it comes to all things ergonomic. 

The company highlights the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W. A standing desk that provides the ideal working from home alternative. It is a versatile and practical standing desk that not only helps you stay productive by keeping you from sitting for long periods but it is also packed with functions and has a stylish appearance that sets it apart.

What are You Waiting for?

With all of the advantages that come with utilizing a standing desk, it is easy to see why purchases are steadily rising.

Standing workstations encourage regular mobility, which might help you live a healthier lifestyle. Because standing comes naturally to most people, the act of doing so can appear to be almost effortless. It will have become a habit before you and other professionals recognize it.