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The Ultimate Buying Guide For Computer Desks of 2021

23 March 2021

When it comes to buying a new computer desk, it’s almost like buying a new car. You want to make sure it’s reliable, built to last, and doesn’t break the bank. With many people either still in office, working in their home office or trying to start their own business, buying a computer desk is a necessity.

Sure people are willing to do it the casual way and work from their kitchen table, couch, or kitchen counter but over time that becomes more of a hassle than comfort. A computer desk not only gives you the professional feel and edge you need to comfortably work but also is a way for you to invest in yourself.

These days, it’s hard to take a step back and focus on ourselves. There is so much going on in the world that we forget to take a moment, breathe and realize we need to treat ourselves from time to time. Mental health is one of the biggest things people may be struggling with while they work, causing less focus on success and more anxiety towards meeting company goals.

Something as little as the right computer desk can make all the difference. Computer desks for the home office is another situation many people are on the fence about. It’s hard to want to take something as your relaxing sanctum you call home and turn a part of it into a workplace. No one likes to mix work and home but with most Americans having to work from home you may have to be accepting of that change.

What makes a great desk? Is it the price, the quality or reliability? Some may say all three or focus on one more than the other. All these factors are important in their own way, but it really depends on the priority you list them in. Quality should always be first when it comes to buying anything. Reliability should always be second, as if it is a quality product you want to make sure it lasts. No one wants to have to continuously spend more than they want in order to have a useful product. Lastly, you should focus on price. The reason why this should be focused on last is if you focus on it in the 2nd or 1st spot on that list, it will sway you from making a smart decision. While cheaper prices are a good thing they aren’t always better. Remember you get what you pay for and if you remind yourself that the desk is an investment, you will feel more comfortable focusing on price last.

Whether you are new to buying a computer desk or fairly familiar with buying several, we’ve got you covered. This article will give you a buying guide on computer desks both for home or office on site. From entry-level to premium models. Here are some great suggestions for you to consider:


Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk: This standing desk is great for both office and home use. The Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk combines advanced made functions and a reasonable price. This standing desk is not just budget-friendly for your wallet but is proven for its quality standard, as well as the amount of its perfected effectiveness. The Seiffen Laminated Desk also makes it very comfortable to go from sitting to standing.

For this model, two versions of the Eco and the Pro are available to choose from. One of the biggest differences that separate these two is the keypad it comes with. The Eco one comes with only 2 bottom buttons for easy up/down adjustment, while the Pro version has some great additional features that would be worth the upgrade. The Pro Model had 3 additional memory buttons for customized height presets, plus a reminder for sit/stand transitions. Another choice you could also consider as an alternative to this would be the L Shape Desktop, which provides a little bit of extra desk space.

It is made with high-grade steel, as well it is resistant to stains and scratches. The desk frame design eliminates any wobbling even at the highest adjustment point and the powerful motor inside.


Kana Bamboo Standing Desk: Much like the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk, this is also perfect for an office or home use. This desk is the same as the Seiffen, but the biggest difference with this is that it is made with 100% natural bamboo materials. This is a great choice for all the eco-friendly buyers out there. This desk is made responsibly with renewable bamboo and eco-friendly lacquer that meets the top E0 standards. It also has 2 unique desktop shapes of curve and rectangular so you can choose at your preference.

This desk has an aesthetic look that would go great in any room. The lateral compression technology with the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk wonderfully retains the natural grain of every bamboo strip installed. This desk is also reliably durable in structure. Plus, it is coated with a water-resistant 2H lacquer coating which makes it scratch-resistant, insect, and moisture-proof in your daily lives.


Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk: With this particular new star of the brand, Comhar, in particular is for home and studio use only. The major highlights of this model is its aesthetic design (which is more than the average standing desk) and its powerful multi-function..

The Comhar All-In-One desk is a brilliant workstation that is practical and smart. It not only helps boost your productivity by preventing you from having to sit all day but will also be capable of needing to run around when you need to charge your phone or laptop. The programmable presets are perfect if you have multiple people using this desk. It makes it very easy to save anyone’s preferred height setting in a home or shared work environment. You can easily transition between standing and sitting with just one touch.

It features two material models with either a glass top or wooden (chipboard) top. It also has some conveniently powerful functions with its drawer, USB ports, 4 memory presets, a safety lock feature, and anti-collision. The Comhar All-In-One desk’s compact size is great for a smaller office or studio space. It is very generous with its height range by providing 28.3”-47.6” and is fantastic for kids who may need it for their homework. It comes with a 3-step quick installment that will take away your frustrations of time-consuming assembly. In a nutshell, this will be a solid investment for your home office needs.


Theodore Standing Desk: This desk is perfect for those who has particular preference for a rustic and traditional vibe at home or your own office. It is a must-buy for the serious at-home business owner and home office patron. It blends a rustic and beautiful look with the solid wood and walnut veneer that makes your friends want to buy one of their own. With the timeless traditional American design, it is a true partnership of style and cutting-edge ergonomic technology.

The Theodore Standing Desk features 2 buttons for up/down height adjustments. It provides some helpful practical features a drawer and USB charging ports that will provide you with the perfect workspace. This will make the transition of working from home much more comfortable. Much like the Comhar All-In-One Desk, it comes with an easy 3-step quick installment that will help you get your home office setup in gear much faster than the average desk assembly.


Dual-Motor Standing Desk:

Lastly, we have a desk that will be used preferably for premium office use only. At the well worth it cost of $399.99 with 115 reviews, this standing desk will never make you feel the dread of buyer’s remorse.

The Dual-Motor Standing Desk is engineered with a dual motor for more stable and fast movement, hence the namesake. The dual-motor system powers each desk leg for increasingly overall weight capacity with speed, smoothness, silence, and strength.

It provides a durable and stable structure for larger weight capacity of up to 275 lbs. It is made with power-coated steel tubing that structures the desk frame to be resistant to scratches and stains. It will even provide maximum-stability at its highest setting.

One thing that sets this apart from all the desks on this list is its unique upgrade quality options. You can choose from multiple colors, sizes, and materials to match your specific needs such as bamboo, laminate, and solid wood desktops.

You also will be delighted with the advanced all-in-one keypad that is built-in. Offering 3 memory height presets and a programmable sit/stand reminder system, you can change sitting positions as needed and get helpful alerts that will remind you when it’s time to stand up to encourage a healthier lifestyle.


Bottom line

Now that you have been enlightened on some fantastic standing and ergonomic desks for your home/office space, you are ready to go out there and find one that is right for you. A computer desk is going to be a solid investment for you in the long run and will be so much easier when you need to get things done.

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