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The Ultimate Colorology Guide for Home Offices

24 May 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions forcing a large number of people to work from home, home offices have become more popular than ever. However, to be your best self, your home office space has to not only be well-organized but also one that fosters creativity and productivity. Despite us not always realizing it, color plays a huge role in mood and productivity. This is obvious to anyone who walks out of a dark, gloomy office into a bright, airy one. This is no longer anecdotal – even research has proven that different office colors can impact worker productivity. 

While color choice is important in professional environments, it’s even more important when it comes to home offices. Work environments are full of busy people and can be motivational – colleagues can brainstorm together, and the atmosphere is more productive. However, with this missing, it’s especially important to ensure that your home office inspires you. Read this colorology guide to get ready to design a home office you love.


While white is generally considered fresh and airy, too much of it isn’t a good thing. A study from the University of Texas concluded that offices that were overly beige, white, and grey were not only bland but also resulted in workers feeling sadder and more depressed. This was especially true for women.

To avoid the bland all-white look, make sure to incorporate other colors into your office. Monotone clothing may be popular, but a monotone office certainly isn’t. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use white at all. White is a great color to inject to add brightness to a room – just make sure that it doesn’t take over the entire room. One way of using white without it looking sterile and bland is by breaking the color up with texture. 

This Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair is the perfect way to add white to space without overdoing it. The chair has several different components, including PU leather, foam, ribbed texture, and chrome hardware. Not only is this chair aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also functional. It offers users ergonomic support so that longer working hours are no longer a problem.

Brown & Wood Tones

Everyone loves a good neutral look, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and uninspiring. Brown may seem like a color that wouldn’t work, but it’s the opposite – in addition to reliability, brown is extremely calming. This is partly because it’s so prevalent. The earthy color may seem bland at first, but brown is an excellent accent color that can bring warmth to an office space.

Inwood tones, brown can be especially powerful since it’s such a grounding color. Wooden accents are one of the easiest ways to inject rich browns into an office space. Wooden decks are the obvious choice for a reason – they’re reliable, functional, and serve as great décor. 

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series is a perfect example of an excellent wooden accent. Whether you’re looking for rich browns like mahogany or natural browns like maple, this desk can be customized to your specifications. There are more multiple different sizes and finishes to choose from. 

Buyers can choose between bamboo, laminated wood, and solid wood. The bamboo option is one of our top picks – not only is it twice as strong and elastic as ordinary wood but the desk is made even more durable by carbonized technology that coats it. The lacquer makes this desk scratch-proof, water-resistant, moisture-proof, and insect-resistant. 

The laminated option is by far the most customizable since buyers can choose from 10 different color options. The solid wood option is not only affordable but also eco-friendly. In addition to being free of harmful chemicals, this option will last you years and help you make the most of your purchase. It comes in four different wood tones, so you can choose the tone that suits the rest of your office’s color scheme.

Loading capacity also isn’t a problem – the desk’s dual motors ensure a lifting speed of 1.5” per second even when it is holding its full weight capacity (275 lbs.). Simply press a button to use the feature. The desk also includes an anti-collision function to ensure safety – there’s no risk of objects being damaged while the desk is being adjusted. 

The best part about this desk is that in addition to how elegant it is, it’s also something that will make your office functional. The entire point of colorology is to make your home office a more productive place, and this desk does exactly that. It makes for the perfect workstation because it’s durable and stable. The desk frame is constructed from powder-coated steel tubing, making it both, scratch- and stain-resistant. 

The fact that it’s an adjustable standing desk makes it even better. Working from a home office can cause you to be sedentary and affect your health, including increasing the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Standing desks allow you to take a break from constantly sitting and can result in lower blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease, and can increase productivity and energy. Adjustable standing desks give you the option to both, sit and stand, making this purchase the best of both worlds.


Because its many benefits are widely known, blue is an extremely popular choice in colorology and color psychology. This is because thinking of blue automatically makes one think of natural and calming things, like a clear, blue sky or a serene body of water. Therefore, blue evokes feelings of peacefulness and can have a soothing effect on individuals. 

Blue is also known for increasing productivity and reducing mental strain. Jobs involving repetition often use this to their advantage. That being said, you shouldn’t cover your entire home office in blue. Consider an accent wall or an accent chair instead. This blue, Scalloped Accent Chair is a great pop of color to add to an otherwise neutral room. In addition to boosting your mood, this chair is very stylish and incorporates current trends such as scalloped edges and tufting. The velvet material also gives this a luxurious look, making it perfect for those short breaks between work. Like all FlexiSpot products, this accent chair prioritizes comfort. In addition to the thick headrest, the chair boasts a curved cushion and a spine-like backrest.


Green may be an obvious choice, but no article on colorology would be complete without it. Not only does the color green stimulate the mind, but it’s also associated with good health and growth. Because it doesn’t cause eye fatigue, it’s great for when you have to work long hours and have been staring at your computer screen for hours on end. Additionally, since green is so prevalent, the color can be soothing and boost creativity.

Because of this, home offices can benefit from having some pops of green. The easiest way to do this is through plants, which not only boost productivity but also liven up the area. Another way to incorporate green into your office décor is through storage accessories like the Mobile File Cabinet 027. This bright green is attention-grabbing and is sure to stand out amongst your other décor. 

It makes your home office a functional place by reducing clutter but also has the benefit of being extremely durable and sturdy. Made from steel and fully sealed at the bottom, this file cabinet can withstand weight up to 330 lbs. – no matter the amount of paperwork you have to organize, this cabinet can handle it all. The interlocking system with 2 keys keeps 3 drawers fully secure and the anti-tilt feature prevents multiple drawers from opening at the same time. Additionally, since it’s aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t take away from your otherwise stylish home office space. 

Use Colorology to Design Your Office Space

Therefore, colors can make a huge impact on not only your mood but also on productivity and mental health. To create a home office that fulfills all your needs, keep this guide in mind. FlexiSpot prides itself on both, comfort and design. Not only are our office solutions ergonomic, but they’re also available in a variety of colors to suit all kinds of décor. 

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