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The Ultimate Desk Lamp Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

17 March 2022

If you're reading this guide as carefully as you can, then the chances are that you fall into one of these two categories:

You're a type of person involved in desk-related work, like studying school materials, reading books, or writing.

Second, you're a home decor person looking for ways to use lamps for your lighting and decoration.

In this guide, however, there's no distinction. Whether you fall into one or happen to be a blend of these categories, one thing is sure: this guide will provide you with every detail you should take into account when choosing a desk lamp.

Without further ado, let's get it started!

Choose the Right Lamp

How to Choose the Right Lamp

Getting a new lamp appears to be an easy task. Think again. People are different, so are lamps. We hire people using several factors. Therefore, we must follow the same procedure when selecting the ideal light for your work and home demands.

Here are key factors to consider before choosing a desk lamp:

What Is the Purpose of Your Desk Lamp?

Have you asked: what am I buying this desk lamp for? You might answer for illumination. However, what you need the light for is what matters.

A desk lamp is most commonly used for practical task lighting when you need light to see what you're writing, typing, or reading.

On the other hand, desk lamps are also used for ambient lighting in a room or for decorative purposes (which creates a need for ornamental abilities).

How Much Light Do You Need?

The intensity of light you need is a matter of function. Desk lamps come with a range of light sources, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

LED and halogen light bulbs give off brilliant and clean light if you're focusing on task lighting. Incandescent light is excellent for ambient lighting; it features better color definition and distributes light evenly.

Where Are You Going to Put the Desk Lamp?

Where Are You Going to Put the Desk Lamp?

The placement of your lamp is also vital for getting the most out of your investment. It would help if you wanted to put your desk lamp in a place where you need the effect of its lighting the most.

Is it to illuminate your workspace for reading, writing, and typing? Or to highlight that lovely feature in your bedroom. Although, you should place your desk lamp on the opposite side of the desk from your writing hand to avoid bothersome shadows.

Is There a Power Source Where You Want to Place Your Desk Lamp?

Of course, you should ensure that your lamp can reach a power outlet near your desk, or anywhere you wish to have it placed.

Luckily, the internet-of-things era is upon us; therefore, the way most desk lamps are charged is with USB ports. There are many cordless desk lamp options in the marketplace; all you have to do is make a choice.

What Are Some Other Characteristics to Look For in a Desk Lamp?

What features should a desk lamp have before you choose it?

Desk lamps differ from one another in functionality, size, etc. Therefore, keeping an eye out for these things would help you make the best choice.

Here are things you should consider about a lamp's appearance before choosing it:

Consider the Material

Consider the Material

Desk lamps are made using a wide array of materials, and they are capable of complementing your lighting experience.

For example, brass lamps speak volumes about class; glass creates beautiful light and space, ceramics to project art, a metal that never gets old, and your firm, easy to craft wood for sturdiness.

Find what works for you, and go for it.

Consider the Type of Bulb

The right bulb should have the right number of watts, not over 60 watts. There are four types of light bulbs. They include LED, halogen, CFL, and incandescent. They are all usable depending on function.

Although LED bulbs are recommended due to their low heat and energy output compared to halogen, if you're someone who wants more brightness in your workplace, then look for a lamp that has a bulb of a higher number of lumens.

Consider the Size of the Lamp

Once again, when we speak of variety, a desk lamp is one of those things as it comes in a range of sizes. Make a decision: Do you want your desk lamp to be big or small? It depends on the size of your desk or workstation.

A quick tip: Your desk lamp should be proportionate to your desk or workspace; if you have a huge deck, you'll need a larger lamp and vice versa.

How Tall Should a Desk Lamp Be?

How Tall Should a Desk Lamp Be?

Your preference as a user determines the height of your desk lamp. Calculate how much space you need to light up and ensure the lamp has a tall enough stand. If you have a large desk, it means you'll need a tall lamp.

Sitting next to your lamp in a chair is another way to determine if the height is exactly correct. The bottom of the lampshade should be at the same level as your eyes.

Consider Power Type

There are varieties of lamps available in the market right now in terms of power type:

Lamps with cords that plug into a standard wall outlet.

Cordless desk lamps with USB rechargeable connectors.

Desk lamps that run on batteries are also available.

What do you do then?

You should consider the type of electricity you want to power your desk lamp. After all, it is a personal choice.

Price and Warranty

We advise that you buy, not ignoring the status of your pocket.

What is the state of your finances? Some lamps are inexpensive; however, they may be missing features like a light adjustment.

While some are more pricey, they usually include all bells and whistles to provide you with complete control over your desk lighting needs.

We also recommend considering the warranty that comes with the desk light you are looking to buy.

Desk Lamp Brightness

Desk Lamp Brightness

Depending on the type of work you do, choose a desk lamp with a brightness that suits your eyes. It would help if you knew higher isn't equal to better, and too high illumination could make you feel dazed.

For example, you need a high enough lumen for a desk lamp meant for task lighting. A general rule is that desk or task lighting should be around 50 lumens per square foot.

Organizer Compartments

Do you want your desk lamp to come with all the pretty divisions that house your desk tools? Like pens, paper clips, erasers, and pencils, stationery can fit into a desk lamp with organizer compartments.

If yes, then it's a great idea for task lighting purposes. Having a desk lamp with this feature helps you keep your workspace more orderly.

Digital Displays

How does having a desk lamp that saves you some desk space sound?

Some desk lamps come with a small display that helps you do a handful of things: telling time and dates, reading temperature indoors, etc.

If your desk is small, and you don’t have room to fit a clock, or you generally don’t have a clock in the room, these kinds of desk lamps save the day.

Desk Lamp Styles

Desk Lamp Styles

It might be beneficial to know that desk lamps come with different styles you're sure to come across when shopping.

A quick tip: When you're selecting a desk lamp, keep in mind the overall decor of your home office.

Here are some desk lamp styles you're likely to come across:

Swingarm lamp whose key feature is the flexible metal coil that connects the light source to the lamp's base. Very versatile and is adjustable to suit your needs.

Gooseneck lamp: Its name implies a flexible neck that helps concentrate light towards a spot at any angle. Say hello to enough light without stress.

Banker's lamp: The valuable item for anyone who wants originality doesn't come cheap.

Clip-on lamp: Don't always need a lamp at your desk? Not to worry, a clip-on lamp is specially designed to fasten onto the edge of your desk with a clip.

Once you're done using it, feel free to take down and keep away this stylish lamp for the meantime.

Traditional lamp

Rustic/Country lamp

Desk Lamp Types

Five types of desk lamps exist based on function and characteristics.

An adjustable desk lamp can tilt up or down depending on your illumination needs.

You don't need to plug a battery-powered desk lamp into a power outlet to use.

A charger-included desk lamp that has a built-in.

Organizer desk lamp.

The magnifying lamp is perfect if you're working on something that requires excellent vision. For example, drawing and stitching.

Desk Lamp

Which Is Better: A Swiveled or a Fixed Desk Lamp?

Another factor you might need to consider is whether you prefer a lamp with a swiveled head or one that has a fixed shade.

A swiveled lamp can rotate, giving you hold over where the light source is directed.

For a fixed desk lamp, wherever you move, light is shone. This means you only need less effort to operate.

Final Word

You will agree that getting the right desk lamp looked like big homework before reading this guide. However, you certainly found what you're looking for.

We hope that this buying guide has simplified every complex process in getting your favorite desk lamp. You shouldn't hesitate then, hurry to the lamp markets and get yourself a nice desk lamp.