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The Ultimate Guide to Feng Shui Office Desks

21 July 2021

Working nonstop for long periods can exhaust anyone. Even if you work from home, you want to maintain your energy and passion. 

As a result, you should think about how your workstation is laid out and how to Feng Shui your office desk. There are a lot of alternatives, and we will go through each one in detail.

Your Desk Items

The first step in the process of doing Feng Shui to your office desk is to decide what you want to put on it. At the very least, you will require a laptop. 

You might, however, utilize a computer tower and monitor. A second monitor, an ergonomic keyboard, and a separate mouse may be desired by others. All of this takes up space, but you can incorporate it all into the flow of your workspace.

You should also think about what kind of workstation and chair you want, as this will alter the flow of the room. Visit FlexiSpot to find out what looks attractive and is appropriate for your needs when it comes to doing Feng Shui on your office desk.

Desk Type

Shape desks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You must first choose which desk shape is best for you and your home office before you can consider Feng Shui desk placement. 

The purpose is to concentrate on the ideal or neutral reach zone. When your upper arm is at your side, you can grab this area with a sweep of your forearm. In other words, you are not reaching too far to take something from the desk.

There are several alternatives, but the rectangular shape is the most popular. With the Modish Standing Desk, you cannot go wrong. This is a standing desk, so you may work while standing up. 

It will not only keep you productive, but it will also provide you with a Feng Shui office workstation.

You may lift the desk to your standing height with a single button click. You can talk on the phone while moving it thanks to the quiet motor. It is designed to keep you from being sidetracked simply because you want to stand and work.

Designers might like a curved desk since it creates the illusion of equilibrium no matter where it is situated. You might also choose an L-shaped desk if your space allows it. This Feng Shui desk arrangement keeps you balanced and symmetrical.


The majority of individuals wish to Feng Shui on their work desk so that it radiates positive energy. As a result, the color you select is crucial.

The best option is to use white desks. Many people feel it is the foundation of all Feng Shui. The color is neutral and will contrast well against any background. The desk's white color represents cleanliness, organization, and leisure. 

You have a wide range of white desk alternatives to choose from. You may even match the frame color to your floor decor with some of them.

Though we are mostly concerned with how to Feng Shui your workstation, you should also think about your chair. 

While you may not notice the chair's shade while working, you will notice it when you first enter the office. Plus, you could notice it if you wheel it out of the way while standing and working.

As a result, think about getting a gray office chair. Gray is the color of metal, and most people find it soothing and relaxing. Because there is less passionate energy in a gray chair, you can gain more precision, sharpness, and clarity.


In terms of Feng Shui, the optimal desk location is in the dominating position. That way, you can see the office door without being in line with it. You have a solid wall behind you as well. 

There are a few limitations to this. Most individuals sit at their desks with their backs to the wall, facing the wall.

This is incorrect according to Feng Shui. One way to get around this is to work with the door closed. However, this stance makes you feel uneasy and apprehensive, which might reduce your productivity and comfort.

Alternatively, you could want to think about using a Feng Shui desk that focuses on your lucky directions. 

There are four of them for each person. This suggests that sitting in that way gives you greater energy. Better health, success/money, marriage/love, and personal cultivation/growth are the four options.

The Feng Shui directions are essentially determined by the date and gender of the person's birth. However, you must first obtain your Kua number.

Finally, it is a good idea to think about your Feng Shui desk location in terms of keeping your back to the wall so that you can see the rest of the room.

Because of the quiet found in nature, you can also sit facing a window with your back to the room.

You may believe that the only option to Feng Shui at your workplace desk is a rectangular one. You can, however, utilize a curved or L-shaped desk. 

Simply get it to the point when it emerges from one wall, with you seated behind it, and disappears into the wall. Although it confines you a little, it is the ideal Feng Shui workstation placement option.

If you do not have a lot of room, you may have to work against a wall. For the greatest results, try to arrange it so that it receives sunshine from a window.


You now know that it is possible to Feng Shui your workstation. We have gone over the various materials and resources you will require. 

However, we primarily focused on the desk's arrangement following Feng Shui principles. You also learned which colors to choose for your chair and workstation, as well as why an office desk may be the best option for your productivity needs.

The choice is ultimately yours, but Feng Shuiing your office desk can help you feel more at ease and relaxed during the day. Light a fragrant candle and meditate at different times during the day to make it even better.