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The Vici Duplex Standing Desk is What You've Been Waiting For

09 June 2021

The average office worker may be spending much too much time in their standard office chair, perhaps causing serious health problems. A standing desk can help you improve your posture, decrease back discomfort, and increase your productivity.

Standing desks have become a useful office bonus as medical information on the health risks of extended sitting has flooded in over the last few years.

We will talk about a popular ergonomic standing desk in this article. Working has never been easier thanks to this incredible tool. You do not have to be concerned about your posture or straining your neck, shoulders, or back. Not to mention the fact that you may stay active while working and burn some calories.

You may transform the way you work and go to great lengths with FlexiSpot's ergonomic standing desk, the Vici Duplex Standing Desk. This desk's elegance says it all.

Let us take a look at what an ergonomic standing desk is before we get into the reviews.

The Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Ergonomic tables have become increasingly popular in recent years. The advantages of standing workstations and table lifts are becoming more widely recognized. 

“Sitting is the new smoking, and it's time to quit,” or something similar, can be found in health magazines and fitness publications all over the place. The birth of the information era, as well as the advent of automation in the manufacturing and agriculture industries, have ushered in this transition.

Office workers can improve their general health and well-being by moving around during the day by using a height-adjustable ergonomic desk. Users were able to alter their seating position to meet the height of traditional workstations with fixed heights and surface areas.

It also encourages people to remain in the same place for extended periods. This can lead to a poor sitting posture and little muscular movement in the user. For people of all heights and reaches, a standing desk can enable comfortable working postures. 

The Vici Duplex Standing Desk

FlexiSpot's innovative dual-zone height-adjustable standing desk lets customers choose between one- and two-tier desktop settings, giving them more options.

The desk offers more uninterrupted desk space in single-tier mode, making it easier to use for projects that demand a bigger area, such as arts and crafts, writing, and so on.

The back of the desk may be raised in two-tier mode, allowing for more ergonomic monitor arrangements for a more comfortable computer or office work. Photos, plants, books, and other desktop items look fantastic on the second raised shelf.

You can also work from home if you have children. While fulfilling the diverse height requirements of parents and children, studying, and working together with a parent-child desk can raise the effectiveness of parent-child time and nurture children's independence and equality.

We believe that at FlexiSpot, we must provide our clients with the information and answers they need to make an informed decision. We would be ecstatic to have the opportunity to help you fall in love with your work!

Features of this Standing Desk

Control Panel with Height Programmability

With four memory buttons on this FlexiSpot standing desk, you can save up to four sitting and standing heights and switch your posture with just one click.

Height Adjustment That Is Pressure Sensitive

The desk will automatically retract by 1.5 inches and lock the height when it detects downward pressure on the desktop. Users can utilize this feature to alter the height of the desk at any moment without having to utilize the control panel.

Stable and Strong Construction

Our electric desk structure is made of powder-coated steel tubing that resists scratches and stains while ensuring stability even at the highest setting.

Easy-to-Adjust Desk Feet

Simply use the leveling glides along the bottom of the desk to support and level your desk if the legs of your desk are unequal, resulting in a slanted desktop.

See What the People Say About This Marvel of a Product

“Perfect for working from home. Like the color and modern look of the table. Works just as I had hoped with an easy up-down function and height settings. Great product. Was a little confused with directions but it is possible that it was a little operator error.”

- Jessica

“Perfect desk for work from home. We got this desk for my husband. Since he has been working from home, he has been suffering from back and hip pain. Our chiropractor suggested we get a standing desk because they are healthier for your body.

The two-tier desk allows for perfect standing alignment. One tier is hand and arm level, and the other is eye level. The motor makes us get this desk for my husband. Since it is easy to move from sitting to standing and vice versa.

What is even better is that this desk is also aesthetically pleasing. It is big enough to fit multiple monitors but not so big that it feels like it is taking over a room.”

-Brandon B.

“Great for parents and kids. As a parent, I would like to spend more time with my child while she learns. I home-schooled her because of the pandemic. With this desk, we can do our own thing while being with each other. I love that!”

-Dorothy G.

“Very stable. This sit-stand desk has super smooth mechanisms. I have had experience with an old manual desk, and it was crazy to manipulate. This was a breath of fresh air!”

-Jordan W.

“Four memory presets for the whole fam. Loving the programmable presets of this two-tier sit-stand desk! I just press a few buttons, and everything moves the way it should. Even my kids use this desk.”

-Alison T.

Customers who purchased the Vici Duplex Standing Desk think it is a fantastic product. We cannot deny that FlexiSpot is concerned about your office's requirements and wants the best for you. These reviews show how much of an influence they have on customers.


You will be more satisfied at the office if you use a standing desk. The benefits that users can get from using this ergonomic product are endless.

There is a job chair that will fit your workspace and body type among the many job chairs available today in a variety of forms and sizes.

If this feature of the Vici Duplex Standing Desk has piqued your interest and you would want to learn more about FlexiSpot's products, visit their website right away.