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The Way to Success

26 July 2021

The Way to Success

The word “success” is relative. Each one of us has our own meaning of this most sought-after” way of living. For most people, success usually means financial or success in making money to get rich and even famous. Others define success based on simple things like smooth family relationships, graduating from a university with the highest honors, or owning a family home means success. So it depends on our own yardstick, how we measure success. 

With all the sad events happening to us at the onset of coronavirus, some may feel hopeless and downhearted that success is almost out of reach because many have lost their jobs, others grieving with the loss of their loved ones who contracted the virus, and other disappointing situations that are really inevitable and beyond our control.

However, I think this is the time that we have to be strong-willed and face the challenges in life so we can reach the summit of success however we define it. I came across some of the ways to succeed as food for thought that may help you to reach your fondest endeavor:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. That is, do not worry about little things.

If you’re a great warrior even about trivial things, you may not be able to reach your dream because success may not come easy. Sometimes success is elusive to the point that you have to surmount many obstacles to get to that path leading to success. 

For example, if you are planning to venture into a small business which many are pondering, but you are a little bit worried about failing even before you have already planned everything, most likely, you will fail because engaging in business demands strong will and positivity in all things you do to succeed in any business.

You don’t have to put your attention on little things and linger on it that you are already wasting your time. All you have to do is plan out your business, learn and study about it, listen to some advice from business experts or even the bank manager of your local bank may add to your knowledge about starting a business.

Strong will and determination should inspire you as you go along the road to business success. Beware of people who could put you down with their ill advice. Keep focused on your business goals and do not let worries about little things grab your attention.

  • Be patient. Patience is a great virtue. Success may not come quickly but if you are patient enough, one day, success will come knocking at your door. For example, if you have started your small business but you failed due to the pandemic to the point that you closed shop, do not be downhearted. Remember that as the saying goes, “in every cloud, there is a silver lining” It means that after disappointments, there will be positive things that can happen any time. You just have to wait and pursue your dreams and goals. If you can read some of the biographies of successful men and women in many fields, you will know that they also experienced many rejections, hopelessness, and disappointments. However, they were persistent to win in the battle of life so that they were able to surmount all obstacles through patience.
  • Stop blaming others. You are always in control of your destiny. If you do not succeed on the first try, do not blame other people for your failures. You are the one at the helm. And nobody could dictate to you what to do. So, you have to get out of that mire of failure and start all over again. It is never too late.
  • Choose being kind over being right. Kindness is one great virtue that mankind needs. You can tame the most irate person in the world if you treat him with kind words and actions. It will absolutely melt his heart. Remember also what is indicated in the bible that being kind and honest will give you a long life.

Righteousness is also good and is appreciated by many but being righteous is dependent on one’s culture and tradition. Kindness is acceptable across all cultures and humanity. And it is usually required.

  • Realize that your thoughts have their own power. Remember the principle of “mind over matter?” When you think of great ideas, try to make them into reality. Who knows? You could be the next Elon Musk in the making.
  • Be an early riser. How many times have you failed to attend your job interview because you woke up late? You had your alarm clock synchronized with the time however, you did not get up even though you know that you have an appointment with the company you are applying for. 

Getting up early has more benefits that you could reap than waking up late in the afternoon where many people have already accomplished many things. And you’re just starting to get ready for the day’s tasks. Consider the beauty and the blessings of the early morning sun.

  • Lastly, for everything you do, think of the consequences.

If you are still pondering your own ways to success, why not write them down on your computer behind a comfortable desk from FlexiSpot. I highly suggest that you try and visit the company website and check on one of the best standing desks in the world, that is, the Modish Standing Desk with its stunning features. Consider the following features:

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  • The sophisticated socket outlet and the two USB portals (type A+C) offer a handy power source anytime you need it.
  • It has a child lock and anti-collision system
  • The dual-motor lifting system supports the weight capacity of up to 275 lbs.

With these stunning features, it is more economical to own the Modish Standing Desk which is a great addition to your home office. Learn more about it on the website.