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Things to Consider Before Using A DIY Standing desk

26 May 2020

Ever since the work-from-home trend started, most people have no clue regarding the basic needs and the right setup to keep them productive all day long – which includes creating their DIY standing desks as a temporary solution. Well, if you're reading this and you find yourself working in a DIY standing desk right now, then maybe, now's the time we can help you consider a better alternative to help you work more effectively and efficiently at home.

DIY standing desks are life-saver! No doubt. These are a great idea especially if you feel like recycling and you feel creative in making one. It is also a great option for people who are in a tight budget and are having second thoughts on buying a not-so cheap standing desk online.

However, there are downsides of using these DIY standing desks if you intend it on using it for a long time. In this article, we'll thoroughly discuss the disadvantages of DIY Standing Desk, and why you should opt for an ergonomic height adjustable desk frames.

Problems Faced When Using A DIY Standing Desk

1. Instability

Imagine using an iron stand as a DIY standing desk as your workstation long period of time. Did you know that the higher it gets, the more stable it is? If you have your precious laptop with you or an expensive equipment while working on your iron stand, this may not be the best choice of standing desk for you. The risk of accidental fall is higher, plus there's nowhere else you can put other necessities at.

2. No adjustable setting

Prolonged sitting is bad for your health, so as standing as proven by multiple research and studies. Have you ever felt that numbness on your back after sitting too long in front on your computer, now that's just one of the effects if you're too invested with what you're doing and you forgot to take a break.

Height adjustment is an important consideration when creating your own DIY standing desk. There are also a lot of back benefits from a standing desk you can benefit from, which is why many are shifting to a standing desk to get their preferred height. And compared to DIY standing desks, adjustment setting may be a missing feature. Say you have a pre-made desk top with simple shelving brackets, now this may be a fair home office setup, however, you still need to screw your brackets into the wall and take them off again for your sitting setup mode. Just make sure to screw your brackets into the wall studs to get a sturdy result.

3. Not Visually Appealing

Let's admit it, DIY projects like standing desk you made at home may not be as amazing as it looks like. It's harder to pair it with the other centerpiece in your house because it looks odd and simply – it doesn't belong. It can be a monobloc chair your found at the garage, or perhaps the clothes hamper, but despite the benefits that it elevates your laptop, doesn't mean it looks pleasing to look at.

Another thing that people prefer DIY standing desk among others is because it's cheaper and all you need are materials to build your own.

4. Not Ergonomically-approved

While ergonomic means decreasing fatigue and discomfort while improving process efficiency and productivity, it's a bit contrary when you rely merely on an unstable DIY standing desk. The reason why you should have an ergonomically designed workstation is to able to produce quality output especially when you're working in either a creatives or marketing department.

Studies show that workers are likely to ask for a time off because of muscle soreness, fatigue, and MSD-related problems. But with ergonomics, it improves work morale and has shown an increased productivity from making jobs easier and more comfortable for workers.

Why You Need a FlexiSpot Frame for Your Home Office

FlexiSpot has been synonymous with everything ergonomic. One of the products they're proud of introducing is their height adjustable desk frames perfect for those who like DIY - those who are into creating their DIY standing desk to be specific.

This desk frame rises among any other brands because it's customizable and has a crossbar-free design that allows more legroom and flexibility. To know more of its features, check it out below:

1. Light touch, smooth adjustments

Skip the adjusting of bolts or taking off your laptop to adjust your sitting and standing setup. With this FlexiSpot frame, you can ensure smooth transition from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds. No more adjusting and removing the screws and bolts because all you need to do is press its keypad with an up and down option.

2. Smooth and Quiet Transitions

With this frame's thoughtfully engineered and thoroughly tested motors, expect stability and noise levels when transitioning to your desired height.

3. Robust and Stable Construction

Unlike DIY standing desks, having a FlexiSpot frame will help you be comfortable that your equipment are safe from any damages and collisions. It's made from double steel tubing so expect this frame to last for a very long time

Guide Before Buying a Standing Desk

People prefer DIYs to find the lowest cost option compare to the already available desk in the market, and that's pretty streetwise.

However, in the case of electric height-adjustable bases, investing in a durable frame and base would definitely give you a heavy-lifting, heavy-duty, reliable, and quitter desk baser with warranty included. Plus! It also helps people with different height get their preferred viewing angle.

For more options, visit flexispot.com for more options and the latest product updates.